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North America » United States » Georgia » Acworth June 23rd 2018

Today we leave McKinney Campground headed to Alaska. Making the trip are Aleta and myself, Jack and Barbara, along with Ted and Jeri. Had plans to meet up early and caravan to St. Marion, IL, but plans have ways of changing. Met up with Ted and Jeri at rest area at exit 158 on I24. We all met at Flying J at exit 86 and gassed up. Campgrounds at St Marion all full. Tried Walmart, but it is blocked for RVs and trucks. Found sites at Old Bates RV Park 33 miles back. Made that trip to our sites - - $27.00 per night. Thank you Lord. Had smoked ribs and chicken prepared by Shelby for our first night on the road, along with baked beans and rolls prepared by Jeri, and potato salad prepared by ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah June 8th 2018

Today I awoke to NJ turning on her music and saying “Rally Aly oxon free!! Time to wake up!” to which I replied by playfully throwing my pillow at her and sighing “fine.” I changed into my build clothes and was grateful that for the first time in 7 days I didn’t have to pack up my sleeping bag & thermarest. We scavenged for food for breakfast and I ended up eating some of the left over chicken salad with Kristi and what I believe was decaf coffee. We split up by odd and even numbers so the evens went to go roof and us odd ducks got carted off to go help paint a house. We were working with the City of Savannah housing department and arrived to find no construction manager. We spoke with ... read more
This house will soon be green, white, & brown
Waiting out the storm
I pulled these nails out from all around the house

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah June 7th 2018

This morning I again awoke in the middle of the night freaking out that I slept through an alarm/didn’t have one set. When it eventually did go off at 5am, it was too soon and I was still so exhausted. Tempted to snooze but knowing I had trailer packing duties, I forced myself to get up and pack up my freshly washed clothes before heading out to help pack the trailer while getting eaten by mosquitoes. Breakfast was again bagels, fruit, & coffee. Ryan, Kristie, Jana, & I met briefly since we were on van duties for the day. We helped him come up with silly nicknames and finished cleaning up the host. At route meeting, Jess presented town facts by singing “Savannanana” to the tune of “Havana” and it was so cute! As riders began ... read more
Our classic white board of information
Forest Gump Square
Her first shrimp!

North America » United States » Georgia June 6th 2018

This morning we got to enjoy a later wake up call since host breakfast was being provided at 7:30 (usually we eat breakfast around 6am). So despite our town hall meeting discussing having more efficient and organized mornings, today was a bit different. We had quiches from Jeremy & his wife and he joined us for route meeting and prayed a blessing over us. We had a cue sheet debacle (again!) so since I had extra time, I decreased my cassette and OH MAN did it need! There’s something so satisfying getting all that gunk off! I’m sure there’s an excellent metaphor there somewhere about how how Bike & Build helps clear the gunk out of our lives and see things in a new way... My ride group today was me, Chris, & Jess and with ... read more
I love B&B takeovers
Fist full of salad greens 😂
So tough

North America » United States » Georgia » Kingsland June 5th 2018

Today we were hyped because not only is it our first state line day, but we also get to take a ferryyyy! We awoke in Jax with alarms and lights going off wayy too early due to a miscommunication (though in reality we probably should’ve gotten up when they went off!). We packed up and then me and the Ellies efficiently packed up the trailer with all bags, bins, and some bikes for those who were safety naving for the day. We enjoyed a breakfast with the church ladies that hosted us that consisted of bananas, bagels, OJ, coffee, and LARA BARS! 🙌🏼 Amanda was so excited she said “I wish this bar would never ever end” so I grabbed her a backup for when it did 🙃 After breakfast and cleaning up, we had route ... read more
I’m on a boat!
Not bad riding views
The Safety is Sexy Look Back

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah May 30th 2018

Thought it might be time to take this up again, sooooooo here I am overnight in Savannah. Planned this trip in January. Since my favorite grandson is graduating on his birthday, it was inevitable I would be heading north. Decided after all the trips I made that this one would be slightly different. Instead of pushing myself as far as I could each day, I would divide it into three days. Was kind of worried after this weekend’s subtropical storm because the weather channel predicted the storm would follow me all the way. Thank goodness they were very wrong. Day was overcast, but no rain. Went to the Crab Shack on Tybee Island for dinner and treated myself to dungness crab. Really neat restaurant with an alligator lagoon out front. No big gators though, longest was ... read more

North America » United States » Georgia » Dawson May 27th 2018

Bonnie, Sadie and I took a pre trip in advance of our Alaska trip this weekend to Albany GA. We had no expectation of creating a blog for this trip but we had a very pleasant surprise we wanted to share. Bonnie's brother Benny Vandevender and his lovely wife Shelvia wanted to introduce us to the Back Porch restaurant in Shellman GA. Shellman is an old railroad town complete with terminal that no longer has passenger service to its town. The Back Porch was a delight to eat at with Fried Shrimp and Grouper fresh out of the Gulf of Mexico with some of the best extra crispy fried okra that I have eaten. Their menu and directions to their location can be found on line. I like old towns so I wanted to share a ... read more
Shellman GA 2
Shellman GA 3
Shellman GA 4

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta May 24th 2018

The drive from Interlachen FL to Atlanta Marietta RV Resort in Marietta GA, just northwest of Atlanta, was 379 miles and would take 6 hours, 2 minutes according to Google Maps. I had already hooked the Ram to the Bighorn so I had minimal “prep to travel” tasks in the morning. That preparation is vital whenever I want to get an early start – and an early start would be essential if I were to get through Atlanta metro before the afternoon rush hour. I managed to get on the road a few minutes before 6 AM on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 with my first cup of coffee in my travel mug. Fortunately, I was travelling north so the rising sun was not an issue. The trip, although long, was uneventful, and the early afternoon Atlanta ... read more
Everything You Need to Know About Seven State-wide Elected Offices in, Errr, a (Pea) Nutshell
The Designer Had the Foresight, Unfortunately, to Allow for the Addition of Future Monuments
Vintage Photographs Serve as Reminders of the Mania that Accompanied the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta May 22nd 2018

Tuesday afternoon, May 22nd. We are back in Atlanta. Wow, what a trip! THE GREAT AMERICAN ROAD TRIP aka THE WINE, BEER & BOURBON ROAD TRIP. Our last leg was also the longest at 380 miles. As we departed Memphis, we made the mandatory drive to see Graceland. We decided that we were just too worn out to do the tour. So, we could not see much of the mansion. But we did see his airplanes which were on display across the road. There was not much else to report except that we drove I-22 in north-west Alabama for the first time. I thought the countryside along the road was beautiful. I would like to wrap up our trip with some statistics. States & Nights: 11 States & 16 nights/17 days: GA-Start: TN-1, KY-1, OH-2, IN-1, ... read more
Jackie my travel mate
Alabama State Sign
Georgia State Sign

North America » United States » Georgia May 2nd 2018

Hi Friends and Family: It has been a couple of years since our last travel blog. Jackie and I are preparing now for our next adventure. I have a new vehicle (2018 Acura RDX) which seems to trigger our travel interest. We plan to depart early Sunday, May 6th. I'll try to post blog updates daily if I can stay awake. In 2016 we did a road trip to Massachusetts, which took us through many East coast states to our destination. You can take a look at that blog while on this travelblog site. This new trip is a North-South beauty. We plan to go due North to Canada with stops in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Once we enter Canada, we reverse out then head West in UP territory...Upper Peninsula, Michigan. From there we ... read more

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