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North America » United States » Florida » Panama City July 19th 2016

Road trip time! it was time to leave New Orleans and Louisiana and head east to Florida. We were doing a mini road trip as our final destination would be Savannah, Georgia, but instead of taking the quick route, we were taking a few days to drive through the top part of Florida and explore some of that area. Our end destination for today was Panama City. The drive if we didn't stop would take about 5 hours, but we would be stopping at anything interesting that caught our eye along the way. We left New Orleans and had soon crossed the state border and we were now in Mississippi, the GPS let us know when we had moved onto a new state. We drove through Mississippi, not stopping and soon we were in Alabama. I ... read more
Pensacola Beach
Pensacola Beach
Pensacola Beach

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City May 12th 2012

Geo: 30.1598, -85.6603I begin this journey with hesitation and trepidation. When Steve suggested taking a cross-country road trip, I knew what we were in for. I had taken one years ago. And before we left, I joked with friends that we would be back in a month or so…if we didn't kill each other. But the day has come and here we are. And in reflection, I have set my mind on a few goals to achieve and a few prayers to pray.1. I pray that we have a safe trip and return alive, healthy, strong and together mentally and physically.2. I pray that our journey provides new experiences to have and enjoy.3. I pray that I keep my complaints to myself, my temper in check, and that my body holds up so that Steve can ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City October 25th 2011

Up early, some lines release and checking the oil before we cast off. Well the oil was fine but Cap’t Rog found water under the engine. Further inspection revealed a hairline crack in some welded joint in an elbow. So, the hunt began. Where to get a marine welder?5 or 6 phone calls later, we waited for call backs. Shouldn’t have been a big deal, except we brought minimal tools and sure enough, not the perfect one. A fellow boater loaned a few and offered some magic marine metal putty. Reluctantly Rog gave it a try. One welder showed up and indicated he could weld the issue, if Rog got the elbow out and brought it to him in the parking lot. After a real struggle out came the elbow, but the welder couldn’t do it ... read more
Lizzy J Fires
Lizzy Blast Off
Swab the deck crew

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City October 22nd 2011

Hunkered down with electric, heat and cable, we didn’t mind that the temperature was dropping (Florida is as cold at NY). We were comfortable. After moving from Panama City Marina to St. Andrews we enjoyed dinner at Uncle Ernie’s, quite famous. With a leisurely awakening (Rog first to take Buddy ashore), we ventured to the Coffee House for breakfast. Neat place, very layed back with casual seats, lots of books and a great breakfast. We, next headed to CVS to gather some misc supplies (like nail polish and remover). About 1/3 of the way there, Rog decided it was too far. The marina map was deceiving, only showing major roads (so what looked like 2 blocks away actually was miles). Mary was determined, so she continued and Rog returned to the boat. Mary assured him that ... read more
City Pier
Panama City a Fishing Port
Floating Docks

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City May 22nd 2011

As we were preparing to leave our Dog Island anchorage on Saturday morning, a fog bank rolled in. Not the thickest we’ve seen, but enough to warrant waiting for it to dissipate before getting underway. We followed the ICW across St. George Sound to Apalachicola, then up the Apalachicola River a short way to the Jackson River. We were behind a tug pushing a couple of barges, but since he was going only a little slower than we normally cruise, we stayed behind him. It was not a problem until we were almost across Lake Wimico and the water got a little shallow. He slowed down, we slowed down. Then into Searcy Creek with its twists and tight turns. That really slowed him and us down. We were wishing we had passed him when we had ... read more
Another sunset
Shrimp Boats

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City December 4th 2010

Kerry and I slept a little later than normal this morning and woke to the sound of Sara's engine starting. I think they wanted to get a head start to Panama City Marina and showers. The water in Choctawhatchee Bay and through the canal (though the guidebooks call it the Grand Canyon ??!!) to West Bay was smooth. There must have been a favorable current, though, because Sara called to say they were making 7 mph and we got up to 9 mph. Once we got into West Bay, the wind picked up and we didn't travel quite as fast. We did see a few dolphins, and one even jumped along side us like he was trying to get a look at us. Once under the Hathaway Bridge we were in view of the Panama City ... read more
Posing Pelican
Tree graveyard

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City December 1st 2010

We left Mobile on a beautiful morning with some wind, but the bay was kind to us as we had to go towards the Gulf for a few miles before turning east to reach the ICW (Intercoastal Waterway). The weather forecast didn’t seem to be very promising, so we all decided to go safely into a marina. Another cold front was heading our way with strong northerlies. Notre choix s’arrêta sur Orange Beach en Alabama et la marina était très bien et la seule chose manquante, une piscine, mais avec les températures fraîches personne ne l’a manquée. Finalement, nous y sommes restés pendant 4 jours et avons visité les environs avec une auto de courtoisie. Entre deux averses, nous avons juste eu le temps d’explorer en dinghy, les nombreux canaux avec de luxueuses résidences, la plupart ... read more
11084-Baie de Mobile, Al
11094-Orange Beach Marina
11095-Chez Donna et Byron

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City September 29th 2010

9-26-10 Raining as we got up this am, and left the Walmart parking lot. Decided we’d spring for an rv park stay today, so we could stay in and watch football. Turns out it stopped raining around 11am, but we watched football, walked on their little strip of beach and sat in their loungers on the beach and read for a while. Pretty low key day, but nice not to travel today. We were right on the bay at Navarro Beach, Fl. 9-27-10 Left for Fort Walton Beach today. We stopped at a park right on the we’ve noticed so far, the bays aren’t as pretty as the sandy beach, so drove over to Okaloosa Island...WOW!!! They call it the Emerald Coast, and it’s beautiful white sandy beach and gorgeous blue-green ocean. Saw dolphins swimming ... read more
Okaloosa Island
Fisherman's Wharf
Scenery between Destin and Panama City

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City August 25th 2010

Hi everyone It's been awhile, have been very busy traveling. Went to Niagara Falls on the 13th of August stayed 2 nights. The Falls are a wonderful sight went on the Maid of the Mist, Journey behind the Falls and went to see Falls fury. Flew back to Virginia on Sunday the 15th of August and stayed one more night with Gus and Betty. We travelled through North and South Carolinas and Georgia. Next stop was Titusville in Florida one night stay. Next stop was Kennedy Space Centre spent a few hours on a tour that went to all parts of the centre that was allowed. Then on to Arch and Pat stayed one night, then went to Key West. A long way for just one night, but now we can say that we have been ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Panama City April 19th 2010

Geo: 30.1598, -85.6603A couple last evening suggested we visit Steinhatchee which was off our route but worth the trip. Although there is some development of recreational properties, the village seems to have more history. It is interesting to note how the houses are built on stilts and some are advertised as hurricane proof. From there we headed back North and along the Gulf Coast. Lots of development of recreational properties. Apalachicola was another older settlement. Much of the revenue in the area seems to be from the abundant fishing and shellfish industry. It is amazing the way people build houses in areas which are likely to be hit with hurricanes. We saw a sign which said hurricane season was only 43 days away. We passed by a very large air force base which straddled the road ... read more

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