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North America » United States » Florida » Miami March 28th 2017

Geo: 25.729, -80.2374In Calgary Jim checked his carry-on case at the gate. Upon arrival at Toronto and as we went through US customs we were told they could not find his case. They stamped his ticket as "luggage missing". When we arrived in Miami we were surprised to see the first piece of luggage on the conveyor belt was his carry-on. Unfortunately, it was so badly damaged I am amazed we recognized it! The airline took full responsibility for the damage to it and the sandals in the outside pocket. We will be fully compensated. We then caught the airport shuttle to our hotel. We had a late lunch and then back to the hotel to sleep. We are amazed at how much Spanish is spoken and on billboards in Miami.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami January 4th 2017

Greetings from Miami When plans go awry... Got a call from Mom just as Dad and I were about to load the car and head to the airport, with plenty of time to make my original 3pm flight. Apparently, that flight was cancelled, but I still haven't been contacted by the airline to let me know. We even verified that they had my correct contact info on file! Why they contacted Mom instead, we may never know... Anyway, we live about two hours from the airport, and while we made it to the airport before my new flight (kindly booked by my travel agent, seeing as the airline decided it would be a great idea to just reschedule me for the next day, meaning I would arrive a day later than the rest of the group ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami December 31st 2016

2016 was a great year! Ania and Daddy got married. Started new school - Palmetto Middle School. Lots of travelling - New York, France, Spain, Poland, England, Italy, The Vatican, and Ukraine (in other blogs).... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami November 30th 2016

We made it to Miami after an overnight flight. The main group is already headed to Havana, but I'm taking a slightly later flight. I'm reflecting on this coincidence of fate that we will arrive in the midst of a week of public mourning and remembrance for Fidel Castro. We're not sure what to expect. We've heard that for the next few days (until his ashes are buried on Dec 4) there is no music, dancing, or public performances. We had several concerts and events scheduled so we'll see whether any of it is possible. At the same time, we'll have the opportunity to witness this historic moment first hand. I'll know more soon....... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 15th 2016

How I Got Addicted To Traveling Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life. Michael Palin I was only 12 when the travel bug bit me. Together with my family we drove to the airport of Verona, where my older brother was about to leave for the Bahamas. We dropped him off and made our way to the back side of the runway area to watch his plane take off. The sun was setting, coloring the sky with a beautiful pink hue. Around me, sheaves of wheat as far as I could see. I was standing outside of the car with my mom and dad, staring up impatiently. Finally the singing of the crickets was broken by the rumble ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami June 13th 2016

24 Ağustos 1989 - New York, Miami USA Aşk acısına ilaç olarak 22 yaşındayken Amerika'da "cruise" (yolcu) gemilerinde çalışmaya karar verdim. Kendi imkanlarım doğrultusunda hiçbir şekilde tanımadığım bir insana borçlanarak yollara düştüm diyebilirim. Tanımadığım ama isminin Yücel olduğunu bildiğim kişi beni New York'ta bekliyordu ve Türkiye'den getirdiğim Hürriyet Gazetesi'nden beni tanıyacaktı. Açıklamanaz bir şekilde tanımadığım bir insana kavuşmanın heyecanını yaşadım. Miami uçuşunu kaçırmıştım ve olmayan İngilizcemle ne yapacağımı bilemezken onun ağzından Tülay sesini duymak beni çok mutlu etmişti. Uçağım kaçmıştı, param yoktu ve ilk olarak ona ne yapacağımu sordum. O da beni aldı ve Panam Havayolları'nın danışmasına götürdü ve biletimi göstererek benim suçumun olmadığına ikna etti ve bir ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami May 1st 2016

Today is the day. After months of planning today is the day, this is our very first cruise. I have no idea what to expect very much looking forward to the experience and seeing our friends. We opted for a 930am arrival at the Port of Miami, we thought we would get checked in and then explore the ship and get some good pictures before it was over run with people. Check in was pretty smooth and then we were sent to the holding area to wait. We waited and waited, not sure what the hold up was but it seemed like there was a snag with customs or something like that. A lot of official people going on the ship and some employees coming off the ship. It delayed the process and they stopped checking ... read more
Sail Away Party
Made it aboard
Miami from the Top Deck

North America » United States » Florida » Miami April 30th 2016

Up at Dark O’clock… We left St. John’s at 500am, I could hardly sleep I was so excited. We checked in for our Westjet flight and we winged our way to Toronto. We had a good few hours in Toronto so we made our way thru Terminal 3 and on to the US Wing and Customs. There is never a dull moment as it seems they pick me everytime for random searches and the like. I believe its because I look so pissed off in my Passport photo.. ha ha. We were able to catch some breakfast at the airport restaurant, we ordered via iPad provided at every table. Which was great you could use the iPads to surf the web check your email or your flight status.. very cool. I love the way they are ... read more
Flying over Miami
Double Tree Biscayne Bay
Our Room

North America » United States » Florida » Miami February 14th 2016

Brandon promptly picked us up just prior to our planned 8 AM departure to LAX. He cheerfully greeted us and asked my mother to be his Valentine. He was surprisingly cheerful for someone who had just gotten off work from his bartending gig four hours earlier. His SUV easily accommodated our luggage and three cruisers. His phone guided his route to the airport. He noted that he’d never been there; in fact, he’d never been out of California (unless you count Las Vegas). The journey was quick and uneventful, or seemed that way with the non-stop banter that kept us thoroughly engaged. The Sunday morning traffic was quite light, and was nothing like what it would have been on a weekday driving towards LA on the San Diego Freeway. We were plenty early, found a Delta ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami January 30th 2016

Flights have all been going well. We transferred in Lima. Got into the Miami airport about 0430 this morning. No issues with immigration and customs. We are now waiting for our flight out to Chicago. Pedro has been on the phone already getting the farm report. 5 new calves while we were gone.... read more

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