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North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth February 10th 2020

blog 02-10-20 Longhorn Parade As predicted the weather was the X factor in plans today. Yesterday the forecast was for rain in the morning and semi-clearing for the afternoon. So my trip to Ft Worth was planned for the afternoon until I got up and it wasn't raining. Again checked the forecast and the rain would be heavy in the afternoon but not starting until about 1 pm. There are 2 Longhorn parades a day, one at 11:30 and the other at 4. So I quickly dressed, walked the dog and layered my clothes, grabbed my gear and off I went. The trip into town was fairly effortless, the route taking me through some farm land then mostly industrial, huge grain storage towers, rail cars and lots of trucks on all kinds of construction jobs. This ... read more
one of our cowboys
my favorite

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 31st 2019

O O O O’Rielly Autoparts 500. NASCAR. Iiiiiiiiiiit’s a little cold. Damn it. So yeah the track is huge. Pays to bring a handicapped pass holder with ya for parking. JesuChristo. Yeah the FanZone is collector item heaven. You need Jimmie Johnson socks? (I did) Hats? Pins? Cars? Beer cozy? Yup. Spent a solid hour poking around there. Not nearly as bad as Disneyland, but they will let ya leave your money if you need to. Track was nice, mile and a half. Good seats in section 415 upper. The race was SO LOUD. But they rent scanners and headphones 🎧 so you can follow along. The corn dogs were corn dogs, despite the fancy sign. Get them at the window so they’re hot. The off road truck race was nifty, Denny Hamlin won the big ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 30th 2019

Got to Ft Worth early afternoon. DFW is a nicely organized airport. Went up 114 to the traffic jam around Texas Motor Speedway. Staying at home2 by Hilton. Cookies in the lobby? Sure thing I’ll have 6. Or 7. Went to Mexican food at the intersection of 114 and 312 next to the RISE (lol) men’s clinic. Fair. The Ft Worth Water Garden was the only stop on the agenda. Take 35, 312 is tedious. The water garden was a film location for Logan’s Run (1976). It was a nice park. Wouldn’t go out of my way, but looks like a lovely lunch spot. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth January 6th 2018

I'm taking the final two days of the trip in a single entry, since there wasn't much to write about on our final day of the trip. I had never driven completely through Texas in a single day, and I hadn't particularly thought about it as an accomplishment before I started this trip. But now I've done it, and I feel like I deserve a medal for it. Seriously, though, it's just over 600 miles, the way we went. That's not so much as going along I-10 through Texas (which is 880 miles), but it IS through the bulk of Texas. Anyway, Friday was a pretty decent day. We had driven through most of Arizona and all of New Mexico on Thursday, for a grand total of 8 hours driving, and it had been nearly intolerable ... read more
Texas Tech stadium
Amon G. Carter Stadium at TCU (Art Deco!)
Go Frogs!

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 17th 2017

Baby birds, it's been a long time. A lot has happened since we last talked. And when I say a lot, I truly mean a lot. I (Matt) got married to the love of my life and bought the perfect first house with her and our two chocolate labs. We are both developing in our careers etc. blah blah blah. To update you on Brandon, he is still...well Brandon. But the real reason for this post is to announce my upcoming travel plans with my wife (Lauren): we will be celebrating both of our birthdays in Italia. You may have been wondering what that void has been in your life for the past five years and I am here to tell you, that void will be filled. I'll fill that void...nay WE'LL fill that void with ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth August 5th 2016

Waiting for Sunday for the plane departure to Atlanta in order to go to Dublin. Plan on being there Monday morning and after recovering from jet lag check out the pubs! I am hoping this blog post works as I have forgot how I did it 4 years ago.... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth July 6th 2016

Geo: 32.7485, -97.3292Visited the Reeves. Kids loved donuts... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth April 1st 2016

The day started quite late for me. Kerry went down for breakfast but I was quite tired so had an extra 30 minutes lay in. I let Kerry choose todays agenda and she suggested we go to the Amon Carter Arts Museum which was about 10 minute drive away in the Arts precinct and then go to the Cowgirl Museum not far away, then grab some lunch and head over to the Stockyard’s District in the afternoon and spend the evening over there. It was quite cool as predicted when we left and the wind was chilly but not as bad as we expected it might be. Quite cloudy with possible rain in the air. We went to the Art Museum first and they had a lot of the area dedicate to two artists who focused ... read more
The best hamburger joint ever
Longhorn Cattle Drive # 1
Cowtown Coliseum

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth March 31st 2016

A late night as I tried to remove some of the bird poop from the Camry. Lesson learned as follows : “Do not park overnight under trees again !” The shortest route to Fort Worth is via I35 North about 4.5 hours but I googled last night to see if there was a scenic route and straight away I read about an alternative route that added maybe 30 extra minutes mostly driving on Highway 281 via the Hill Country regions. We went passed Johnson City which has a population of only 1656 but famous as the home town of President Lyndon B Johnson (LBJ). First stop was Blue Bonnet café in Marble Falls which was about 90 minutes from San Antonio. We stopped here and we both had a malt milkshake which was more like a ... read more
Blue Bonne Cafe in Marble Falls
A small piece of Lemon Meringue Pie
Downtown Fort Worth

North America » United States » Texas » Fort Worth January 9th 2016

Geo: 32.7485, -97.3292Texas invokes a lot of rugged images and we did kind of expect that we would be part of a wagon train as we crossed the border. DH was already going somewhat weak in the knees at the thought of a black hat cowboy jingle-jangling by us as we tip back a Starbucks late on a sunny Texas patio. She was blaming the weak knees on her recent surgery but she keeps calling me "pilgrim" so I'm really working hard on my best Clint Eastwood squint. Texas isn't just cowboys and oil men and we did run into some of that varied history almost right away. We stopped to see Bonnie Parkers grave (of Bonnie & Clyde fame/shame) with a slightly twisted epitaph, Lee Harvey Oswald's grave (murderer of JFK) with absolutely no epitaph ... read more
Wearing Our Boots To Bed
These Things Are Hard To Get Off

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