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March 27th 2018
Published: March 29th 2018
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The day started early with the excitement of our visitors coming onto the island off of a 14-day cruise, Jerry and Nancy. After an early morning down at the pirate ship pool and the beach with the kids, Tory took some incredible pictures of our handsome boy smiling and being goofy. She drove to the La Haina harbor to pick up Jerry and Nancy, while Steve and Sue took care of the kids at the room and prepared lunch. The guests arrived and Sue gave a tour of the rooms, then we all went down to the Koi pond to feed the fish, which was nothing special. Then we decided to go play in kids playground area and the pirate ship pool, as Nathan and Rosie entertained everyone with their water exploits.

There was some short time to check out the beach again and let Rosie experience her first ocean dunk, which she liked more than a fat kid likes cake. We then had some really fun time in a bigger pool as Rosie could not stop tumbling into her daddy’s arms with delight from sitting on the edge of the pool. She wore herself out and went up for a nap, and while Sue watched her in the room it allowed Steve and Tory to take Nathan on the big green slide and have time with him in the pool. He didn’t really like the slide, but the green floaties and inner tube that Tory found were very fun to create and play games with. Jerry and Nancy had to go back to their cruise ship, as we said our goodbyes Nathan thanked Nancy for letting him tow her around the pirate ship at least 10 times earlier in the day.

We decided to grill dinner that night, so Tory went down to start cooking as Steve joined with the kids after a little while of playing in the room. Rosie was looking like it was 1970 and going to the roller Rink in her purple shorts and belly shirt. There were some kids who shared their soccer ball and Nathan and Rosie chased it all over the grass to work up an appetite before dinner. Back at the room we ate and the kids were in bed, while Steve and Tory sat out on their patio to enjoy the night view. Just at the moment we caught the big cruise ship passing by our island, all lit up with bright lights, so we got Nathan to see it. He asked lots of questions about where it was going and when we were going on it, yet another mode of transportation that this boy is fascinated with.

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