Up the Rivers and Through the Bays

Published: May 23rd 2011
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this bird landed on the rail and checked for bugs before flying off
As we were preparing to leave our Dog Island anchorage on Saturday morning, a fog bank rolled in. Not the thickest we’ve seen, but enough to warrant waiting for it to dissipate before getting underway. We followed the ICW across St. George Sound to Apalachicola, then up the Apalachicola River a short way to the Jackson River. We were behind a tug pushing a couple of barges, but since he was going only a little slower than we normally cruise, we stayed behind him. It was not a problem until we were almost across Lake Wimico and the water got a little shallow. He slowed down, we slowed down. Then into Searcy Creek with its twists and tight turns. That really slowed him and us down. We were wishing we had passed him when we had the chance, but then we reached White City, where we tied up at their free floating dock. Some people came up trying to catch crab off the dock, but didn’t find any. That made Kerry interested, so he put his crab trap in the water with no luck either. It was a fairly quiet night, hot early, but cooling off.

This morning, Sunday, we
Another sunsetAnother sunsetAnother sunset

over St. George Sound
woke to heavy fog. Since we were now in Central Time Zone, we had an extra hour to wait it out. The waterway widened out some after White City, finally becoming Wetapo Creek, then into Big Cove, and then to East Bay and into Panama City. We crossed the inlet from the gulf where the waves were a bit bouncy and on to St. Andrews Marina. It’s a very nice marina with floating docks and we’re tied up along a face dock. Nice folks around here, too.

Today as we traveled we saw an alligator, lots of jelly fish, a sting ray, a sea turtle and several dolphins, along with the usual pelicans and osprey. Another beautiful day.

We called Bill Ingles to go to dinner with us, but he’s not allowed to drive yet, so we had to be content with a nice chat on the phone. We went to dinner at Uncle Ernie’s and I had the very best Mahi Mahi I have ever eaten.

More later.

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from Dog Island
Shrimp BoatsShrimp Boats
Shrimp Boats

in Apalachicola

someone missed the channel
Danni SueDanni Sue
Danni Sue

this is the tow we followed from Apalachicola to White City. This is pretty much the view we had of it, too.
Along Searcy CreekAlong Searcy Creek
Along Searcy Creek

does anyone hear banjo music

23rd May 2011

I can feel you getting closer, good feeling. love ya

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