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15th September 2019

We loved our time here. Thanks for taking us along on your experience.
6th August 2019
Ikalto Monastery

So may monasteries so little time
6th August 2019
Shumi Winery

Wine Country
Living the dream
3rd August 2019
Ikalto Monastery

Ikalto Monastery
Gotta love those Georgian monasteries. I've posted some of your pics in TB's "Cathedrals, grand churches, mosques & places of public worship" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
2nd August 2019

Love your blogs
Alexis, your blogs are so interesting and descriptions so vivid, I can picture it clearly in my head. Also, love all the pics
2nd August 2019

Thanks Genni! And thanks for still reading. If I do it soon after my trip, the things I want to say are still fresh in my mind. I need to update a few more and will try to wrap them up this weekend. :D
31st July 2019
Minced walnuts wrapped with roasted eggplant, served cold

Foods around the world
Very nice
18th June 2019
Sunset cruise

Love these guys
We loved our safari and we would like to go again.
18th June 2019
Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls

Power of the Falls
I didn't enjoy the flight as much as you did but the views were amazing.
12th June 2019
Victoria Falls

Power and beauty
We loved our time at the falls.... thanks for taking us along.
1st June 2019

Great post!
It looks like you really had a great time at the wedding and in Cebu City as well. Thanks for all the good comments about Cebu and everything you said on this post!
22nd April 2019

Some times you need a nice hotel and hang out with friends. Glad you had fun with soccer.
8th April 2019

Dunstable Cabs
Your post has uniqe information. Dunstable Cabs
6th April 2019

Living the life
Congrats on the upgrade. Looks like you've had fun at the wedding. We love the Philippines.
2nd February 2019

Bugs out!
TB bumps have been resolved. So happy to read your blog as we are going to NYC in March to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We are always reading and looking for new ideas when exploring a great city like NYC! Rockettes, the Plaza... ice skating, pizza, high tea, the joys of the holidays in the City. Thanks for sharing.
12th December 2018

The beautiful Seychelles
One of my favourite places in the whole world - looks like you had a great time ....
25th November 2018

The Hague
Our daughter has just returned from working in the International Criminal Courts in the Hague and lived in both Amsterdam and Leiden while she was over there. She says Leiden is called 'the jewel of The Netherlands' so its a shame you missed going there. She knows the small part of The Hague known as Leischendam very well as her Tribunal was there. Interesting how transport often dictates where one actually visit in our travels!
5th December 2018

I actually did get to visit Leiden when I first arrived as my friends live there. I can definitely see how it is called the "jewel" of the Netherlands. Best part of my visit! Your daughter is lucky to have lived there - I think it is an amazing country to live in.
4th November 2018

What a beautiful town
We hope to visit this when we get back to this part of the world.
1st November 2018

An underrated city
When we travel we always attempt to go to a town that few go to and Rotterdam was it for us. What a nice town. I think more foreign travelers should go there.
10th October 2018
Antique Museum

Setting up home
Very glad you found new places to shop and are getting settled in. You've done a lot in a short time. Thanks for getting us up to date.
19th September 2018

Rent Issues
Hi. Nice crib. How much would that cost? Need to check if the salary offered to me will work considering rent, etc. Thanks in advance :)
14th September 2018

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