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North America » United States » Georgia » Jackson May 8th 2022

We returned to High Falls State Park on our way out of Florida since we enjoyed the park so much during Spring Break 2022. The park is just south of Atlanta right off I-75, so it makes a great place to stop over when leaving Florida. I am surprised that we did not find this gem until earlier this year. The tumbling cascades have 2 trails one is an easy boardwalk to view the falls from above. The other trail is a figure “8” shaped loop along the water and into the woods which takes you down to the lower portion of the falls with a few nice viewpoints. The waterfall is visible from the road above along with the dam across the street. The campground is down the road from the falls. On the way ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia April 9th 2022

One question I frequently get is "How do you decide where to go?" I travel by choice, and I work remote so I can do this but nothing is incentivizing me to travel full time or guide me where to go work-wise. So I get to choose 100% where I spend my time. My 2 large overarching goals are to see all the national parks and spend time in each region/state of the US (I probably won't spend an entire month in every New England state lol!). Before embarking on this adventure I had spent my entire life on the west coast so a long term goal was to head East. Then winter came so the Southeast looked the most favorable. Now that spring is coming- Florida was getting a little warm so it's time to ... read more
Tybee Island sunset
Fort Pulaski
Walls are thick

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Midtown April 4th 2022

With the skies finally open, my buddy and I decided to reconnect for the first time since the pandemic. We had planned to go to Morocco in March 2020, but the pandemic grounded our plans. Getting there is still a challenge, so we looked at a “Plan B” closer to home. Outside of Florida, I haven’t been to the southeastern United States, so we chose its unofficial capital, Atlanta. I must admit I knew very little about the city before this trip… During our nine days in the city, we explored a good chunk of it. As I grow older, slow travel is a better fit for me. Four things stuck with me after this trip. The first was learning about the history of the civil rights movement in the United States during the 1950s and ... read more
Black Lives Matter
Atlanta Skyline
Neon Sign

North America » United States » Georgia February 5th 2022

Sunday: A nice exploration and flat hike at crooked river state park. Probably the most confusing signs for their trails- I made accidental loops and got lost 3 times. How did I realize I was lost? I ended up back in the parking lot... 3 times!!! It was a cold but sunny day. In the evening I headed down to Jacksonville for a quick visit with my sister Denise. Tuesday: Nighttime walk on the beach. Really pretty with just enough light to see. The 1 picture shown doesn't do it justice- night photography is difficult. Wednesday: Copper was sorted into Ravenclaw house and got himself a ravenclaw jacket Thursday: Drove down to Jacksonville and had dinner with my niece (who I hadn't seen since I was 17) and her wife at a local pub. Friday: Had ... read more
Arndraya and me
On the pier
Crooked River State Park

North America » United States » Georgia January 29th 2022

I keep forgetting about this blog... I also keep forgetting what I do during the week after work? Though work has gotten a little extra stressful lately. I swear I did something... oh well Sunday: A nice hike around Blythe island with family. Really enjoying the wildlife here but starting to really miss hills and mountains. There is absolutely no elevation change unless there is a tree root to cross over. Blythe island had several wild rabbits which were not afraid of humans and oh so cute! Monday: Finalized my travels for this summer to New England. I now have an entire year of travel planned out from when I started last September. If anyone wants to come visit for a weekend on the east coast between now and September let me know :) Saturday: Day ... read more
Me and my grand nephew Ray
Blythe Island Pond
Super Tame Wild Rabbits

North America » United States » Georgia January 22nd 2022

Sunday: Mostly a quiet day spent relaxing but had a nice walk around a nature preserve and along a marsh. Tried to sneak into the sea island resort by walking which worked except I would have had to walk another 2 miles for anything good. So I guess its not really an issue leaving the pedestrian gate unlocked :) Monday: MLK day meant a day trip down to St. Augustine with my sister and her wife. Went to the top of the lighthouse which was 219 curved stairs. Since Florida is so flat you had a full view for many many miles in all directions at the top. Also wandered around the town and had a delicious seafood lunch. After lunch was a quick exploration Castillo de San Marcos national monument which is the oldest masonry ... read more
Playing Rumikub
Sea Island Resort
St. Augustine Lighthouse

North America » United States » Georgia January 15th 2022

Sunday: After getting settled here in Georgia the afternoon was an adventure time out to Fort Frederica National Monument on St. Simon's Island. Unfortunately I had a technology issue and took 0 pictures. The fort was established by the British in 1736 to protect from the Spanish in Florida. There was a cool re-enactment going on and the weather was sunny and 75*. Gorgeous day on the island near the water and soaking up the history. Monday-Friday: Nice walks around Brunswick and a little exploring around town after work. Visited "lovers oak" which was here in Brunswick in 1776. Many trees have "Spanish Moss" which gives it a cool look. Mostly I'm just amazed at how there is just water everywhere. Random rivers, estuaries, marsh etc. The whole area is just sectioned off by random bodies ... read more
My sister an
My home for the month
Typical street in Brunswick

North America » United States » Georgia » Pooler September 11th 2021

That’s what we think of South Carolina! The trek through it seems so long and boring. No billboards to read…..nothing but big pine trees line the route. Cory took route 26 east to I-95 south…95 is just as boring and bumpier! The old RV jumps and rattles with every rough patch he hits. No wonder all the screws loosen up and the metal clasps break! Our new friends we met at Red Bay in May had a liquid suspension installed in their RV… that’s the way to go! We have Koni shocks and Safe-T-Plus but still my innards are getting jiggled all over. My body feels like a human washing machine. Up until now, the roads have been very nice and not much construction to contend with…..all pluses. I guess I better stop my whining…..suck it ... read more
My injured and stung finger. Aspirin covers it.
Parts ordered for our water system problem
Had the best dinners from here

North America » United States » Georgia August 16th 2021

Maybe you’ll remember when I flew to Wyoming back in December, I promised I’d never fly again until I had been vaccinated and had a good reason for flying instead of driving. Well, Alaska beckoned, and I am fully vaccinated, so I answered the call. As a result, I ended up flying to Fairbanks on American Airlines, and then the return trip was with Delta. Masks are still required on both (in fact, on all airlines, so that's not really a point of comparison). But there's a clear winner, and if you’d like to know which one will get my money in the future, keep reading. I wish there was a direct flight from Atlanta to Fairbanks, but that’s not the case. I had connecting flights in other cities, so all in all, I took 2 ... read more
Checking a bag at the gate for free? Yes, please!
The entertainment setup for American Airlines
Entertainment, part 2

North America » United States » Georgia August 3rd 2021

After a year and half of "sheltering in place" due to Covid, it was time to do some traveling. Although Covid still required us to cancel our trip to Germany, Czech and Hungary, Helen Georgia gave us some of that Germanic culture. After a 7 hour drive, we stayed at the Stoval B&B, a pre civil war building on 27 acres managed by two very nice people, Jeff and Erin. There are some beautiful hikes to waterfalls of which we did two, Anna Ruby and Dukes Creek. Anna Ruby was a little easier but Dukes Creek was more spectacular. Our anniversay dinner was at Caledonia in the Vahalla resort. Wonderfully presented and fantastic service. We spent a few hours in the town of Helen but found it far too touristy for our taste. Also, did some ... read more
Stovall B&B
Anna Ruby falls
one of the hikers!

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