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North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 16th 2013

So at this point our trip is already CRAZY. Ian had to work Friday morning so we both woke up at 5 AM so I could drop him off & make it easy to head up to LAX after work. Once I dropped him off, I grabbed coffee & headed to Target for some last minute essentials & finished packing our bags. Dropped Clover & Paisley off at grandma's (hardest thing ever!) & picked Ian back up around 3 PM and drove straight to LA in our little rental car. The transfer process from the rental car place to the airport was super easy & before we knew it, we were hanging in the Delta Sky Lounge before our flight! Delta has this deal where you pay $99 for four 24 hour passes to their sky ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 15th 2013

Hello all!!!! Ok quick paragraph of full disclosure here. I'm totally NOT writing this from Disney World in Florida. I wish, right?! Naa, we knew this trip would be almost impossible to blog DURING the actual trip so I made sure to make lots of mental notes so I could blog about it later!! It's not one of our craziest vacations, but it was pretty freaking amazing, so I knew when I returned I would have to catch up!! BUT to match the voice of our past blogs, I'm going to talk in present tense. Don't get confused, okay?! I apologize in advance to anyone who receives email notifications of our posts, as they'll likely be in higher volume than normal over the next few days as I catch up! Here goes!! :) So guess what?! ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World October 9th 2013

We had planned a morning at Hollywood Studios followed by an evening at Epcot to experience the ‘Food & Wine Festival’ that runs there at this time of year - neither of us like wine so we would essentially just be eating our way around the world by trying lots of samples of food! Knowing that it would be a long day ahead, we didn’t get to Hollywood Studios right at opening time at 9am, but were there by around 11am. Our first stop was, of course, the Hollywood Terror for a couple of rides, and also a ride on the Aerosmith roller coaster (finally remembering to take a picture of the cool outside theming of this ride!). We then checked our map to see what we had missed last time we came here and found ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World October 5th 2013

Those longing for a taste of their homeland and foodies unite for this wonderful culinary experience! We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. On the previous night, we walked through the area and knew it would be worth the return trip on the second day. It certainly was! We walked through the sampling booth areas representing the many countries and all of the senses were fully engaged with sights, smells and sounds of the many converged homelands. About half way through our journey around the world, we moved back to the technology region of Epcot and then returned into the mix of food, wine, and good times as the evening rolled in. We finished our evening listening to live music at the Canada pavilion.... read more
Food & Wine - Around The World
Food & Wine - Around The World
Food & Wine Around the World

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World October 5th 2013

On our second afternoon at Disney, we spent some time exploring Epcot's technology area. A highlight of our entire trip was the Soarin' exhibit. This is a unique experience. The wait time was about an hour, with no fastpass tickets available. It was an easy wait because the walls of the waiting area are transformed into interactive games for the waiting groups to participate and compete against each other. Fun to play, fun to watch and a great way to pass the time in que. The Soarin' experience is that of being on a hang glider and traveling the coastlines of California. The lift of the wind and vivid scenary make this a fun adventure and a memorable ride.... read more
Epcot - John & Gwyn

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World October 5th 2013

Day 2 begins...A quick breakfast at the deli on the boardwalk and then we took the ferry over to Disney Hollywood Studios. Our plan was to spend a few hours here and then head to Epcot and the International Food Festival. Another full day ahead! The Disney Hollywood Studios was less crowded than Magic Kingdom and the day more pleasant for being outdoors. This park was a lot of fun! We attended a special effects show with an Indiana Jones theme, did a backlot tour, and learned the history of the park. The backlot tour demonstrated some unique aspects of filming movies and we saw Herbie! The history of the Disney cartoons and evolution to international recognition was fascinating and since we both enjoy history, it was a good educational experience. During the ferry ride back ... read more
One Man's Dream
Movie-making through the years

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World October 4th 2013

With only two days to spend at the Disney Resort, we knew the days would be action-packed! Day One started with a trip to Magic Kingdom. Visiting the park for the first time as 50-somethings, it was an enjoyable day. We started off along Main Street and then to the left, which seemed less crowded. We climbed through the tree house at an easy pace and then over to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with no waiting at the entry. After a walk to the back of the park, we did have a 30 minute wait to go over to Tom Sawyer Island, but once we arrived were quickly exploring the island and the caves, bridges and such at that venue. A short boat ride back to the main area and we headed into the ... read more
Mickey and Minnie
Main Street at Walt Disney World
Greetings from Walt and Mickey

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World October 4th 2013

The monorail was a quick and easy ride over to Epcot. Much easier than the bus shuttle from the hotel was during the morning. Upon arrival at Epcot, we walked through several exhibits and then had a relaxing and cool ride in the Nemo and Friends building. By this time, it had been a long day with a lot of walking, so we headed to the other side of the Epcot center for the bridge access to the Boardwalk Hotel where we were staying. At the bridge, we captured this photo of the skyline. One recommendation for visiting this area is to plan ahead for meals, especially dinner! We waited almost an hour for a seat at the bar for Flying Fish Restaurant. The food was good, not great. The service was probably about average with ... read more
Flying Fish Restaurant
Boardwalk Scenic View

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World October 3rd 2013

As planned, we were up early the following morning to go to Hollywood Studios; the last of the four Disney World theme parks (though we still had the water parks to visit!). We caught the bus at 8:45am and got to the park just after opening, making a beeline first to the ‘Toy Story Midway Mania’ ride to pick up a fast pass – Emma had read online that this is always crazy busy as it is the newest ride. Yup, the queue was already thirty minutes and growing and the fast passes had return times between 12pm and 1pm – ridiculous! We secured ours anyway as we didn’t fancy queuing for it, then walked back to the ‘Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror’ ride, which had a much more reasonable five minute wait! This is where ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World September 30th 2013

Knowing that Animal Kingdom would be opening at 9am, we wanted to get there just as it opened to make the most of our day, so we were up at around 7am and went to get some breakfast from the food court at the hotel once we were showered and ready – two pieces of toast with jam is only 99 cents so that’ll do us! We then went to wait at the bus stop at around 8:30am, and hopped on to the first one that came along for Animal Kingdom. Once there, the park had just started letting people through the gates, so our tickets were scanned and we made a beeline towards the ‘Africa’ section of the park, where the Serengeti Safari tours departed from. We only had to wait around 5 minutes before ... read more

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