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North America » United States » Nevada » North Las Vegas January 28th 2015

Day 7 Check out of Ayres and have our last breakfast. Would definitely recommend this hotel to people needing accommodation for Disney. Today we are driving to our 4th hotel in Las Vegas. We haven't been to Vegas since 2003 and I don't really remember it so I'm excited to go back. It's about a 5 hour drive through the desert. We stop off at Tanger Premium Outlets but they aren't as good as other Premium Outlets we have visited so don't stay long. We drive to Barstow and stop at Starbucks and McDonalds for something to eat and drink to break the journey up. It's too warm to be in the car so long. We get to our hotel - MGM Signature Suites and check into Tower 1. We have a great view over the ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » North Las Vegas January 28th 2015

Day 8 This is our only full day in Las Vegas but we know that we have enough time to do all we want as we had carefully planned everything before we left home. We head out onto the strip first thing and it is already so warm and we know it is only going to get warmer. The difference in the strip from last night is unbelievable, the place really does come alive at night! There are a lot of hotels on and off the strip but we pick the ones we are interested in seeing and pass the others by. We start at Planet Hollywood where Britney has currently got residency and walk straight into the casino. It is easy to see how you would lose track of time in here with no windows, ... read more

Day 1 We arrived in Vegas thinking we’d have to get our first taxi of the holiday from the airport to the strip. However, we found a shuttle bus that was slightly cheaper so we took the shuttle. Up until this point Oli was in the dark as to which hotels we were staying in but I could not keep the first hotel a secret any longer as I had to tell the bus driver where to drop us off. I had chosen our first night of the 6 to be in The Cosmopolitan. We arrived to a very grand registration desk with TV screens everywhere. We were given the option to upgrade our room to a 1 bedroom suite with living room and balcony with a view of the Bellagio fountains. We took the upgrade ... read more
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Las Vegas – USA Mon 26th March Well here we are at our final destination, Las Vegas in Nevada, USA. We had a quick flight flight from LAX into McCarran Airport and transferred to the Imperial Palace Hotel via the Shuttle service. Checked in to the room which was positioned overlooking the strip but unfortunately just above a 24hr noisy night club. Decided instantly to change rooms and upgraded to a suit at the rear of the complex. Cost us a little more but worth it for the peace and quiet. Rather an unusual room with mirrors on the ceiling above the bed and an enormous bath tub in the bedroom, also with mirrors above it! Make of that what you wish! Spent the evening walking parts of the strip and sightseeing before turning in to ... read more
Paris Hotel

I will start by saying that being in Vegas by yourself sounds as exciting as it was... Vegas is definitely a place you want to be with friends, but it was a nice pit-stop nevertheless. Time to head off on to the strip! Of course, not even one block in some random guy started talking to me... this seems to be an American thing (“hey beauty – love yo’ smile”) ... I hate it because it’s not like back home where you can just smile and keep going when they say hi – I have to fight the Canadian urge to smile back ahaha. Another great encounter: “Hey sweetie – do you smoke?” No. “Want to start?” ... smooth. Anyway, back to the strip. I went to Circus Circus first – cool design (circus theme) and ... read more

(I wrote this in 4 parts, as I went from location to location) Right, well good thing I went to the airport early this morning..!! Besides March Break traffic, apparently all the Charter flights down south go out Wednesday morning... security was a tad backed up. Great moment while waiting for the Customs line - someone left their belt in the security area, so this guard yells out: "Is anybody missing their belt? Y-as-tu quelqu'un qui manques sa ceinture? ... No? Are you sure? You're going to need it! ... Anybody missing their pants then?" Oh my did we all laugh - all the security personnel were laughing too. No one dared to go claim the belt haha. Customs was same old. US Departures was same old - sit there waiting for 10yrs and board like ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » North Las Vegas October 2nd 2011

I am already proving to be a slacker when it comes to these blogs, it's just so difficult to find the time. Ok so here's goes Las Vegas in a short and sweet paragraph (as I'm majorly tired...): So we arrived after a fairly short flight to be greeted with plenty of mental casinos-in the airport. I had to drag Ben away from these as I felt we would never actually get to Vegas itself. Eventually we were greeted by my lovely mother and father, who carried our bags to our rooms and got us ready to see Las Vegas The Show, which they had already kindly booked for us. What a great way to start the trip! Lots of singing, dancing and women wearing...well, not a lot, but it was a fun-filled evening that we ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » North Las Vegas August 8th 2011

8am Woke up this morning to bird shit on my side of the car…I mean caked! Of course it would be my side and of course the car wash would be closed at 7am, I mean who would have thunk that. We are headed for Las Vegas today via Lone Pine and Death Valley. Just as we left Bishop (which I suggest you drive right on through if you ever come this way) the Sierra Nevada’s take on a new meaning. The colors are mesmerizing. They start out dark then shift to several colors of red. There is still snow on some of the peaks. I think this mountain range is more spectacular than the Tetons in Wyoming; they take your breath away. We are headed for Lone Pine and Mt. Whitney. More to come….Oh yeah, ... read more
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Alabama Hills
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At the end of this day we will have traveled 3858 miles. There has been no heavy construction or traffic jams. We are grateful for a safe and wonderful trip. We purchased new tires before we left and it made a huge difference in mountain driving. Our gas mileage is 26 miles to the gallon and gas has averaged $3.60 - much cheaper than we planned. The biggest challange is finding pet friendly hotels. There is a pet friendly hotel website and I think I will go back and blog later all the good ones. The greatest asset on this trip is our GPS. It tells us mph, and estimated time of arrival in addition to a real-time map and voice directions. The best $100 Christmas gift I ever gave Terry. We also love our Trip ... read more

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