Day 3 - Bishop, CA - Las Vegas, NV

Published: August 9th 2011
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Day 3

Woke up this morning to bird shit on my side of the car…I mean caked! Of course it would be my side and of course the car wash would be closed at 7am, I mean who would have thunk that. We are headed for Las Vegas today via Lone Pine and Death Valley. Just as we left Bishop (which I suggest you drive right on through if you ever come this way) the Sierra Nevada’s take on a new meaning. The colors are mesmerizing. They start out dark then shift to several colors of red. There is still snow on some of the peaks. I think this mountain range is more spectacular than the Tetons in Wyoming; they take your breath away. We are headed for Lone Pine and Mt. Whitney. More to come….Oh yeah, my car got almost 33 miles to the gallon…I am doing the happy dance.

Okay, it is now 6am the following day. We had too much going on for me to write last night, so here I am up early watching the beautiful desert sunrise.

We headed up into the Alabama Hills yesterday and Mt. Whitney. This is where they have filmed a lot of older movies (I don’t remember any but my parents do). Once we got to the top of Mt. Whitney, we took some pictures and headed back down. I thought my breaks were going to go out! We made our way to car wash in Lone Pine and finally got all that bird shit off the car. Theo actually had to take a paper towel and get the hard stuck stuff off!!! We left Lone Pine and headed for Death Valley. On the way we passed where they filmed Tremors. My kids were trying to find certain areas that they remember in the movie.

Death Valley – Now I know why they call it that. The heat was intense! High at Furnace Creek was 115F! When we passed through at 10am it was 106. When we arrived in Vegas it was 106!
We checked in to the Luxor in Vegas and headed straight to the pool. My kids have never experienced a Vegas pool in the summer before! This isn’t your momma’s pool. The people watching are great and all the older men that think they are HOT are hysterical! Mason wasn’t sure what to do with himself……he couldn’t really play and he couldn’t really just sit around in the pool and drink. Megan, of course, didn’t even get in the pool. She chose to stay on the sidelines in the shade and ask to leave every time I came near her!

Once swimming was done, we decided to walk to Caesar’s and go to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Yes, that is correct; we decided to walk the strip in 106 degree heat. We finally made it after an hour and got right in. We had a nice dinner and then decided to head back. By now, it was still warm, but the sun had gone down and the heat wasn’t as intense.

The kids of course had to ride the New York New York roller coaster….they loved it! I have a couple of coaster riders on my hands…FINALLY!

Well I am done for today, I really need a cup of coffee. We are letting the kids sleep in this morning and then we are heading off to a small part of Arizona and Utah. The family has never been to Utah, so this is another check off of their list of states. I guess I better start packing stuff up…….

Today's Hints Were:

• I am the most populous city in this state
• I was established in 1905
• I am in Clark County
• I sit at 2030’ in elevation
• My zip code is 89102
• I celebrated my 100th birthday in May of 2005
• My famous sign was created in 1959 by Betty Willis
• I am home to the 5th largest school district
• I am home to the largest tower and the fifth tallest building west of the Mississippi
• Over 60,000lbs of shrimp are consumed here every day
• Phuket, Thailand is one of my sister cities

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Lone Pine, CALone Pine, CA
Lone Pine, CA

Lone Rangers Horse Trigger

Notice how happy my kids are!

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