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Published: April 12th 2019
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This truly is a nice campground. We are on the loop pretty much dedicated for rally’s, so it is not as pretty as some of the others, but it is still very nice. There are about 30 campsites on our loop, and we take up 19 of them. Each has a grill and fire ring, is paved, and has a concrete patio with cement picnic table. All are terribly unlevel. They look flat, but all slope, and no rig is totally level. As long as you sleep with your head higher than your feet, you are ok. The first 2 days it rained, so we opted to do indoor attractions. Monday we went to the aquarium. We purchased the city pass for $80, which gave us admission to five downtown attractions for the price of 3. Lots of nice fish in pretty displays, highlighted by the sea lion show and dolphin show. So-so expensive food in the cafeteria, and 5000 kids on class trips. I got my cane out for self defense. Over 10k steps, legs and knees like jelly.

Tuesday we toured CocaCola World and CNN Studio 7. This was an 11.5k step day. Ouch. There was some beautiful displays at CocaCola, and a gift shop that had every imaginable coke logo product known to man. The CNN tour started with an 8 floor escalator ride…..and walk down, where we saw a live show, and lots of editors and producers working on events happening all over the world. We had a decent lunch in the CNN food court which had a nice choice of fast food and sit down.

I was in no shape to walk Wednesday. Most felt the same way, and there was a lot of sitting around in the sunshine enjoying the lazy day. Pot luck dinner in the campground rec hall was great, lots of great food and laughs. Bohemian Rhapsody movie played afterwards.

Thursday was another lazy day, with some going to the zoo, walmarting, camper cleaning, and enjoying the sun. I took the sky ride to the top of Stone Mountain with fellow camper, Rod...89 years old and going strong. It’s a 2.5 minute ride. We got a close up look at the confederate memorial, which gets covered with moss and lichen, and needs to be cleaned twice a year. The view from the top is spectacular. The walking on top, not so much. Solid rock, solid footing, but strange rocky angles, and a gift shop offering “I climbed Stone Mountain” logo gear.

I joined a few others in dining at a nearby German restaurant. Lots of wursts, red cabbage, schnitzel, beer.

Winston is being a pretty good boy. I am leaving him uncrated for longer periods of time. He spends more and more time sitting in the front window than he does pacing back and forth, barking. Only taken 9 years.

Kat out

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