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North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 26th 2013

Hello there! I've had one of the most stressful weeks, but the thought of our upcoming trip is keeping me on the up and up! My better half and I have been going back and forth trying to decide if we should stay on-property or save some money and stay off property. I knew Disney recently opened the Art of Animation resort and that my kiddos would absolutely love staying in a themed room so we were really struggling with our decision. Ultimately we decided to go ahead and book a room at the Art of Animation. This way we can save money on a rental car and gas because we'll have all of the Disney transportation options and I was afraid the magic wouldn't be there if we stayed at your average Hampton Inn on ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 21st 2013

Howdy friends! We're knee deep in our trip pre-planning and being a bit OCD I am definitely overwhelmed with all of the planning that goes into such a large vacation. Disney has so much to offer, but we also want to hit some of the other local attractions while we're down there. My husband Tim and I are pretty well versed with Disney knowledge. We both met on the Disney College Program way back in the 90's (feels like yesterday though). Today we're the proud parents of two children (7 and 4 years of age), and this will be their first trip to the parks. We own just about every Disney movie ever made and they are pretty much on repeat in our house. With all that said we're desperate to track down their favorite characters ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 13th 2013

WARNING - those of the faint hearted and would like to keep the magic of Disney in their hearts, may not want to read further as I may have to break your hearts.... just a little... Day 3 Woke up this morning feeling well rested. Yesterday we were told that we had the day to ourselves to relax and do a bit of exploring of the resort. I opted for the first option! We met outside the hotel lobby to be picked up by a bus to be taken to the Disney University. It was strange for all 6 of us to be seated in this massive bus and the silence was filled with awkwardness. Still not knowing each other that was definitely to be expected! Arrived to be met Gianna who took I us through ... read more
Badge and my little Disney friends

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 10th 2013

BREAKING NEWS: SAFFA MAKES IT TO AMERICA.... well just, thanks to her and her big mouth... commonly known as foot in mouth! Well friends, family and others, still struggling for it all to sink in but I have officially made it! Arrived at JFK this morning just after 6 after a grueling 15 hr flight. Needless to say the flight was pretty empty so I managed to bag my self a 2 seater to myself. O but I was so wrong as apparently, airbuses are designed for height deprived people! Very tiny seats! But to be honest, I did get quite a fair amount of sleep. JFK was a complete and utter shock to the system. Going through immigration's was a bit painful as I suppose every other international flight decided to arrive at exactly the ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World June 2nd 2013

As with any vacation PLANNING is so very important. Going to Disneyworld was a dream come true to me, my wife and our 2 youngest daughters but the months before we went was the most important part to this trip. We had to decide first off how long we are going to be there, where we were going to stay, will we need a rental car. Some givens are plane tickets since we don't live in Florida, and park tickets......uh we are going here for the theme parks and the Magic Kingdom. So here are some things we choose: Length of stay: 2 weeks - turned out to be the perfect amount of time, we were able to spread out our park time so we did not get burned out and had the all-important relax time. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World July 2nd 2012

Day 1. Off the ship and into the hire car for a 4 hour drive to DW via the Publix supermarket which was an experience in itself. How do people ever decide anything here - way too much to choose from. Checked into the resort - over 1900 rooms - massive, thankfully we were on the ground floor. I unpacked as the boys returned the car. The airconditioning is FABBO, but stepping out of the room is like walking into an oven, even at 7pm. We took off to ride...... STAR TOURS, our first ride and we loved it - seriously not just me, we rode it 4 times the first night. We were all exhausted after a big travel day so left the park at about 9pm. Kasey got her Princess ears, i'm again overwhelmed ... read more
leaving Fort Lauderdale
on the road again
the wide open road

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 17th 2012

Last couple of days have flow past we spent yesterday at Magif Kingdom and I mean all day yesterday. We started early arriving at 10am and then got in line for Daisy, and then wandered around until lunch. Most of the rides are a little more tame then other parks as we are in the kids section but we all had a great day getting to all the high spot in frontier land and tomorrow land and other cool rides, Buzz lighyear spinner ride awesome you get to ride and shot great combo. The 3d was great again in some of the other rides but not as good as Bugs life. We have start to relax and today our last at Disney was great, the girls spent the day in the pool while we washed clothes ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 15th 2012

So last night was goodand bad, Bad because Olando lost, good because we went to the basketball and it was fun really fun. We left the hotel at about 5pm got a taxi out the front and after a 45min taxi ride we arrived at the Amway Centre and sat down to watch the game which starts at 7pm. We got all the pre game stuff and games and all the other stuff like the $50,000 half court shot and the tv give away and other stuff like the obvious cam where they shoot your picture on the big screen for everyone to see and wait until you notice. 2min was the record and he got a round of applause from the crowd. Note. Orlando lost 109-81 to Atlanta This morning we got ready for Universal ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 12th 2012

Missed yesterday got home passed out slept until 2am then awake until 6 am so late start. WOW EPCOT- it is not as intense as Animal Kingdom as the major rides are spaced further apart but there are minor rides and lots to see in between. Spring festival of flowers is running at the moment so plenty massive floral displays. Lost of people so FastPass is a must do. We start at the Sea (area1) we went tothee the nemo ride and have a look at the aquarium. We moved to the Land (area 2) we got our FastPass to Soarin (major ride) back at 5 pm . Off to the character spot where after a 45 min queue you get photos with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and of course Goofy ( 2days 2goofy photos). ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World April 11th 2012

So day one in the bag. Man am I tired - quick recap - spent the last 24 hours traveling to Disney no sleep got here last night at about 10pm. Very tired slept until housekeeping woke usup at 9am got dressed, had breakfast BUFFET man all you can eat oh dear. Then our quiet day started at Animal Kingdom. We had no idea so we walk in past the tree of life and straight into the Bugs Life 4d show. Awesome is the only way to describe the effects. Next we went for a wander and got our fast pass for the Wild Water ride had to be back at 5.20. NB Use the FastPass Love the FastPass. NB2. If the queue length is 30 min it is usually much less. Premier ride FastPass rules. ... read more

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