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North America » United States » Idaho July 16th 2020

Idaho 6-2020 Idaho 7-2-2020 Idaho Vi Idaho la thu phu trong potato na toi da den day nam ngoai nhung chua co den nong trai trong khoai tay nen toi muon den lan nay chi biet. Toi di ngang qua State university va toi ghe qua Idaho State university nay va duoc biet University nay thanh lap nam 1902 khoi dau voi 4 teacher va 40 students. Toi di qua lava hot spring voi khach san xung quang dung hot water de du khach tam khoang 100 do la mot dem. Sau do toi den nong trai trong khoai tay, Potato. Mot rung khoai tay xanh muoc truoc mat ma toi chua bao gio thay. Van phong nong trai dong cua vi Cocid. Sau do toi di den tieu bang Utah va dinh di xem cac ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Victor August 29th 2019

Days 5, 6, & 7. Today we started out early and drove down through Yellowstone. The guys stopped a couple of times to try their luck at fishing. We search for wildlife but really didn't see much. Toward the end we saw elk and bison. We did see a large bison herd across the stream and field from us. One lonely bison caused a traffic jam. At first Terry couldn't see what was going on. He thought there had been a wreck and that a woman with a heavy, ragged, fur coat was walking down the side of the road. Boy was he wrong! In Yellowstone we stopped at Gibbons Falls, the High Falls of the Yellowstone in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Because Yellowstone is so huge and because we were on a time ... read more
Yellowstone traffic jam

North America » United States » Idaho » Pocatello July 23rd 2019

I wasn’t expecting much today, at least not in the beginning. We were still in WY for much of the day and yesterday gave us a lot of …well, let’s say it was not inspiring. We left the hotel at 7:30 and 65 degrees and headed west. Again, the topography was mostly prairie with yellow grass and sage. But today we did see more signs of life. There were ranches and small towns along the way. And as we moved on, the blandness of the prairies gave way to the emergence of rock formations. One actually looked to me like the birth of new mountains…jagged shafts of rock sticking out of the ground, not very tall, but pushing toward the sky. And I thought, perhaps in 1000 years, these would be 10K ft. mountains. Who knows. ... read more
Road to Grand Teton
Road to Grand Teton
Road to Grand Teton

North America » United States » Idaho June 20th 2019

Today was our last cycling day on the Trail of the Coure d’Arlene and the weather today was different than our last two days. It was cooler, in the 60s with a strong wind that we got to ride into all day, and scattered rain in the area. Dave was the MVP of team Ring today. He rode in front of me and broke the wind all day long - that saves about 30 percent of effort for me. He was a machine on the front all day long. All of the people we talked to on the path thought the wind was something. I think the normal blowing was 10-15 miles an hour; when it gusted, it had to be 20-25 miles an hour. The only wildlife we saw was a moose far away, and ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho June 19th 2019

Great cycling day today. Our biggest challenge is that our device chargers have stopped charging and there is no place around here to buy more. So we are in strict conservation mode here. Dave had to ride today without his honky tonk tunes. We did manage to charge his iPod today - the charger gave the last true measure of devotion. So tomorrow Dave can sing along until his speakers quit ... probably before we get to our 54 miles. Today we rode from Kellogg, through Wallace, to Mullan and the official end of the trail. We wanted to ride the Hiawatha, but 14 miles, 1500 feet gain on a gravel road with logging truck traffic all combined to convince us to go to our plan B. Plan B has us leaving St Marie Thursday early ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho June 18th 2019

Sunday Our day started out at McDonalds. Little did we know that we were visiting the National Champions of quickest drive thru breakfast McDonalds ... but we were. Since we didn’t know, we went into the lobby. Most of the staff were wearing their National Champion shirts; the high schooler behind the counter wasn’t wearing his, because it is hot. We asked them what they were champions of, and heard the tale of the recent - and undisclosed - national McDonalds competition to determine over a 6 week period, which McDonalds had the fastest drive thru service, well the winner was the McDonald’s on Vista in Boise. Their nearest competitor was in Alaska. Next we headed north. Our destination is St Marie’s, ID. We chose the scenic route, along the Palette River. What a lovely river, ... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Boise June 15th 2019

Dear Friends and Family, We are in the final stages of preparation for our Spain and Morocco adventure! The fund raising has been completed, passports have been renewed, and now we just need to finish seeking out those last-minute travel items, from plug-in adaptors to travel bottles of shampoo and sunscreen. Please follow along on our journey!... read more

North America » United States » Idaho » Boise December 22nd 2018

So we made it to Boise (pronounced BOY-see by the locals) and had a really good time. Truly, this was one of the best American cities I’ve ever visited. They are apparently known for being the “most livable” city in America. If there was an impetus for this entire trip, then I suppose it would be the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl that we attended on Friday. My alma mater, Western Michigan, was playing against BYU in this game. When I first saw that this was our bowl destination, I was not particularly thrilled. Living in Georgia, I have really no easy/inexpensive way to get to Boise, Idaho. But when I decided to make it a bigger trip than just a bowl game, and to invite someone along for the ride, then attending the game became much ... read more
Campus signage
Some fun at the campus store
The river walk at Boise

North America » United States » Idaho » Moscow October 22nd 2018

We woke up for our last day in Moscow and wanted to make the most of it. The last time we visited was 4 years ago when Nathan was only 6 months old, and we didn't know the next time we would be able to travel there again. Thankfully, Chet, Kat, and Owen still travel often to their house in Somis or meet up at Steve's parent's house and we get to hang out at those places. We had breakfast and Owen went to school. Cheston gave us a great idea to go see the Grizzly Bears at Washinton State University in Pullman, so while he worked Steve, Tory, Kat, Rosie and Nathan drove there. It was quite spectacular to see 4 bears out of their cages in the grassy area where 2 of them were ... read more
Kids and Bears
Very close to Bears

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