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North America » United States » Florida » Keys April 9th 2017

Boyd's Campground, Key West, Florida We hitched up and drove back up north out of Everglades National Park, hit US 1, and proceeded south, almost as far as it would go, 170 miles. It is a two lane road and, especially with a trailer, it isn't always easy to drive because of the traffic. But it is certainly beautiful. Basically you drive up over a high bridge where you can see miles of ocean, beaches, and greenery, then you descend on to the island and pass through residential and business neighborhoods based on each island. And you just keep doing that over and over as you go further south and west. Of course, they aren't called 'islands' here but rather 'keys' which is derived from a Spanish term that means the same thing. I'm hoping to ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon December 16th 2016

After a week in one place, we are finally on the move again. It has been a busy week! One may think cruising around is easy, breezy (ok, it is breezy some days!), there is actually a lot of work to continually be done. Especially if you try to keep things well maintained to avoid bigger problems later. I thought we might have become lazy bums after a year, but this week has kept us hopping…well, ok, no hopping, but lots of walking, swimming, diving and scrubbing! Arriving in Marathon in the middle of the Florida Keys last Thursday, we did indulge in a couple lazy days. Other than a short visit to Sombrero beach one morning for a swim, we hung out on the boat until Saturday, by which time I was going a little ... read more
Sombrero Beach
Roosters roaming free
Burdines in Marathon

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West December 16th 2016

It's warm in south Florida, the temperature is perfect. I've slept outside many times in the last couple weeks and in my car. Recently I decided to start a new chapter. I'm apprehensive, excited, and uncertain. So here I am. Typing words into a machine. MACHINES FUCK YEAH! It's been about six years since my last post, a bit of life happened. Another year in NZ, three months in Thailand, two years in Ohio near where I grew up, and nearly three years in West Palm Beach, Florida working at a dive shop. Now you're caught up. I've wanted to see Mexico and Central America for a long time, so here I go with Ole Mae, my trusty steed, and all my material possessions. I started by camping on Peanut Island, a place I saw every ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West July 8th 2016

Day 10 - Key West Since we got in so late last night and because everyone agreed we needed a non-driving day we decided to stay an extra day in the Keys. We started out by sleeping in and then taking a swim at the beach. Michelle spent some time trying to catch fish in a cup while Tony and Anne relaxed on the beach. After a shower and some lunch we all headed back to Key West. Anne and Michelle wanted to go to the Hemmingway House (mostly to see the cats) and Tony was interested in seeing Fort Zachary Taylor. While looking for parking we also spotted the Key West Lighthouse. Tony explored the lighthouse while Anne and Michle made friends with the cats. Afterwards Anne and Michelle joined Tony at the lighthouse. The ... read more
The Southernmost KOA in the Contiguous US
Watchin the fish
Relaxing at the beach

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West July 7th 2016

Day 9 - Winter Haven to Key West Aunt Leonda fixed a great southern breakfast and Anne's cousins Carey, Alyssa, and their son Graham came over to visit as well. Uncle Bob and Tony took a look some odd tire wear on the trailer and discovered that the bearings needed to be re-packed and the trailer needed new tires. Fortunatly, Uncle Bob is an expert and taught Tony how to take care of everything. This meant Anne got a little longer to chat and Michelle got to spend time with Graham. After some hard work and a few hours we were finally on the road. Everyone was really excited to be somewhere they had never been before. The drive through south Florida was very scenic. The views from the Florida Key Causeway were fantastic. Was saw ... read more
Carey, Alyssa and Gahran
Someone's not Camera Shy!
Unexpected Trailer Maintenance

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West February 18th 2016

Geo: 24.5541, -81.801 At Sue and Elrose's beautiful house we slept very well Sunday night, after our more than two days traveling from central Maine to Key Largo. Looking out the window in our bedroom we could see the ocean, such a gorgeous, calming sight. We even slept with the window open--such extravagance for us in February! Monday dawned a bit cloudy, and not so warm as could be expected, but we put on shorts anyway; temps in the low 70s are something Mainers can't expect to see until April at best, and even then we'd feel lucky. Elrose and Sue fed us sumptuously; every day we dined on fresh, ripe fruits, all totally delicious. The mangos reminded me of Thailand, where I ate exquisite juice-dripping-down-your-arms goodness every day; here there are enormous Florida avocados, another ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo February 13th 2016

Geo: 25.1663, -80.3785 Fleeting along somewhere in Virginia, rocking gently in our sleeper roomette #4 on train 91, the Silver Star, bound from Washington, D.C. to Miami, Bill and I are on winter break from school, on an adventure to visit my dear friends, Elrose and Sue, who during cold weather months live in Key Largo, Florida. Last night we tried to sleep in the business class car on train 67, heading south from Boston to DC, but Amtrak had replaced the lovely, comfortable business class seats with the regular cattle car seats, just leaving more legroom, and they kept the lights shining brightly all night, so it was uncomfortable, impossible to sleep, and COLD. Knowing how easily I get chilly, Bill had thoughtfully packed a blanket for me, so I used my coat as a ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys January 11th 2016

Our big first day: Today was one of the best days I've had in recent memory. After yesterday's hellishly long day of travel including a delayed flight, Miami rush hour traffic, an almost four hour drive from Ft Lauderdale to Big Pine Key, a ten pm dinner, which was technically our first meal of the day, and a couple of ice cold beers, we so looked forward to spending a relaxing day on "island time." We came here only nine months ago, but timing was terrible and I spent most of our short trip working, while Jason spent a fair amount of time on schoolwork. We both vowed to unplug from work and school, and so far it has paid off well. Another reason we chose to come back so soon was because the owners of ... read more
Free Range Chicken
The Heir

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West September 27th 2015

A very transit day getting to Florida. Lots of cotton was growing in the fields and also a lot of confederate flags flying. It was more than obvious we were in the Bible Belt as there were several churches in every small town; fairly sizeable and some rather opulent. I think the denominations are mostly Anglican, Presbyterian and Baptist. There seems to be a lot of waste in the US, lots of completely unnecessary packaging especially in plastic. Quite frustrating that such a huge country with its vast resources can't get itself together to help eliminate this. Mt Dora to Orlando Rode out to Orlando to BMW to arrange a service and collect a GPS chip. The day was hot and very humid, we were both tired even though we'd only done a short distance. We ... read more
Morning ride to Key West
Upper Matecumbe Key

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key Largo August 11th 2015

Last time I was in the Florida Keys (over July 4th weekend) I had the opportunity to go out snorkeling several times. The weather wasn't ideal - it was a bit breezy and the waves were a bit rough, but the boats I was on went to more protected spots. I went out on several different boats. As always, the staff at Robbie's were great. I tried out Quiescence in Key Largo and loved them, too - being on a boat with just a few other people was worth the few extra bucks. Regardless of the less than ideal weather, I still saw several exceptional sights, including: A sea turtle A school of 16 eagle rays! A group of 8 reef squid Here are two videos I uploaded to YouTube: Eagle Ray at Banana Reef Sea ... read more

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