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North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville February 8th 2019

We last visited Okefenokee swamp in Georgia. We did trails from the eastern part, then we drove to the western part to do trails there. We then headed South to Florida using highway 75. On the way, we never saw so many jails in one place...... We arrived at Gainesville. This is a nice medium sized town. The area around the college is particularly beautiful. The city served as a base to explore parks in the surroundings. We went to: 1- Devil's Millhopper: a collapsed big sinkhole, that you can go down to, using stairs. Although being close to town, it's a quiet place, surrounded by forest. There's a little museum to explain geology of the place and show fossils. 2-Payne's Prairie preserve: South of Gainesville. Preserve a distinct prairie ecosystem in the region. Saw many ... read more
Paynes prairie
Paynes prairie, water snake
Devil's millhopper; going down the sinkhole

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville March 26th 2014

We wanted to get out of town and organized a last minute get away to one of my favorite spots in the planet. The Fresh Water Florida Springs. I announced a post on FB that we were going to be shooting in different locations if anyone wanted to show up to come an join us. It was hard for most people to pull it together last minute but I wanted to give my models the opportunity to at least try to make it. The post is below. Like any other last minute get-aways we didn't really check on weather and we only did when we were already on the road. Ha. rain was coming for saturday. Oh well lets get long as there wasn't any lighting we could still shoot. We loaded the truck on ... read more
Underwater Photo-Shoots For Hire By
Underwater Photo-Shoots For Hire By Ximena Olds

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville July 6th 2013

Geo: 29.652, -82.3232What a day of travel. I had strategically driven further yesterday thinking it would benefit me today. Well it did, but not in the way I thought. We drove through rain in Tennessee for a few hours. Water was actually washing across the road. The Jeep was not designed for fast travel through wind. After blowing all over the road in the mountains, we made it through Ga to the Fl border. Welcome to the tropics said the clouds. Torrential downfalls with near 0 visibility followed by bouts of total sunshine. Great experience driving with people who put their flashers on while still driving so you cant see their brake lights. To break some of the monotony, we watched a movie that was so bad, Alex fell asleep.Well we finally made it to Laran's ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville June 18th 2013

Geo: 29.652, -82.3232We successfully arrived in Gainesville following our 2.5 hour warmup drive. I quickly learned why everyone kept saying, "your driving the Jeep out there". It is definitely not a luxury vehicle. It did, however, save me a $200 ticket as I passed a speed trap, hit the brakes, then realized the Jeep barely goes the speed limit.I was touched to be greeted by a huge grin on Blake's face as he watched me approach the apartment. Alex and I are really happy we got to stop on the way for a quick visit. We had a nice dinner at ghengis and some yogurt. uh, i am now boycotting Mochi, this yogurt place in Gainesville. They would not allow me to use the restroom until after i paid for the yogurts. Jeeze, cant take me ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville January 24th 2013

Gainesville to Hawthorne Trail – Gainesville, Florida Text and Photos last updated: 2015 Number of times I have biked this trail: 6 Location: Gainesville, Florida Distance: 25 km (15.5 miles) Distance markers: yes Surface: asphalt Width: 3 metres Grade: Flat with a few hills Conditions of trail: good Parking: yes Water: none on trail Washrooms: yes Garbage containers: at covered picnic areas Rest Areas: yes Trail marking: yes Parking and location of Trail. Gainesville - Boulware Springs Park is at 3500 SE 15th Street where there is lots of parking and a washroom. Follow signs to the trail. A section of the trail heads into Gainesville but I have not taken this route. Lochloosa trailhead is at 7209 SE 200th Drive. ... read more
Gainsville-Hawthorne Trail  (16)
Gainsville-Hawthorne Trail  (11)
Gainsville-Hawthorne Trail  (7)

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville August 31st 2012

After the storm the viz at the bridge was highly affected. Looking for something to shoot I went looking for the “Blue” moon. Blue is just a random name given to the second full moon in the same month, event that is rare and would only happen again in 15 years. We were fortunate to witness it. When It first raised over the horizon it looked huge and orange to the eyes but it was covered by clouds. So I decided to play and just have fun with shutter speeds and the pier and used a model for one of the photographs to give the image a bit of perspective.... read more
Waiting for the moon rise
Full moon passing the band of clouds
Nature admirer

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville March 3rd 2012

Shelby and I have grown a little road weary… We spent our last week out (our 5th) in search of some more fresh water springs, those jewels that gush from the earth at 72 degrees. I can’t get enough of snorkeling; seeing that blue water, those green plants, and the colorful fish that live under the surface, is so exciting. Since this has been a personal writing retreat for me, I have been writing down conversations that take place with my traveling companion, Shelby the turtle. Our next discussion is about swimming. Some of our other topics have been: expectations, gratitude, wild dancing, wood, slow food, being brave, community, and solutions. Good stuff! Our low spirits have been due to the Florida sunshine – missing in action; it keeps hiding the farther north we drive. And, ... read more
little devil spring
Lake Eaton
Blue Spring's boardwalk

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville January 8th 2012

Friday, January 6—Paynes Prairie State Park, Florida This morning we took a three mile bird walk along the Bolen’s Bluff area looking for birds. The tour leader was quite knowledgeable about birds and we saw several different species. She knew what level in the trees to look for a particular bird and knew them by their call. We decided we would never be that sophisticated in our birding, especially with our hearing problems and poor ability to mimic. She was disappointed in the lack of sightings as she has guided this group several years before and had seen many more species. She also attributed it to the drought and the cold. After walking along the bluff for awhile, we dropped down onto the prairie where we saw some of the wild horses on the Preserve and ... read more
112-22 Flicker
112-23 Habitat near prairie
112-24 Sun and spider web on trail

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville July 17th 2011

So, it will be one week, tomorrow, since our official decision to go to Europe! Planning the trip has been, how can I put this, a slight pain. But a pain that reaps great rewards. For the most part our plans are solidified. We know out of the 12 weeks we have, we will be working on the organic farm in Rivalta for 8 of them. Despite having 3/4 of our trip planned, the other 1/4 is the hard part. Having a set budget for travel expenses makes decision making that much more stressful. Not only are we having to decide what cities to visit, but what hostel to stay at that will allow us to be comfortably close to all the amazing attractions. Then there is transportation. Dealing with the train schedules and prices has ... read more
Itinerary (cont.)

North America » United States » Florida » Gainesville July 12th 2011

This Blog is just a rough text blog, to see photos please check out my main blog at Florida is home to many amazing things. Amazing beaches, amazing cities, amazing theme parks, and some pretty amazing dive sites. For a diver you have an abundance of choices. The corals and wrecks of the Keys, the Gulf of Mexico, endless rivers and inland lakes, or one of my all time favorites the caves. There are several major cave systems in central Florida that are available to divers. I had the pleasure to visit a great spot called Ginnie Springs. Ginnie Springs is located in a Town called High Springs that is located West of Jacksonville and North of Gainsville. It is almost between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The street address is 7300 ... read more

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