En Route to 30 by 30: The World Travels of Kate & Ian


En Route to 30 by 30: The World Travels of Kate & Ian!

This travel blog started in 2008 with a 3 month long trip to Europe, continued in 2010 with a 3 week trip to the Mediterranean, our Honeymoon in Costa Rica, and now our trip to the Caribbean in 2013!!

So far, we've been to the following countries together:

The Netherlands
Czech Republic
Vatican City
Costa Rica
The Bahamas

Plus a few others on separate trips from each other (Kate has Wales & Ian has Luxembourg & Monaco). We reached our goal of 30 countries before we turn 30!!!!

Europe » Iceland » South » Vík April 3rd 2016

Ohhhhh man this morning was tough. We were still on a high from seeing the lights the night before & checking that off our bucket list, but getting less than 3 1/2 hours of sleep was not our favorite part of our trip. We had a quick breakfast at the hotel (the included breakfast buffet was actually amazing!)... but my morning sickness came back rearing its ugly head and I threw up in the restaurant bathroom! WHOOPS!!! That was the first time I threw up in public my whole pregnancy. Oh well... funny memory?? Baldwin, our tour guide from yesterday picked us up again for our South Coast Tour! Yay! We liked him. We started off Skogafoss waterfall. Okay, another REALLY impressive waterfall!! We opted not to hike to the top (it's slippery and we figured ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 2nd 2016

Despite getting back to the hotel super late last night and getting basically zero sleep, we were picked up at 8 AM for our Golden Circle Tour! Our tour guide, Baldwin, was AWESOME! It was actually funny.. he totally forgot a pick up so we had to turnaround about 20 minutes in to go pick up some chick who was left behind. The GOOD thing about that though was that we ended up reversing the tour route, which means we were on a different schedule from most of the other tour busses, so we had a lot of places to ourselves! We drove into Thingvellir National Park to a beautiful overlook, and then hiked down the trail through the Hengill volcanic area. It was very cool because this is the continental drift between the North American ... read more

Europe » Iceland April 1st 2016

Wow! It feels like just yesterday we were writing a blog post to tell you all we had just gotten engaged in Rome! And now here we are celebrating our 5th anniversary with a little baby boy on the way. It feels so surreal! We had a GREAT day planned for our anniversary here in Iceland! We slept in a little this morning & then took the bus to Laundromat Cafe, a cute little breakfast joint back in the main part of town. We loved the style of decor in this restaurant (and the Bernie Sanders menu was pretty rad too!). Tons of Obama posters all over the walls and cool color coordinated bookshelves made this place really rad! The pancakes weren't too shabby either! After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to use our ... read more

Europe » Iceland March 31st 2016

Hello from Reykjavik!!! UGH that flight sucked... I think flying while pregnant is no fun. I got super restless and basically didn't sleep at all. Watched a lot of Friends and Big Bang Theory on my iPad and attempted sleep but failed. So we arrived at 6:30 AM in Keflavik and took a 30 minute bus ride to Reykjavik. It snowed here yesterday so everything is covered... it looks so pretty! And I guess it doesn't snow that often in Keflavik at this time of year so we felt lucky to get to land in Iceland and have it really feel like Iceland! It's cold here to where we definitely need jackets and gloves, but not unbearably cold which is great! I love this weather!!! Our hotel is pretty nice! Everything feels a little like IKEA ... read more

Europe » Iceland March 30th 2016

Hellloooooo everyone!! Wow; it's been awhile!! Our last few trips have been on cruises, so we haven't really had the time to sit and write out blog posts for each of our destinations (which makes me a little bit sad) but we know for this one we just have to update you all! Why?! Because we are SO excited for this trip and there are so many new and crazy changes in our lives right now! So we are stoked to announce we are headed to Iceland for a week! We found an amazing deal on Travelzoo and couldn't turn it down because Iceland has been a bucket list spot for us for quite some time now. We don't have a TON of time to spend there which is a bummer, but we plan on making ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 16th 2013

So at this point our trip is already CRAZY. Ian had to work Friday morning so we both woke up at 5 AM so I could drop him off & make it easy to head up to LAX after work. Once I dropped him off, I grabbed coffee & headed to Target for some last minute essentials & finished packing our bags. Dropped Clover & Paisley off at grandma's (hardest thing ever!) & picked Ian back up around 3 PM and drove straight to LA in our little rental car. The transfer process from the rental car place to the airport was super easy & before we knew it, we were hanging in the Delta Sky Lounge before our flight! Delta has this deal where you pay $99 for four 24 hour passes to their sky ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando » Disney World November 15th 2013

Hello all!!!! Ok quick paragraph of full disclosure here. I'm totally NOT writing this from Disney World in Florida. I wish, right?! Naa, we knew this trip would be almost impossible to blog DURING the actual trip so I made sure to make lots of mental notes so I could blog about it later!! It's not one of our craziest vacations, but it was pretty freaking amazing, so I knew when I returned I would have to catch up!! BUT to match the voice of our past blogs, I'm going to talk in present tense. Don't get confused, okay?! I apologize in advance to anyone who receives email notifications of our posts, as they'll likely be in higher volume than normal over the next few days as I catch up! Here goes!! :) So guess what?! ... read more

WOW. We have definitely made the most out of our last 4 days here in beautiful Costa Rica!! A few days ago, we took a Hanging Bridges tour which was basically 6 or 7 suspension bridges that spanned across the top of the jungle. The highest bridge was SO ridiculously high, but it was SO awesome to get a great view of the rainforest and Arenal Volcano. Our guide, Walter, was awesome too! The next day, we took a boat tour to Canyo Negro, right on the Nicaraguan border. Our tour guide found a baby sloth...SO CUTE!! We were so excited to finally see a sloth in the wild. And he was seriously the cutest thing ever. Then on the boat we saw howler monkeys (also SO cute), caymans (little crocodiles basically), turtles, iguanas, lizards, birds, ... read more

Helloooo!! We have had an awesome few days here!! Sunday was our last day in Puerto Viejo. Ian and I went on a botanical garden walk in the morning which was pretty cool... saw lots of red poison dart frogs and learned how many different foods are produced. We saw raw cacao, sugarcane, black pepper, pineapple, guava, etc. It was cool seeing what these foods look like before they get to us. Then we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed our last plate of nachos from Banana Azul...seriously the best thing ever. I think we had nachos at least once a day. Everything (chips included) is made fresh at the hotel so the taste is phenomenal. The chips arent like the ones you get in the US... they are super light and crispy and amazing! ... read more

Helloooo!! This entry will likely be short due to the difficult computer paired with the 3 or so glasses of an amazing Malbec wine. Last night we went into Puerto Viejo for the first time... grabbed a few souveniers *the obligatory pin and some playing cards since Ian left ours in his boardshorts while we swam yesterday...whoops!* The town is really laid back and very Rastafarian...lots of the Caribbean vibe. We went to a well raved about restaurant, Loco Natural, and it was AMAZING. Lots of Indian inspired curries paired with amazing Costa Rican food. YUM! Today we went on a tour with another honeymooning couple *they got married on April 2* and a family of four from Boston. We started at the Animal Rescue Center where we got to see sloths and play with monkeys... ... read more

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