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North America » United States » Florida » Miami December 16th 2017

Luckily today my photographer buddies dragged me to do something different: shoot fast moving crazy beautiful hummingbirds. Here are we are 3 of us talking about it in the car. We had no idea of what we were doing. Clearly each of our specialties was a different type of photography but we wanted to try and have some fun. Finding the hummingbirds wasn't an issue...they were definitely there, we all had long lenses and high speed cameras. First issue was figuring out the settings. Once we got to a good happy point the next issue was to focus on the birds. They move extremely fast and their territory was a quite wide area. Each of us chose an area and just waited for them to show up and then we tried different techniques to focus on ... read more
Hummingbirds Florida By Ximena Olds
Hummingbirds Florida By Ximena Olds
Hummingbirds Florida By Ximena Olds

North America » United States » Florida » Miami November 23rd 2017

My husband and I decided to go to Miami for the Thanksgiving holiday rather than stand in queues at the stores to grab the black Friday deals. And I think it was a decision well made. Absolutely no regrets of having missed the deals !! ;) We planned for 3 days in Miami covering Miami beach and the KeyWest . We were of the opinion that 3 days would be sufficient to spend time in Miami but only did we realise that once you are in Miami you would just lose track of time. Oh ! what a beauty Miami is .. We took a coach(bus) from Tampa to Miami. We wanted to drive down but were warned by friends that we may end up shelling out more money on parking than anything else. And yes ... read more
The famous 7 mile bridge
Snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico
The buoy !

North America » United States » Florida » Miami August 22nd 2017

Mardi 22 Août, à neuf heures du matin, on quitte notre appartement de Miami Beach, direction l'aéroport, les valises sont bouclées et on a enlevé le sable qui s’était accumulé dans la voiture. Le trajet vers l'aeroport s'effectue sans problème et on arrive au centre de location de voiture ou l'on abandonne notre Toyota. On prend ensuite une navette pour rejoindre le terminal proprement dit. On enregistre les bagages et nous voici fin prêt pour une très longue journée de voyage, avec une première escale à Atlanta. puis une seconde à Paris, où on arrive le lendemain, Mercredi 23, vers sept heures du matin, un peu déboussolés après le vol de nuit et le décalage horaire. On arrive a midi à Brest un peu fatigués, avec la drôle d'impression d'un retour à la réalité, des images ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami August 19th 2017

Samedi 19 Août, on se réveille vers neuf heures, pour aller visiter Miami, de l'autre coté de la baie. Il était prévu de prendre le bus pour y aller, mais finalement on décide de prendre la voiture, ça sera plus simple, le trajet en bus n'étant pas des plus direct. Sur le pont qui traverse la baie, on longe le quai des grands paquebots de croisière qui attendent de partir pour les Bahamas. On arrive rapidement et on se gare sans encombre dans le parking souterrain de Bayfront park. On voit que l'on est samedi, il n'y a pratiquement pas de circulation. En face de nous se dresse la Freedom Tower, surnommée ainsi parce qu'elle a servi de bureau d'enregistrement pour les exilés cubains qui fuyaient le régime de Fidel Castro. On traverse Byscaine avenue pour ... read more
Vue depuis Brickell
Brickell Avenue

North America » United States » Florida » Miami August 18th 2017

Vendredi 18 Août, neuf heures, il est déjà l'heure de se lever. Il va nous falloir bientôt quitter Key West pour retourner vers Miami, la dernière étape de notre voyage. On range nos affaires, et on charge la voiture, puis après un rapide petit déjeuner, on reprend la route des keys, laissant derrière nous ce petit coin de paradis, qui semble vivre une fête permanente. Après une heure de route, on arrive à Bahia Honda State Park, un parc d'état de Floride sur une des îles, en bord de l'Overseas Highway. On rejoint la plage principale, l'eau est chaude, cristalline, et malgré le temps qui est un peu nuageux, on se jette à l'eau sans hésitation. A une vingtaine de mètres de la plage, juste à la limite de la baignade, il y a un très ... read more
Bahia Honda State Park
Dure matinée !
Ciel menaçant sur les Keys

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 19th 2017

June 19, 2017 Picking up where we left off... Last night, we enjoyed our last supper in Cuba at a paladar in Cienfuegos. The host has plans to expand in order to accommodate cruise ship passengers in the future. It was a fitting near farewell to our new friends Ralph and Jorge as we enjoyed a tasty meal and fellowship. We should that before supper, we enjoyed cocktails on the rooftop of the Union Hotel, dating from 1869. There, we discussed the issues of the day and broke the Facebook embargo with Jorge. He thought it would be easy for us to find him and was shocked to see how many people of the same name exist in the Chicago area alone. We enjoyed a great view of Cienfuegos, including the energy infrastructure--a Soviet nuclear power ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 19th 2017

Today we are waiting at Miami International Airport and sit to reflect on the experience of the trip we have just completed. Last night we had a preliminary discussion and all slept on what we wished to share. So, here goes. As our guide, Ralph, told us last Sunday, we would leave Cuba with more questions than we entered and was he right! The words contradiction, paradox, and confusion all come to mind. The Cuba we visited was not the Cuba we expected to find. The living conditions we witnessed, though not in any way near the standards we are used to, did not represent the poverty and oppression we initially expected to find and, honestly felt we were witnessing at first. In just a week, we learned to look beyond first impressions into the interior ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 12th 2017

Our main activity for today was going on a culinary tour of Little Havana. We were able to sleep in and then navigated our way to Domino Park to find the one available free parking space. Soon, we met up with our guide Marie and 12 other guests. As we walked through little Havana, Marie shared historical concepts and her explanation of Cuban cuisine including fruits and vegetables. Our first stop was to enjoy an empanada and a Cuban coffee. Both were very good. Following that, we visited a cigar store and were able to see the process of rolling a Cuban style cigar. We were shocked at how expensive they were but learned about various grades of tobacco and how cigar smokers progress from mild to more strong blends. As we continued on the tour, ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 10th 2017

June 9, 2017 - Continued When we last wrote, we were preparing to begin our evening on a sunset cruise. By the time we got to the check-in station, it was raining cats and dogs... the six toed kind. It turned out our cruise had already been cancelled, but they called back to Lansing to let us know. So, it was time for plan B. We walked through some nearly flooded streets to a highly-recommended restaurant called "Two Friends." We had a great dinner including seafood and conch fritters and, because we were somewhat early, our drinks and appetizers were half price due to happy hour. So we took that as two for one. After dinner, we decided to check out Captain Tony's, the original site of Hemingway haunt Sloppy Joe's. The walls were covered with ... read more
Full Moon over Ocean Waters
Sloppy Joe's
Sloppy Joe's

North America » United States » Florida » Miami May 19th 2017

We arrived in Miami, after the five hour flight from Lima, to pouring rain. We'd had an early morning departure from Lima, early enough that the taxi ride from our hotel to the airport only took half an hour rather than the expected one hour. Naturally though, when we got to the airport half the world was already there, eager, like us, to fly off to places new. Before I recount what we've been doing in Miami, a word or two about taxi drivers in Lima. They're mad! Everyone drives as though there's no tomorrow; hardly anyone bothers to use a blinker to let other drivers know they intend to change lanes, indeed they just whip in and out between other cars who are speeding along with only a hairs breath between each other. Miraculously it ... read more
Bought at the ROSS store
Lunch at Lincoln St, MiamiBeach
Off to Miami Beach

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