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30th October 2021

Highlights of Saudi
We hope to travel to Saudi sooner than later and enjoyed this blog. It looks and sounds like a fascinating country.
12th October 2021

Al Ula and beyond
Having followed the Dakar Rally in Bolivia with our driver being the guy that surveyed the course, I have followed the Dakar Rally on TV with great interest. The Dakar Rally has taken place in Saudi Arabia for the last two years. The scenery is sensational. We love remote. How lucky are you to map these extraordinary locations, Alexis. Wow wow wow!!!
14th October 2021

Dakar Rally
Yes, I believe it was in the end stages when we were there earlier this year. My co-worker kind of wanted me to go... but I know nothing about it! :) Saudi definitely has some hidden gems!
8th October 2021

Thanks for sharing the beauty and history. Great blogs.
8th October 2021

I'm glad you finally got this one. A beauty of a country. We still hope to get there.
5th October 2021
View of Po-i-Kalyan Complex

Fabulous shot of a fabulous city Alexis. Not to outdo Bob, I bought two silk rugs here and wished I'd bought three considering how magnificent they are. Magic place!
5th October 2021

My jewel of the Old Silk Road is the Registan in Samarkand...where I spent all day on my birthday in 2019 soaking it in...our last trip before the pandemic hit. Great pics Alexis...great memories for you of an incredible city that was on all the maps in ancient times.
6th October 2021

Yes, it was so beautiful and so much to see and do! It's hard to believe we spent less than a day there as we were constantly on the move.
3rd October 2021

I couldn't resist buying a silk carpet in Bukhara...
it cost more than the trip! Thanks for posting...you bring back so many good memories.
5th October 2021

It was so tempting and I was really thinking of buying one (silk on wool, rather than pure silk). But the big expensive one... anything after that was a bit of a letdown!
15th September 2021

The beauty of Montenegro
Enjoy the hiking. I might be one of those slowing things down to take many photos. Thanks for blogging.
7th September 2021

Hope to make it to Montenegro next year so we are enjoying reading along.
6th September 2021
Skada Lake wine tasting

We are eager to go to Montenegro.... maybe next year.
28th August 2021

Architecture and food
We look forward to getting to Russia to enjoy the history, architecture and food.
24th August 2021
Dormition Cathedral

Dormition Cathedral
Talk about lucky...we sat in this grand place sucking in the aura too afraid to take a photo for fear of confiscation. I have posted this and anor in TB's 'Cathedrals, grand churches, mosques & places of public worship' thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
25th August 2021
Dormition Cathedral

Will do! Yes, I guess we were lucky - lots of people were taking photos, but it was so huge that you did not even seem to notice.
23rd August 2021

You saw a lot in a short amount of time. We hope to get to Russia soon.
23rd August 2021

You are enjoying some amazing views!
23rd August 2021

Your hike sounded cold and miserable. I think you made the right decision to turn around with nothing to see. Oh no, you didn't leave any food for Luke. I imagine he was very unhappy.
22nd August 2021

Wow!! What an itinerary...
I enjoyed my day in Moscow where I was on business. A Russian colonel and his wife were my tour guides.
5th July 2021

Exploring Sri Lanka
So are you glad you went to explore Sri Lanka at this time or do you wish you'd waited? You are seeing some nice thing but many of the attractions are not available to you.
14th June 2021

Restricted Travels
Thanks for the details on what you can and cannot do. We'd love to travel but don't want too many restrictions. We are still trying to find the right place to go.
3rd June 2021

Part of why we love to travel is talking with strangers, making new friends, exploring sites and pubs. We like to try foods at the local markets.... well you know.... all that stuff that we do. I want to travel in October and it is difficult right now figuring out 1. If they will let us in. 2. Can we move about and see things once we get there? Traveling as COVID relaxes may not be all that we want. Please let us know what you continue to see and experience.

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