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North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta October 12th 2017

So far the flights are working it fine. 9:00 departure from Savannah, and a 2.5 hour layover in ATL. Surprisingly, I got into the Delta club so I can have a breakfast/lunch before the next wonderful 15 hour flight with all that great airline food. I'll be stuffing everything I can into my backpack. So far this website isn't as intuitive as the previous one, so hopefully I'll learn how to work it as I go.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia September 17th 2017

Manchmal gibt es nicht viel zu schreiben. Und dann sollte man es auch nicht tun. Oder wenigstens nur ganz kurz. Sowohl in Alabama als auch in Georgia bisher gibt es weite Mischwälder, durch die wir stundenlang fahren, auf schön geschwungenen Straßen, ohne viel Verkehr und ohne Polizisten. Oft gibt es kilometerlang entlang dieser einsamen Straßen Häuser, mickrige Sperrholzbuden umgeben von gepflegtem Rasen. Und natürlich braucht jeder im Haus ein Auto, denn öffentliche Busse habe ich noch nie gesehen auf dem Land. Die Häuser werden entweder fertig angeliefert oder es wird eine Grundplatte vorbereitet. Dann kommt der Lastwagen und lädt die 4 Seitenteile.ab. Sie werden an den Eckpfosten angenagelt. Dann kommt das Dach drauf und fertig ist der Rohbau. Isolierung minimal, so dass man im Sommer kühlen muss und im Winter heizen. Aber es gibt einfach keine ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia August 21st 2017

We left Memphis at 7:48 and 81 degrees and headed east for Macon, GA. The ride was unremarkable. Driving on the interstate through Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama is quite pretty, with its lush green trees that line the roadsides, but as you can imagine, it gets monotonous after a while. So we entertained ourselves by listening to Shepherd Smith on Fox News as he followed the “Total Eclipse of the Sun” from Oregon all the way to South Carolina. We were traveling just south of the peak swath, so it did not get dark where we were, however, it did get quite dim…dim enough to make the streetlights come on and to make the temperature drop a full 10 degrees. They describe it as being like dusk, just after the sun sets, but I disagree. There ... read more
Coosa River
Birmingham, AL

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah August 5th 2017

Samedi cinq Août, on se réveille vers neuf heures, et le soleil brille dans le ciel de la Géorgie, c'est un grand soulagement pour la journée qui s'annonce. On part de l'hôtel vers neuf heures et demi, et on prend Abercom street pour rejoindre le centre historique au niveau du parc Forsyth. De chaque coté de la rue, des arbres couverts de mousse espagnole, forme comme une voûte au-dessus de la route. Plus on s'approche du centre, et plus la rue est bordée de maisons splendides, très grandes, avec des jardins arborés, des pelouses parfaitement taillées, c'est à n'en pas douter un quartier résidentiel plutôt très aisé. On gare la voiture dans Hall street, une belle rue pavée de briquettes rouges. Il y a aussi de très belle maisons dans cette rue calme, perpendiculaire à la ... read more
Square Monterey
Une rue pavée de Savannah avec une superbe maison

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah July 23rd 2017

Last night was our first night out of the mountains, and we miss them already. Today we are heading to Savannah, GA, our final stop this journey. We were not sure what to expect out of "Historic Downtown Savannah", but the plan was to sleep a little late, as it was Sunday morning, and then get a quick breakfast at the hotel, and head down the short distance to Savannah. We did manage to sleep until after 7:00, and by the time we hit the road is was after 9:00. The Garmin Lady seemed to feel much better this morning, and set up the directions without any problem. The first thing we noticed on our morning ride was how straight, flat, and boring the ride was to Savannah. After all the mountains of the past several ... read more
SCAD Art Museum - Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian
SCAD Art Museum - Pink Plastic Lures - Hernan Bas
Jepson Center - To A Spacial Man - William Wegman

North America » United States » Georgia » Forsyth June 21st 2017

LAUREN, BILLY BOB AND BRETT Thursday, July 7, 2011 Bob, our 13-yr.-old granddaughter Lauren and I left Englewood on our latest adventure Thursday morning. This trip would be filled with joy, sorrow and a lot of family. We realized, 57 miles from home, that we had left BOTH sets of camper keys behind. So, a quick call to Kirsten (Lauren's Mom), a sandwich at DQ, a serious perusal of paint colors at Lowe’s (Lauren has been promised a redecorated room upon her return) and, voila, Kirsten saved the day when she arrived with the keys. Thank goodness she had not gone to the beach two blocks from our house; it had been her favorite place for two weeks. Bob complained about the drivers—erratic, dangerous, etc., etc.—I surmised they were all as anxious as we were to ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Blue Ridge May 30th 2017

Today is our first train ride on this trip. I'm not sure whether it is because I'm a retired engineer (not THAT kind of engineer), or because my dad was always into trains, but I have always just loved trains. This train is called the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, and it is less than 50 miles from Helen, GA on the way to Chattanooga tonight. Since the train doesn't leave until 11:00, there was no real rush to get started this morning, but nevertheless, it's too hard to sleep in really late. So we had a quick breakfast and got under way at about 7:30. The first 20 miles getting out of Helen was just awesome! Twists and turns and ups and downs, I was in 4th gear most of the time between 30mph and 40mph. ... read more
Blue Ridge Scenic Railway - Kayakers
Blue Ridge Scenic Railway - Ducks in the Water
Blue Ridge Scenic Railway - Big Foot!

North America » United States » Georgia » Helen May 28th 2017

Today was a nice, easy day. Since it was Sunday morning, and we were only traveling about 100 miles, we could afford to sleep in a little. Besides it was pouring rain, and we needed to wait a bit for it to subside. So by the time we finally got out of bed, it was about 7:30. After a quick breakfast at the hotel, I checked the tire pressure and it had only dropped to about 35psi. So a quick hookup with the air compressor, and we were up to 42psi in a few minutes. By 9:00 we were on the road. Since we were only going about 78 miles according to my MapQuest map, I decided to play it lazy and just leave it up to the Garmin lady. The Garmin lady path was a ... read more
Main St Helen, GA
Cutting Up The Tree Blocking The Entrance to Anna Ruby Falls
Anna Ruby Falls - Jody on the Trail

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown May 27th 2017

After yesterday's long grueling ride, today is a tourist day in Atlanta. We both slept well, and since we only had a 30 minute ride to town, there was no reason to wake up particularly early, especially since the free hotel breakfast doesn't begin until 7:00 on the weekends. So with coffee and breakfast, we hit the road about 8:00. We were about 10 minutes from the hotel when I realized that I had forgotten the camera in the room so we had to turn around and go back. No problem, we have plenty of time today. So we're about 10 minutes down the road again and I realize that the TPMS light is on solid on the bike.This means low tire pressure on one of the tires, and when you only have 2, it's kind ... read more
Georgia Aquarium - So Many Fishes
Georgia Aquarium - Whale Shark
High Museum of Art - Colorful

Today was expected to be a long and uneventful day. It was long. It was mostly uneventful. Actually the hotel was very comfortable and we both got a good night's sleep. We were up at 6:00am, no special feat for Jody, but certainly an effort for me. But, we're on a trip and I don't want to spend most of it sleeping. We try to get up at 6, showered and breakfasted by 7 and on the road by 7:30. This gets us a jump on travel time before it gets too hot. Today didn't really matter about the heat, because we expected to spend most of the day on the bike. This is the longest travel day of the trip, and the map showed close to 400 miles between St Augustine and Stone Mountain, just ... read more

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