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North America » United States » Georgia May 2nd 2018

I was driving to Savannah and I made another unplanned stop at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotiv History. Another highway sign got me. The museum centered around a train that was stolen by the North and then taken back by the South after a chase. The train was named The General. A move was made from this adventure.....forgot the name of it. As I was driving through Atlanta, I almost died. A car made a left hand turn on the freeway across 4 lanes of traffic right in front of me. She wanted to take a left highway exit. Surprisingly, she made it. I slammed on my brakes and I only missed the car by about 1-2 feet. Glad the truck behind me was able to stop too! Savanah is of my ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah March 28th 2018

March 28, 2018 States: West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina City: Beckley, WV Miles: 460 miles Hours: 7 hours 43 minutes Hotel: Fairfield Suites Marriott Food: free Marriott breakfast, sandwiches in the car, The Shrimp Factory Sites: Big Walker Landing Books: To Catch a Thief (Elizabeth) Jurassic Park (Matthew) Gas: 1 Toenail clippings: 10 While driving on Tuesday night, I happened to talk to my sister-in-love, Missy, and she said she was only two hours from Savannah. They live in Jacksonville. Jokingly, but hopeful, I said, “why don‘t you meet us?” She said yes! I was so excited. I did not tell anyone else in the car that she and my brother were coming. Paul had been saying I should ask them but I felt bad because we were only staying one night and we ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia February 7th 2018

31 Jan 18 Today was pretty much spent driving to Memphis. We left Dallas before 8am and travelled by interstate across Arkansas. At about 3.30pm we crossed the Mississippi and found ourselves in Memphis. What we first noticed was the difference in the buildings and a distinct lack of vehicles on the streets. We had to check the day of the week as I felt it was a Sunday or so a public holiday. No it was a typical Tuesday in Memphis. We are staying in what is called Midtown Memphis in an AirBnB place. It is an old house (105 years old apparently) with wooden floors in most rooms. It is very cold here. A quick check on the temperature and it was 12 degrees C. It surprised me as it felt colder than that. ... read more
Looking at the Mississippi River from Memphis
Peabody Hotel Ducks
Front Entrance of Graceland

North America » United States » Georgia » Kingsland January 5th 2018

Up and at ‘em. Time to keep moving. We have places to go and things to do. Grab your stuff and let’s go. NOPE....not going anywhere fast. A car has blocked us in at the Microtel in Statesville, N.C. where we spent the night. Oh, dear. I put a post on Facebook last night announcing our arrival here. I included a photo of Lulu drooling over our delivered pizza and wings. What were we thinking? I guess we ordered so much because we knew you all would be starving. It was tasty but way too much for even you so Cory took a pizza and a half down to the desk staff. They were appreciative. We struggled a little here at this Microtel. The heat was not on in our room upon our arrival AND you ... read more
Hair Dryer Help
Eat Up, Lulu
Inside our RV

North America » United States » Georgia » Brunswick December 28th 2017

Travels with Snowbirds 2018, Santee State Park to Golden Isles RV Park, Brunswick,GA. The one about asking for prayers Shit, it was cold last night. Something about being inside a metal box when it’s very hot or very cold. Nasty. I went to bed under my down comforter, wearing my cotton hat, my fuzzy socks, and electric blanket on top. The covers were so heavy on me I couldn’t move, but I was warm. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. I got rid of the electric blanket and the hat and slept on until 7:30. Temperature 30 outside, 42 inside. I walked Winston quickly, broke camp, which consisted of putting my steps away, unplugged electricity and hit the road by 8:30. I pointed south towards Pooler, Georgia, and the large Walmart and ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Tifton December 26th 2017

It's the day after Christmas, and we leave for a round-trip road trip to the Rose Bowl today! Normally, I would expect a trip of this length and audacity to take a few month of planning, but that simply is not the case this time. Mostly out of necessity. You see, it was barely 3 weeks ago when the world of college football made its decisions about bowl games, and most importantly about the national championship playoff. My alma mater and hometown team, the Georgia Bulldogs, won the SEC championship and earned a berth in the playoff against Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, the so-called “Granddaddy of them all.” Naturally, I decided to go because (1) I have been to every bowl game for Georgia this decade, (2) this is a big deal of a game, ... read more
Some car swag, which will make an occasional appearance
"Reading" material for the car ride
Bowl tickets (so far): Texas, Alamo, and Sun

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta November 25th 2017

Kirsten, Omi and I are on a journey to find St Nicolas. We will be rating Gluhwein as we visit each Christmas market. Send us your Christmas wishes and we'll pass them along to Santa. Kirsten and Omi have been so nice this year, however I have to find and meet with St Nicolas to see about removing my name from the naughty list. I almost forgot to mention were watching FSU whup UF.... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta November 25th 2017

It’s 6 AM and I feel this sharp pressure in my back, I’m opening my eyes and I hear “get up lazy boy”. We’re on vacation and we have flights to catch. As I’m falling or being pushed out of bed, I catch myself just before I do a face plant on the floor. I hear Kirsten say from our bed, Good Morning Sunshine, the shower is waiting. I crawl into the bathroom and pull myself up on the vanity. I’m thinking “This is going to be a long day”. We’re all up showered and fresh, well at least Kirsten is. Drew and I are still half asleep, as we make our way into Kirsten’s car. Kirsten has already picked up Omi and they are both ready to go. I drive to the Orlando airport, there ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah November 13th 2017

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta October 13th 2017

Still working through figuring out the website. Another couple fo Starbucks Lattes surely will help with that.. so far haven't figured out how to upload photos or edit existing entries.... read more

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