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North America » United States » Georgia » Athens September 7th 2019

My third game of this season wasn't much of a trip. Even though there wasn’t much travelling in a vehicle, however, there was plenty of walking. Full disclosure: I’ve been to probably 100 games involving this team, and basically every home game (except maybe 5) since 2008. It is my 22nd consecutive game in Sanford Stadium, and that streak will end next week because I’ll be in West Virginia. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This week was the one I had circled on my calendar for the shortest “trip” in the football season, and after last weekend’s whirlwind trip through Michigan and the Big 10, I was glad to have a week with no major movements. For the past few years, since 2012 I suppose, I’ve had my buddy ... read more
The Arch, iconic symbol of UGA
My alma mater
Approaching the stadium, the excitement builds

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta July 16th 2019

It’s 6am I haven’t sleep more than 3 hours, why I don’t know... it’s the whole thing about going on vacation the next morning. I’ve checked the flights, all looks good; we even have tickets to ATL to make our life easier. I guess I’m just excited to be sitting in E-concourse and having a Sweetwater 420. We’re packed, I’ve loaded the car with our suit cases, provided all the necessary people with all the passwords and instructions, just in case. You never know. Kirsten has gone through the check list multiple times, each time I find something missing, toothbrush, hearing aid batteries, passport you know minor items to get me through TSA. Ok, we’re loaded and, on our way, to pick up OMI. She is waiting outside her condo tapping her foot wanting to know ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah June 18th 2019

Today Nicholas turns 12. We were with him last year in Poland for his 11th birthday the same day that Elliot was born. He turns 1 today and is nearly walking. Nicholas chose a Japanese Hibachi restaurant for dinner which was very entertaining. A chef cooks the food in front of you including a mountain of rice, which Nicholas loves. Prior to dinner we met Aidan out at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum not far from the city. The boys were at a holiday camp there where active marines take them for, among other things, physical exercises. On show was the 5000th B17 bomber. It looked shiny and new so I don’t think it was used. A couple of days earlier Kim took us all out to Old Fort Jackson closer to the mouth of ... read more
At Fort Jackson.
Kim and boys entering.
Inside the fort

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah June 17th 2019

Everyone said what a beautiful city Savannah is and they were right. Twelve squares, each named after early citizens, dominate as you cross the grid of streets which is the layout of the old part of the city. Around another square you go, right, left, left and right again back onto the street you were driving up, until the next square. The Live Oak is the dominant tree hung with drooping Spanish moss. Live Oak because it is evergreen. The leaves don’t look anything like the deciduous tree’s leaves but they grow just as big. The Spanish moss isn’t moss at all but an epiphytic air plant. We were warned not to touch it as it is full of microscopic biting red bugs. Apparently this is the origin of the term ‘don’t let the bed bugs ... read more
The Forsyth Park Fountain
Nicholas, Kim and Aidan
Catching up

North America » United States » Georgia » Augusta April 21st 2019

I went the year Big Phil won (2004) for the first time. From 2004: I went to the Masters Golf Tournament a few years ago. I wrote about it in one of my Travel Archives, but let me add to the lore of Augusta once more. As I drove down to Augusta from the college town of Columbia, I was just shocked to see the dirty, and ugly white ghetto of Augusta, as I turned off the freeway. Along the street, home made signs were plastered, for buying and selling tickets. Guys with big beer bellies were sitting on their lawn chairs, drinking beer at 8am in the warm Georgia sun. Cars would stop, buy and sell tickets, and move on, sometimes sharing a beer with the scalpers. The Masters is a way of life here, ... read more
He told the doubters to GO AWAY!!!!
Big Phil  won in 2004

North America » United States » Georgia » Stone Mountain April 12th 2019

This truly is a nice campground. We are on the loop pretty much dedicated for rally’s, so it is not as pretty as some of the others, but it is still very nice. There are about 30 campsites on our loop, and we take up 19 of them. Each has a grill and fire ring, is paved, and has a concrete patio with cement picnic table. All are terribly unlevel. They look flat, but all slope, and no rig is totally level. As long as you sleep with your head higher than your feet, you are ok. The first 2 days it rained, so we opted to do indoor attractions. Monday we went to the aquarium. We purchased the city pass for $80, which gave us admission to five downtown attractions for the price of 3. ... read more
building at the top
me at the top
Rod at the top

You all probably know, due to health issues, I did not get on a Winter Snowbird trip in January. I made some tough decisions, my health dictated my choices. It was horrible staying home during those cold, damp dreary winter months. My goal was to be in tip top shape by 3/26, the date for my trip to Ireland. I accomplished that and had a great trip with girlfriends. But, I got sick at the end of the trip, and ended up at the doctor upon return for a sinus infection and bronchitis. I recovered enough in time to go to NJ for Maggie’s confirmation, which did not happen due to circumstances beyond all control, but my plane ticket was purchased, so I went. I got home and quickly packed the RV with friend Marilyn’s help, ... read more
about a 10 inch starfish
lovely jelly.
lovely colors

North America » United States » Georgia February 4th 2019

Next part of the trip is in Georgia state. We have a special stop to do in Savannah: the Bonaventure cemetery. It's renowned for being very beautiful, leafy and full of statues, and that's right! We stopped along the coast in small beautiful small town like St-Mary. Near of Florida's border we went inland to Okefenokee swamp. This is a protected area with many trails and beautiful nature. It was a bit cool when we went so the alligators were a bit sluggish, but easy to photograph up close. Also, many carnivorous plants. In forests parts, I really like the mix of pines with palmetto. For us from the North, it seems like a weird combination to have these 2 types of plants together, but it was just an impression because they all thrive. Next part, ... read more
Bonaventure cemetery
Bonaventure cemetery
Iron balcony in Savannah

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta » Buckhead February 3rd 2019

None of my favorite teams are in this year's Super Bowl. Though I do not care for the Patriots, I think Brady and Bellichik are the best in the business. So, I guess I will root for the Rams (and fellow Cal grad, Jared Goff), my Niners hated rival, though Seattle usually gets the title of most hated. So, let's move on to the best part of Super Bowl, the food!!! Keep in mind that you will consume an average of 2400 calories DURING game time alone!!!! Super Bowl Sunday is exceeded only by Thanksgiving for food consumption. I never realized that chicken wings are the most consumed food item on Super Bowl Sunday. That means 1.3 billion wings will be consumed. That means 650 million chickens are running around with no wings!!!! That is four ... read more
Never enough beer!!!!
Love those cheese curds, yes!
The snack stadium, how useless.

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah January 19th 2019

Blog 01-19-19 Savannah, GA I left home Wed 1-17 about 9:15 am which is a new record for me. Headed west on 80 then south on 81 to Winchester, VA. The countryside was beautiful in VA, full of rolling hills and what looked like gentleman horse farms. Yes, I could live here. Finally hooking up with 95 I arrived in my campground in Fredericksburg, VA only to realize I hadn't left the snow behind. They had a storm on Saturday and although it was off the roads, it was still piled up here and there and in the woods. It resulted in a cold breeze from the ground making for very unpleasant walks. We spent a cool night with temps around 55 inside and 28 outside. I was very snug in my bed but I had ... read more
decorative downspout
one of the squares

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