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December 27th 2017
Published: January 13th 2018
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There was a long day of packing and traveling today and unfortunately it fell right smack on Ollie’s birthday. Happy Birthday! now get packing. Boooooo. Never mind still got to try and make the best of things. After a session of opening a few presents in between packing up our gear for the next leg of our trip, we dragged our sleepy selves down to the street to find a cab. We had given ourselves a bit of extra time to make sure we were not late to the airport. As it turns out the trip to JFK was no worries and we got there with time to spare.

A bit of an oversight while getting our boarding passes put us in the emergency line, but when the airline host caught this issue of having a minor seated there, we were moved along. Dark cloud – less leg room, Gold lining – my legs are short enough it doesn’t matter and I got a free beer for the inconvenience.

Arriving in Miami we easily got a van to our apartment, had a tour of our facility and got settled in. We were staying in the Design District area of Miami, which as it turns out neighbours some not so design areas. As it was still Ollies birthday we decided to dodge the beggars and drunks and go to the American institution of fine family value dining, Denny’s. Happy Birthday big guy!

So the first impressions of Miami got us off on the wrong foot, today is a new day. Our plans for Miami were a little vague we had nothing booked or organised as this was just gonna be a bit of a mellow after our frantic NYC schedule. So after a morning gym session and then a swim in the pool with Ollie, we were back to the room, readied ourselves and then hailed an Uber.

We dropped ourselves into the middle of Lincoln mall in the main beach area and looked for a nice place to have a late breakfast. As everyone there was Latin-American and it seemed that everybody spoke Spanish we opted for a little place called Havana! Great food all round.

Now fed we walked the length of the mall looking into nice shops and coping abuse from the random drunkard or ice addict. I’m not a f-in honkey, not sure if he was talking to me or the people in his head.

After walking up and down the mall it was time to hit the beach. The beach for today was Main Beach, just to the north of South Beach, maybe to the south of North Beach. The sun had come out and the water was nice and clear. Ollie and I frolicked around in the little surf and played a bit of catch. Good times.

On our trip back I managed to get side tracked for about one drink at a little brewery called the Abbey. Could have definitely stayed for another five but as I had left the wife and kid on the sidewalk, I thought I better make it quick. At least they were not locked in the car whilst I slapped some pokies, sure you always leave the windows down a touch!

That night we collected mother and ventured out to a Greek place in the heart of the Design District. As we walker passed the silver gilded trees and the Rolls Royce’s, we came to the realisation that from the hotel you go straight instead of turning left! The area was lovely and the food was ridiculously good and plentiful.

Still not much down time as yet so today was to be a little less hectic. This sort of sent everyone a little crabby. There was no direction for today and a lot of indecision. We all agreed to breakfast so after another morning gym session we headed back over to the nice district and had ourselves some brekky at a spot called Ella, back in the design district.

Just down the road was a bit of a shopping spot so we hoofed it down that way to look for a better football and a soccer ball. Target was just the spot, it was massive and stocked just about one of everything. After acquiring some new sporting goods we headed back, via another sport attire shop where I scored a pair of Jordan Air’s for 80 bucks.

We gave the football and soccer ball a workout in the park across the road until fatigue got the better of us. Knowing that I was in the need of hydration I formulated myself a bit of a beer trail walking plan. I gave myself a couple of hours, a quartet of venues and a meeting spot for dinner. The plan was flawless, although it could have been three times as long.

The Italian place for dinner was excellent. Afterwards we walked through a little Cuban marketplace that was alive with dancing and cheer. Nice rest day done, ready for south beach tomorrow.

Nice day rolled in for our venture off to Ocean Drive and the glamour of south beach. Here we got to see and experience all that this iconic stretch had to offer from the corona and cocktail path side eating venues to the bikini playing beach volley ball girls. Lucky for me we found a breakfast venue where I could experience the beer and just gaze on the sport.

After breakky Ollie and I did the american football thing and threw the Franklin on the beach for a while waiting for the ladies to get some beach mags. Then it was time to soak it up and hit the fabled waters for a bit. Miami was then finished off with some beers, more pizza and the ladies hitting the cocktails, shots and beers. Lucky I was the responsible one?

The night was relaxing and packing for tomorrow was new years eve and the start of the cruise leg of our adventure.

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