Las Vegas, here I come

Published: March 8th 2012
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(I wrote this in 4 parts, as I went from location to location)

Right, well good thing I went to the airport early this morning..!! Besides March Break traffic, apparently all the Charter flights down south go out Wednesday morning... security was a tad backed up.

Great moment while waiting for the Customs line - someone left their belt in the security area, so this guard yells out: "Is anybody missing their belt? Y-as-tu quelqu'un qui manques sa ceinture? ... No? Are you sure? You're going to need it! ... Anybody missing their pants then?" Oh my did we all laugh - all the security personnel were laughing too. No one dared to go claim the belt haha.

Customs was same old. US Departures was same old - sit there waiting for 10yrs and board like 10min before you leave. Never changes.

Flight to Detroit was nice and short - I had the worst seat ever though, last row beside the toilet. It wasn't even the toilet that smelled... there was some weird oil/turpentin-y smell for take-off and landing. Meh. I got my awesome Delta cookies, so I was happy. (I got my cookies on all three flights. Happy happy camper)

As I write this part of the entry, I’m sitting at the gate in Detroit and 3 birds just hopped on by... inside the airport. That’s a neat trick..? Makes me think of Greyhound Bus Stations. Classy.

Flight to Memphis was a blur... I slept the entire time. Well, more like drifted in and out of consciousness haha.

I was so happy when I landed in Memphis - it's a lovely airport, comfy seats, great stores, everything... and then it all went to hell because my flight is delayed 2 hours. What makes it worse? Back in Detroit I could have surrendered my seat for a later flight and would have got a $400 voucher. I could have taken the deal and still made my original delayed effin' flight. Rude Delta. That is rude.

So, not I'm trying not to fall asleep on the comfy chairs in my boarding gate. I fear sleep will overcome me.

Update: plane is having mechanical issues flying in from Orlando, so they need to take it to the back shop to "run a few things" to make sure we can arrive. Now earliest time is 2,5 hrs delay. We are a grumbly crowd.

Update: oh, they say nevermind it's JUST a radar issue... but since they see no weather going into Vegas we're going to wing it and hope we don't die. Right, because having radar is totally overrated. Awesome.

Ok, well I made it to my hotel room... so I guess that radar was not a necessity after all. I was so groggy on the plane – I kept half falling asleep. I didn’t want to hike out to find the local bus, plus it’s already way dark (Vegas is not nice after dark... not if you’re off the strip at least) so I took a damn taxi and didn’t realize he took the tunnel until it was too late. Hello jacked up taxi price. Jackass. I was honestly too tired to fight him.

Hotel is nice. Don’t care for the casinos already because you just inhale a noxious amount of smoke as you walk around. I miss my clean Ontario air. It’s also kind of depressing to see so many people playing in their pajamas haha.

Also of note, I usually keep a tally of the different nationalities I meet when I travel (European hostels are full of German, Americans and Brits) – for this trip I think it will be how many people marvel at my last name, make “eh” jokes and/or times I almost get hit by a car. People really CANNOT drive in Vegas... it’s appalling. The Canada, eh jokes are to be expected I suppose... still tiring though.

I went up to the Observation Deck – I had a free pass since I’m staying at the Tower. The view really is wonderful – the strip of course is the “nice” view, but it’s nice to see the rest of the city and just all the sparkling lights. The outdoor deck was pretty deserted – everyone was complaining it was too cold. Sure, it was windy but I was fine in just a long-sleeve shirt. It was fun to watch people bungee jumping off the Tower (crazy people, at night!) and the other rides that dangle you over the edge and such. It was cool.

Tomorrow I’m spending the day on the Strip – then overnight trip to San Diego, oui oui. There’s a McDonald’s down the street so I’ll be using their internet to post these until I get to San Diego haha. $12 for hotel internet VS spend $1 on a drink and get unlimited internet? Thank you McDs, thank you.


11th March 2012

glad to see you made it there eventually! OU EST MES PANTALONS?!?! My mom warned you about the smoke, right?!?! please tell me you at least did ONE slot machine!! you had to! and gambling in pyjamas? seriously? so not the stereotypical class i\'m picturing (think oceans 11). The eh jokes will never end. the eh jokes are never ending... looking forward to them on our trip ;) this is getting me so excited!!! ahhh!!! and nervous... we have 0 planned. nerves!! aeroplanes! customs! ah! we\'re gonna have such a hard time understanding anyone in scotland/ireland hahaha. even watching the new america\'s next top model america vs. Brits i\'m like what? some of the girls have to be subtitled. i hope you have lots of pictures from the observation deck. would it have been expensive to bungee jump off it i wonder? crazy people are crazy. I wouldn\'t mind dangling off of it. I have a feeling McD\'s will be our european saviour.... do they have one dollar drink days there too in the summer? ;)
12th March 2012

Man that was quite the epic-long comment!! Haha, I'll answer your Euro qs in a message you'll actually read (it doesn't send you a message when I reply here, so I doubt you'll check back). Long story short, if I could get by in eastern Europe and northern Poland where there was virtually NO english... I have less than zero worries about Scotland/Ireland ;)

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