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19th March 2020
swim up bar

Very creative
Love it.
14th February 2020

There is more going on in Djibouti than I realized.
5th February 2020

Views are uphill
The hike sounds like a bait and switch so I'm glad the views were good. Hope your ankle is doing better.
5th February 2020

Moonscapes and Whale Sharks
Who could say no to that?! The mosquitos don't sound appealing but I enjoyed coming along on your adventure.
2nd February 2020

A First...
Seeing your photos here is a first me regarding Djibouti! Not sure what the rest of the country will look like, but the area around the chimneys looks lunar and very remote. Looking forward to reading your next entry! BTW, like your ostrich photo!
14th January 2020

Madagascar is on the list
The country looks lovely and you had an Addis bonus. Nice one!
12th January 2020

Guides and more
Just as Paul and Sheila ask who you booked with .... we are interested also. It looks like a great trip. Eager to read more.
11th January 2020

Enjoyed reading your blogs Alex and look forward to your next adventure in Mozambique - did you use a local tour company for Madagascar and if so do you have any recommendations? Cheers Sheila
8th January 2020
Baobab tree

Really enjoyed reading your blogs on Madagascar Alex and so glad its hopefully on our list to visit this year. Loved your photographs of the Baobab trees and the wildlife too.
7th January 2020
Tsingy - Deken's sifaka lemur

Amazing lemur's
The joys of Madagascar.
23rd December 2019

Colourful Chameleon
Great photo of a Chameleon
18th December 2019

Wow - Madagascar
Looks like you have had the added bonus of AA and hope that you now get a smooth connection to Madagascar. We are hoping to visit there next year so look forward to reading your next blog. Regards Sheila
18th December 2019

This is still on our short list. Thanks for taking us along.
17th December 2019

Everything was fine!
I'm awaiting your next blog to see if fine degenerated into not so fine.
26th November 2019

Thanks for taking us along on your exploration. Definitely on our list of must do's soon.....
23rd November 2019
desert flowers

Desert Flowers
That is the most magnificent desert flower ever!!!
23rd November 2019
Umlujj area rock mapping

Thank you for opening Saudi Arabia to us Travelbloggers as well.
21st November 2019
desert flowers

That's So Beautiful
It just amazes me what can grow just in the hot sand although when our daughter lived in Dubai she never did manage to grow grass in her garden .... ... ...
21st November 2019

Lucky you!
I've always wanted to go to Saudi Arabia, but until recently that was a lost cause, unless, like you, you are there for work. I will be going now that the visa rules have changed. Pity about Madain Saleh, hopefully it will be open whenever I go there. The region towards the Yemeni border is also supposed to be super beautiful, and Jeddah is quite an interesting place as far as I heard. Many things to see in that country, and most people don't even know it... It was nice reading your blog, thanks for sharing!
12th November 2019
Oberhofen gardens, Thunersee

We loved our drive
All parts of Switzerland are beautiful.
12th November 2019

Farewell is so hard
Great place to wrap up your trip.
10th November 2019
The Hike - the start

Looks like a beautiful hike. Glad you are having some good sister time.
3rd November 2019
Hike #1

Good to have some sister time.
3rd November 2019
Chapel Bridge

We loved this bridge. Nice shot.

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