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North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali June 18th 2021

It was a late morning after coming back late from Kihei and we had nothing really planned for the day. We hung out in the room as the kids played and began the day long task of getting our things together and suitcases packed. Nancy and Nathan went down to the pool with the big green slide to try to reserve us a spot and then Steve, Tory, and the kids went to that pool to play. This time the water slide attendant did not let Vivian go down the slide, she told Steve she had to go by herself and with no floaty so that was not going to work. Vivian was still very happy playing in the pool and eventually Grandpa Jerry came down and played some with some rings and ball we had. ... read more
Last Sunset
Pirate slide
Koi Pond

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali June 15th 2021

The day started right as the kids slept better and enjoyed waffles as we all got dressed up for family pictures on the beach at our resort. The photographer, Jef, was referred by our old neighbors Brandon and Melissa, did a good job by having the kids playing and all of us working for an hour on the beach. We did the photoshoot at 7am so there would not be any wind and there are some great photos to pick through with Hawaiian island, outrigger canoes, palm trees, and the beach in the background. After the photoshoot, we changed into bathing suits and went over to the other Westin resort "Nanea" to swim and play at another pool. The kids loved the sandy pool that had a water slide and big rock turtles to climb on, ... read more
Mommy/Vivian slide
Nathan/Rosie slide
3 kids on a turtle

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali June 13th 2021

There is nothing quite like waking up at 4:15am but realizing that you are in Maui and it is like a normal wakeup time in California. The kids were in a loud, wild mood so we had them watch TV and work together on a big sticker book of sweet ice cream and donuts while Tory made eggs for breakfast. We went down to Kaanapali beach where the sand was soft, the water was warm, and the family ran and splashed in the ocean while enjoying the views of two islands off the coast. Vivian ran away from the waves, Nathan was jumping over the waves, and Rosie was doing both plus falling into the ocean. Next, we went over to the main pool where we reserved a cabana for the day, and the kids relaxed ... read more
On the beach
Shovels in sand
Beach girl

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali March 31st 2018

It is coming down to our last full day at the resort and we had nothing planned for the day. The kids actually slept in so we had an easy breakfast and Steve and the kids headed down to the beach for a while. The water was really cold and Rosie was not in the mood for it. She had been very much into her Mama for most of the trip, and didn’t get happy until Tory joined at the beach. Her favorite part of the morning was playing at the beach showers. Nathan would push the button to spray for her and run in circles splashing in the puddles, as Rosie shrieked with delight. Nathan and Steve spent a long time in the pool while Rosie napped, as Nathan has become in love with the ... read more
Someone loves sprayers
Happy guys
Ahhhhhh water!

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali March 30th 2018

Tory was up with kids and was gracious to let Steve sleep in until 7. We then headed out for a place called Gazebos in Napili Beach for special macadamias nut pancakes. When we got there, the wait was over an hour, so we left and drove through Kapalua briefly to see the famous golf courses. We ended up at a fun pancakes place called “Slappy Cakes,” where you can make your own pancakes at your table if you want. Nathan also enjoyed playing the toy trucks in the waiting area. Everything tasted great, Steve’s chocolate chip pancakes and Tory and Sue’s banana macadamien nut, too. We headed back for Rosie’s nap and then decided what we wanted to do the rest of the day. Nathan had been playing all week with his tiny trucks inside ... read more
Strike a pose RoRo
Such a happy boy
Truck boy

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali March 27th 2018

The day started early with the excitement of our visitors coming onto the island off of a 14-day cruise, Jerry and Nancy. After an early morning down at the pirate ship pool and the beach with the kids, Tory took some incredible pictures of our handsome boy smiling and being goofy. She drove to the La Haina harbor to pick up Jerry and Nancy, while Steve and Sue took care of the kids at the room and prepared lunch. The guests arrived and Sue gave a tour of the rooms, then we all went down to the Koi pond to feed the fish, which was nothing special. Then we decided to go play in kids playground area and the pirate ship pool, as Nathan and Rosie entertained everyone with their water exploits. There was some short ... read more
Look at that belly
Sliding girl
so happy

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali March 26th 2018

What's the perfect start to a vacation? Being woken up at 4 am for the day by your little darlings. It was all for the best as we had breakfast in the room and made it to the beach by 7. We were rewarded for our early morning efforts with a rainbow. Steve took Rosie back to the room for naps and Tory and Sue took Nathan to explore and find the pirate ship kids pool for lots of fun. We had lunch in the room together once Rosie and Steve had rested and then Steve took the kids back to the pirate ship area and played on the neighboring playground. Rosie has NO fear and wanted to do the slides all by herself. Also, we confirmed that she is probably at least part duck. She ... read more
Pirate ship slide

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali October 12th 2014

So at my last post I was sitting in the departures gate at Seattle airport. The flight to Honolulu went fine. There wasn't a video player on the back of the seats, but you could rent a player (which I didn't bother with). Our seats were two and two together, so Andrew and I sat together, and we both managed to get a little sleep on the way over. As we approached Hawaii, they served us a free Mai Tai as a welcome, which was bitter and I wasn't too much of a fan. I'm more of a beer and cider drinker (not that you are necessarily interested in my alcohol intake, but there you go anyway). We landed early at 10pm (scheduled 1045), apparently because the trade winds caused a tail wind which sped the ... read more
Island air flight to Maui
Waikiki Beach from the air
Diamond head

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali September 14th 2012

Visited the Island of Maui for the first time ever, Landing in Kahului was quite the experience, a bit windy, and a bit bumpy. Landed, headed over to our rental car, got our car, started our drive to Ka'anapali, the drive is not as unique as we were expecting. Arrived at out hotel the Papakea Oceanfront Resort. this place was actually really nice, a bit difficult to find, still really nice. This hotel is located in the northern part of Ka'anapali, in the quiet area. Ka'anapali beach is really nice, so is black rock, the water is a bit colder in the northern part of the beach compare to the southern side near bacl rock. You can see turtles near black rock, We went to eat breakfast at Lulu's in Lahaina, which the food is really ... read more
ogg 078
ogg 079
ogg 080

North America » United States » Hawaii » Kaanapali June 20th 2012

OH WOW!! Now it feels like we are in Hawaii! But let me back up a step... Our day started at the Banana Bungalow with pancakes and with Jordan still complaining of stomach pain. The morning seemed to drag as today's tour to Lahaina wasn't due to leave until 12pm. We weren't the only ones on the shuttle with bags so I am not feeling so guilty now. Issac was our driver today (well of our bus, Henry drove the other one)... and what do you know, we share the same birthday :D Anyhoo, the trip to Ka'anapali (Kah - nah -parlee) was around 50 mins. On the way Issac gave us a running commentary of what we could see along the way. There was a sugar cane crop being burnt off. Apparently they are trying ... read more

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