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North America » United States » New York » Rochester June 18th 2014

Katie & I can't believe that we're leaving for Spain tomorrow!! Woohoo!! Will be posting daily updates as long as Internet allows. Wanted to get this started to share the link! Vamos a España!... read more

North America » United States » New York » Rochester February 14th 2014

After having experienced the cruel winter of New York and seeing snow almost everyday for so many weeks, it only made sense for me to experience it a bit more, by going for a ski trip. I had been having a crazy schedule for a long time and this trip was going to be a good break. The place was the hollow Hunt Hollow Ski Club at Naples, NY. We left the university by bus. There was snow on the way, a lot of it and all the trees except the pine trees had shed their leaves. A little more than an hour later when I started to see mountains at a distance; I knew that we were getting close to our ski resort. Once we were there, we signed in and rented our skis and ... read more
Going uphill
The resort

North America » United States » New York » Rochester September 29th 2013

My first outdoor adventure activity in the US. I was going for canoeing at the Bay Creek Paddling centre on a Sunday morning. I reached the university first and had a good, healthy and heavy breakfast. It was important as being hungry would have made the activity difficult. When it was time, all of us assembled together, divided ourselves into two groups and left for the bay; a fifteen minute drive from the university. Instructions were given to us once we were there. It seemed pretty simple. If we had to move left, we had to row on the right and vice versa. If we had to go straight, one of us had to row on the left and the other had to row on the right. Both my canoe partner and I, had never canoed ... read more
Me canoeing

North America » United States » New York » Rochester June 16th 2013

All good things must come to end....But Not For Us! Christmas has come early. Sam & Sandy are going to come and visit with us in Wellsville. Hallelujah! We are so excited. We packed up our homes on wheels, leaving behind the Rally memories. We thought the rally ended today but it's tomorrow. No matter, we had seen and done all we wanted to do. We are happy - we won the big prize: being with all our good friends. The rain returned to accompany us just as we pulled out of the parking areas. Fortunately, at our first stop along the Thruway for the dump station use, the rain has let least for now. But no can't rain on this parade we have going. Just as we left the truck stop, the rains ... read more
Sam & Sandy's RV
Lulu hitching a ride
In our sights...

North America » United States » New York » Rochester September 7th 2012

I had a family reunion in Florida for a couple days, so I had to fly out from Rochester. We had a VERY long day of driving from Vermont, where we drove through some Amish country. Rob was quite amused by the horses and buggies driving alongside the car. That day, we finally bought a cargo carrier for the top of the car, followed immediately by a group squabble of how to appropriately secure it to the roof. I’d say we spent a good hour in that Kmart parking lot in the middle of nowhere New York. Time well spent, I’d say. However, we got the cargo holder on, found a campsite, and rolled into Sodus Point, NY around 9er. Carol in the office gave us the old lecture about how we had to be quiet ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Rochester August 30th 2012

The first couple days of my trip have been beautiful and quiet. A usual day consists of morning lecture, mid-morning tea and biscuits, and inspections of sea creatures in the mudflats of Moreton Bay. My marine biology class is so interesting - who considers going out to the beach to collect sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, or spaghetti worms, class? It's great. I am living with all my friends from HWS and Union. Can't wait to meet my host family tomorrow and head off to Brisbane to see the city!... read more

North America » United States » New York » Rochester May 30th 2012

Since my brother-in-law was away on business, I spent the last two nights on American soil sleeping on my sister's couch. She had to get to work very early every day, before daycare opened, so I was to take the Emster to his sitter's at 7:30. Apparently, Emry picked this time to have trouble sleeping. The first night he woke at 4am, and I was able to put him back down til 5am, when I did the same until he woke up for good (and in a cute mood) at 6 am. I figured, at some point I would get some sleep but Dana needed it to function at work. He did the same thing the following night, waking up at 2am and going to sleep with his mommy until she had to get up. The ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Rochester November 4th 2011

New York state. Not to be confused with New York City. I'll be headed there next week. Today, with Mark, we were going to do a little bit of touring and photo shooting. Artistic photography, with an edge. From this I would learn something. I need to invest in a better camera than my simple point-and-shoot. So firstly, we drove to Letchworth State Park. A beautiful park in New York state, considered the Grand Canyon of the North-East. This is where we saw quite a few waterfalls. A very photogenic area. We tried out some of our 'art' here. The area was beautiful at this time of the year. I think I'm glad I came during fall. Or autumn. I'm developing a bit of an American vocabulary here. Bright yellow tree leaves were fallen everywhere. The ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Rochester May 21st 2011

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” (Eleanor Roosevelt) While I don't think it's absolutely necessary to SCARE oneself, I think of this quote as stretching the limits and going places I have never been--literally and figuratively speaking. Take my travel radius for example. Myrtle Beach (SC) - Minneapolis (MN) - Bar Harbor (ME)...that's about to be fixed! I have no idea what to expect. For the first and last time (...sorry Canada, you don't count in this instance), I will set foot on foreign soil with not one iota of experience and few preconceived notions. I'm quite curious! We'll also be finding out how 'well' I can speak Spanish verrrrrrry shortly. ;) Ciao for now!... read more

North America » United States » New York » Rochester April 30th 2011

Three weeks til this Rochesterian gets to soak up some rays! I can't believe we leave in just a few short weeks. The time there will fly as we have class or excursions every day but one, I believe. Looking forward to spending some time on the Mediterranean before embarking on the rest of the travels!... read more

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