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May 30th 2012
Published: May 31st 2012
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Lucy the PigLucy the PigLucy the Pig

Lucy decided to take a wallow in the mud after a rain in a bid for attention. Dad and I were tasked with hosing her down. So cute!!!
Since my brother-in-law was away on business, I spent the last two nights on American soil sleeping on my sister's couch. She had to get to work very early every day, before daycare opened, so I was to take the Emster to his sitter's at 7:30. Apparently, Emry picked this time to have trouble sleeping. The first night he woke at 4am, and I was able to put him back down til 5am, when I did the same until he woke up for good (and in a cute mood) at 6 am. I figured, at some point I would get some sleep but Dana needed it to function at work. He did the same thing the following night, waking up at 2am and going to sleep with his mommy until she had to get up. The first day I walked him to the day care, which was about a mile away. The sidewalks in Geneva are ridiculous and the first morning it had to have already been well above 80 and muggy when I left. I didn't even attempt a walk the second morning. I almost cried when I dropped Emry off because I am not sure when I will next see my loveable little man!!!

So, Wednesday was an extremely busy day. After dropping off my nephew, I met Danelle for my last NY bagel - I wanted to hang with her before I left; she and Chad are the only people from high school that I get to see when I come home so I like keeping up with them. Then, Dad and I opened a joint bank account in case of emergencies. Keep in mind, I had about 2 hours of sleep the night before and maybe 4 the night before that.... I desperately needed a shower, then pack, then visit Grandmom one last time. I had thought I would have more time to spend with her, but at least I did - only for about 15 minutes. She is doing much better - I can't believe how well she is walking around! After breaking her hip in January, being in rehab for 3 months, then going home and being 93, I think she is doing great!

Afterwards, we picked mom up from her treatment to meet Dana for lunch at the Olive Garden in Rochester where I got my usual shrimp primavera with angelhair - YUM!!! Mom and Dad dropped me at the airport - I didn't cry, but I think I was just still thinking "this is actually happening!" the whole time. My big bag was, of course, overweight, but only by a few pounds so I was able to move stuff over easily; I also am pretty sure she didn't charge a baggage fee!!! That was lucky! Mom and Dad waited until I got thru security, which actually took a while as my bag was thoroughly searched. We waved goodbye, then I found a bar - if I have a drink before my flight it helps me sleep. However, on the news was a story about how two American Airlines planes clipped each other and thus there was delay on my flight. Of course. I wasn't too concerned; I had a 2 hour layover scheduled and we were only delayed about 30 minutes.

Boy was I wrong!!!

When we arrived in Chicago, we had to wait for them to send a gate crew - really??? Now I was getting nervous. The lady in rochester had mentioned going to a different terminal, which I had never done on any of my flights through O'Hare. Sure enough, the signage was weird to follow and I had to take a train to a new terminal. I get there (hoping I wasn't supposed to get my checked baggage) and the security line was long. An assistant told me to go to Swiss Air for an escort. At the desk, they made me check my rollon as it was deemed too heavy (lots of dvd's, cameras, shampoos, and boots I guess...). Then the escort rushed me and another guy through the employees only security line and I literrally ran to the gate where I was the last person in line (except for the one guy). PHEW!!!

Surely I would get sleep on the plane, right? I hadn't slept in days, and not even on a bed, running around, and the free wine on the flight would sure knock me out! Nope, I watched movies the whole dang time. Just could not get comfortable. I was in the very last seat on the plane, meaning it was tight based on the curve the plane and we got the last of the meals (vegetarian only).

We arrived in Zurich 8 hours later. The countryside of Switzerland was everything I expected it to be and I plan to take a trip through there someday! I had planned to take pictures with my new camera, but that was in the carryon they made me check... Grrr...


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