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July 8th 2016
Published: July 9th 2016
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Fort Zachary TaylorFort Zachary TaylorFort Zachary Taylor

About the closest thing you will see in America to the typical castle ruins common in Britain.
Day 10 - Key West

Since we got in so late last night and because everyone agreed we needed a non-driving day we decided to stay an extra day in the Keys. We started out by sleeping in and then taking a swim at the beach. Michelle spent some time trying to catch fish in a cup while Tony and Anne relaxed on the beach. After a shower and some lunch we all headed back to Key West. Anne and Michelle wanted to go to the Hemmingway House (mostly to see the cats) and Tony was interested in seeing Fort Zachary Taylor. While looking for parking we also spotted the Key West Lighthouse. Tony explored the lighthouse while Anne and Michle made friends with the cats. Afterwards Anne and Michelle joined Tony at the lighthouse. The view from the lighthouse was spectactular. Key West is roughly 2 miles wide by 4 miles long. You can see the whole key from the walk around the top of the lighthouse.

Fort Zachary Taylor was built in 1845 and manned from the Spanish-American War through WWII. It was later excavated in the 1970s after being a dumping ground for the naval base
The Southernmost KOA in the Contiguous USThe Southernmost KOA in the Contiguous USThe Southernmost KOA in the Contiguous US

Losts of places in the Keys have "Southernmost" in their name.
since WWII. After visiting the fort, it was time to search out an early dinner. Unfortuately, on our way to The Stoned Crab the van started making some unnerving noises. After pulling over and testing a few possiblities we decided it sounded like a problem with the air conditioner. We found the local Toyata Service Center and they were able to take a look. They said it seemed to be the compressor but didn't have any openings for today and were closed on Saturday. They said we should be okay to drive as long as we didn't run the air conditioner and recommended a Service Center on the mainland that is open on Saturdays. We called and made an appointment for 9AM. Without the air conditioner we'll be beating the heat the old fashoined way - 2 windows down and 55mph. We'll also be leaving by 6AM so the heat is at it's lowest.

After that little adventure we continued on to fullfill Michelle and Tony's craving for crab. The crab here in the Keys is a bit different that what we are used to. Stone Crabs have a thicker shell and are a bit sweeter than King or
Watchin the fishWatchin the fishWatchin the fish

(Actually, he was resting for the swim back to shore from the trampoline, but the fish were neat too).
Snow Crabs. Michelle and Tony had a plate full of crab claws and Anne stuck to the less messy crab cakes. Durring dinner, Key West was hit by a pretty good thunder storm. Since the restaurant was mostly open, pretty soon the wind was pushing rain through the sides. It was exciting and gave Michelle and Tony a good excuse to stay and eat more crab. We rounded out our evening with a swim back at the KOA, this time in the pool. Tomorrow will see us back on the road with a (hopefully short) stop to get the airconditioning fixed.

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Relaxing at the beachRelaxing at the beach
Relaxing at the beach

It was already very hot at 10am, but the beach had shade and the water was nice.
One of the 6-toed cats at the Hemmingway houseOne of the 6-toed cats at the Hemmingway house
One of the 6-toed cats at the Hemmingway house

If I ever find the 6-toed cat, I'll say... Hello, my name is Tony Wilson, you have 6 toes... prepare to be pet.
Another friendly catAnother friendly cat
Another friendly cat

This one was smart enough to stay inside the air-conditioned bookstore.
88 steps88 steps
88 steps

Just keep climbing... Just keep climing
Tony at the top of the Key West LighthouseTony at the top of the Key West Lighthouse
Tony at the top of the Key West Lighthouse

Pro hint. It's hot and sticky down on the street. If you climb the stairs, not only is it a great view, but it's breezy and shady, and very relaxing... unless you are afraid of heights.
Worth the climbWorth the climb
Worth the climb

There seems to be more than one way to get to Key West
False Banyan TreeFalse Banyan Tree
False Banyan Tree

It's not fake... it's just not a Banyan tree.
It's My WindowIt's My Window
It's My Window

Yeah, that's right human... back off, and take your silly click click flash box with you.
Privacy PleasePrivacy Please
Privacy Please

I am not done reading the self-guided tour pamphlet.
Route 1 (across from the end)Route 1 (across from the end)
Route 1 (across from the end)

It's the start of route 1 (as we know it)
The Southernmost point....The Southernmost point....
The Southernmost point....

had really long lines and no parking
The Stoned CrabThe Stoned Crab
The Stoned Crab

Fun, Friendly, and great food. Plus a short storm complete with very close lightning.
A Brief StormA Brief Storm
A Brief Storm

Flash-Boom, Flash-Boom, rain, rain, cool wind. Puddle, splash, Clouds gone.... HOT and HUMID

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