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December 2nd 2019
Published: December 4th 2019
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It’s 6 am and Kirsten is up and showering, I’m next. We have just got home last night from Thanksgiving at Pine Mountain like we do every year. And we are already loading the car for Christmas Market, yes.. you read it correctly.

We have planned to join Lori and Sam in Germany this year and enjoy Christmas Market with them. Lori and Sam left Thanksgiving Day and flew to Dusseldorf. They have a head start on us but were all meeting at the house Kirsten rented, close to Fulda. We packed our Thanksgiving suitcases along with our Germany suitcases before going to Pine Mountain so to make it easier to get out the door this morning.

So, the adventure begins....

The car is loaded, and we are pulling out of the condo, I don’t think the engine has even cooled down from last night. We’re on our way to pick up Omi. Did I forget to mention Omi is going with us? Yes, she is...

Kirsten is driving while singing On The Road Again...

We pull into the new Orlando Terminal C and park the car. We grab our suitcases and off to the people mover. If you haven’t checked out the new Terminal C, you should it’s so convenient.

We breeze through TSA, well I do at least, Kirsten’s suitcase gets the once over.

Ok, we’re at the gate and have an hour to spare so we catch our breath. Today is supposed to be the busiest travel day of the year. Looks pretty normal to me from my seat.

The flight was from Orlando to Atlanta was fabulous, Kirsten and Omi made friends with Jerry our flight attendant and he recommended to start our trip with a coffee with Baileys instead of our traditional Bloody Mary’s. I believe we may have a new tradition.

Once in Atlanta, we go to YOU KNOW WHERE... Yes, Concourse E, I do believe this might be the portal that I’ve been looking for years.

I walk up to the bar; I order a Sweetwater 420 beer. The bar tender brings it to me and of course I have to ask. You remember me? I hear him say sure Steve as he’s looking at my name on the credit card.

We sit in E Concourse watching all the travelers like we always do and after a while we move to our gate. We get our seats; however, they are in the back not up front this time. Sorry....

But we’re on and heading to Christmas Market.

I’ve been texting with Lori and Sam they are having a great time and excited that we’re on the plane.

Our plane pulls out and taxis to the runway and we’re getting nested into our seats when the captain comes on and says, “Sorry folks we have a small issue with the Plane, and we need to return to the gate”.


Story short, 4 hours later and a total plane swap out we are taking off for Germany.

We get all nested in again, the plane is totally new, it has the new car smell and all the bells and whistles. It’s 11:30 PM as the plane lifts off, I’m texting Lori that we are on our way.

I fall asleep within minutes and slept quite well considering some turbulence.

I wake up airplane fresh from the pilot making the announcement we’ll be landing in the next hour. I look around and they are serving breakfast, my timing is perfect. I have coffee and a breakfast roll. Kirsten and Omi are up and packing up all their stuff, so I start getting all my things together.

Off the plane and into the customs line, I ask Kirsten if she got any sleep and I get the look. What! She shares with Omi and I that the girl next to her was sick and the guy next to me had passed out in the galley and they were calling for a doctor to help him.

I stood there shocked and the only thing I could think of saying, “Wow, I slept great”.

Again, I get the LOOK!

We pick up our car and on we’re off. I’m keying in our Zimmer into the navigation system and no sooner do I start the car picks up my phone and Apple CarPlay kicks in. WOW! technology is awesome.

For the next 3 hours Kirsten is driving the car like she stole it.

We arrive at our house and Lori is standing outside waiting for us. I think she was monitoring dad on ‘Find Friends’. I guess its time for the kids to start watching over the parents, LOL!

We hug as if we haven’t seen each other is years, Sam is loving the cold weather. Lori points to the restaurant across the street and says they have a table for us.

As Omi looks across to the restaurant...she says, “I have been here before!” The year was 1956, we had Hagebutte (Rosehip) Wine. We all had a glass to toast. Crazy!!

We enjoy a wonderful German dinner and we return to our house and sit around talking for another hour or so. Finally, I say I have to get some sleep.

Everyone laughs at me, but they all want to get in bed as much as I do....

Good night


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