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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West May 3rd 2014

Gosh, hasn't it been a while! So you will all be pleased to know that the lovely Disney Wonder is on it's way to Alaska! Starting off with a 15 day Panama crossing. This cruise is legendary for its guests, or the lack of them more like! An absolute relief from the chaos of the Miami lot! This time we won't be screamed at by an all Spanish family, demanding as to why we don't speak Spanish! Sometimes, me can do without! The kind of people that do this crossing seem to be hard core cruisers and all come aboard with the platinum member lanyards, all boasting about their last epic cruise when they did the trans-Atlantic crossing and lasted a whole 15 days with mot days being at sea and so on. All very hawhawhawish! ... read more
Nope, not a crocodile mate!!!
Passion island, Cozumel, Mexico

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West March 13th 2014

3/13/2014 - Just a relaxing today. Worked the blog a little. Aleta and Shelby T rode back into Key West. Later we went to a recommended restaurant for supper - Bobalous ----DO NOT GO HERE. Did not like the home cooking.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys March 12th 2014

3/12/2014 - Shelby and Jack had to be at the dock at 07:30am for the fishing trip this morning. Aleta and Barbara went to Sandals shopping. Prices were NOT good. Shelby T and Jack really provided the best best fish available for their wives - - $100.00 per pound. Had about 5 pounds for the fish fry. The weather really did not cooperate for the fishing trip today. Waves so high we could not go to the Atlantic side, so the captain took us to the Gulf side and we went to three "rock" piles where he normally catches fish. We did catch yellow tail snapper, grey snapper, grouper, and sharks, sharks, sharks. Grouper we small and out of season. Shelby fried the fish for supper. While relaxing on the deck, a lizard/iguana about 18 inches ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys March 11th 2014

3/11/2014 - Slept in, Shelby T and Jack went to meet the Captain they will be fishing with tomorrow. They then went to Home Depot to pick up a burner for Jack. He is doing a low country boil for supper. Went snorkeling today at Bahia Honda State Park. Water to cold for Aleta, but Jack and Shelby T did snorkel for a bit. After we put Jack's burner together, Jack fixed an AWESOME low county boil with huge shrimp.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys March 10th 2014

3/10/2014 - Today Aleta and Shelby T have been married for 44 years!!! Aleta received 44 red roses, delivered to the site, and Shelby T received 44 lottery tickets :-). Rode down to the old part of Key West. Hard to find parking, but parked in a pay lot to the tune of $16.00 for four hours. We went to the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum, the is a great visiting place, very interesting story, and very very valuable treasure on display here. Walked all the way down Whitehead Street past Ernst Hemmingway's house to the southernmost point in the continental US. This is marked with a buoy marker, then we moved over to Duval Street and walked back to the parking lot. This was 1 1/4 mile each way. Jack and Barbara treated us to ice ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys March 9th 2014

3/9/2014 - Today was a day to relax and sit around the rv site. Shelby T and Jack fished from the dock at the site a bit with no luck except Jack caught the ugliest fish ever seen. Failed to get a picture, but was so ugly that Jack would not touch it to get it off the hook and when he put his foot on it to remove the hook, it puffed up very big :-). Later Aleta and Shelby T grilled butter and garlic chicken, with blackeyed peas, baked potatoe wedges, and rolls. For dessert, Aleta cooked an AMAZING buttered apple cake and topped it with French Vanilla ice cream. THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!!... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys March 8th 2014

3/8/2014 - OK, headed to our far south point - Key West. Actually staying at Bluewater Key RV Resort on Saddlebunch Key. This is about 10 miles from Key West itself. We pre-paid for this site some many months back. We are on site #3, the sites had a private tiki hut, a dock, and we lucked up on a canal site. Site and park are amazing. If going to the bottom keys and don't mind a little pricey definitely stay here. Make reservations very far in advance. We will be here for 7 days. The Resort is gated. Once we got setup, we drove back up to Marathon Key for the Marathon Seafood Festival. A lot of food, vendors, and music. We asked around about a seafood restaurant with good shimp and was directed to ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 26th 2014

Geo: 25.1663, -80.3785Leaving Key West and heading to Key Largo involved using the Overseas Highway, a dramatic 127 mile car ride and an engineering marvel that connects all of the Keys to the mainland. It was not, however, our next Wow but it was the means to get to our next big experience (although, to be fair, this was my big experience and definitely not DH's).As we've wandered the planet, DH (where the D does not stand for Dangerous Diva) has identified a number of activities that she approaches with care if not reluctance. Scuba diving and anything involving confined spaces rank relatively high on her 'Don't Love' list. Imagine her unrestrained joy when she found out that one of my Wow list items (that just happened to be in Key Largo) involved spending a night ... read more
DH Skyping Friends
Mission Control Centre Watches Through The Night
Suiting Up To Go To Our Room

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 25th 2014

... to Marathon Key, we shopped at Ernest Hemingway's boat fishing shop, we had lunch at the Island Fish Company, then went looking for a better houseboat for next year. First picture was taken while we walked to breakfast in our "resort"... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 25th 2014 read more

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