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North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers December 18th 2019

IMAG history and science center. Echo Global Farm Yesterday learned a lot about plants and planting seeds. The students were able to touch the tortoise, bearded dragon, snake and a stingray.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers December 17th 2019

River cruise to test for PH levels in the water. Toured the Ford and Edison Estates.... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers May 7th 2017

Wir besuchten den „Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve“ in Ft. Myers zwei Mal. Die beiden Besuche, hatten uns mit Abstand viel besser gefallen, als der Besuch des Corkscrew Preserve nördlich von Napels. Nicht nur da er viel billiger ist (man bezahlt hier nur den Parkplatz 1.- $/Std.), sondern auch wegen der vielen Tiere die wir hier zu Gesicht bekamen. Auf einem rund 2 Kilometer langen Rundgang, über Holzbohlen kamen wir durch Zypressenwälder und an verschiedenen Tümpeln vorbei. In den Tümpeln entdeckten wir, Alligatoren, Wasserschildkröten, Fische und verschieden Stelzvögel. Unter den Zypressen wühlte sich eine Rotte Wildschweine auf Futtersuche, durch das Dickicht. Die Bäume hingen voller Bromelien, welche teilweise blühten. In weiter Ferne (mit dem Fernglas) sahen wir sogar einen Weisskopf S... read more
Beobachtungspunkt am Gator Lake.
Zypressen mit den typischen Luftwurzeln.
Auf Futtersuche im Schlamm.

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers May 6th 2017

Der Fleamarket (Flohmarkt) in Ft. Myers ist nicht vergleichbar mit den Flohmärkten in der Schweiz, er ist riesig. In mehreren aneinander gebauten Hallen kann man so gut wie alles erstehen und zwar nicht nur Trödel und Altwaren. Die Händler verkaufen über Kleider für Menschen wie Hunde (kein Witz wir sind den USA!), Kinderwägen für die lieben Vierbeiner, Duftkerzen, Messer, Matratzen, Abendkleider, Gemüse und und und, alles was das Herz begehrt. An einem Stand kann man sich sogar die Zähne bleichen lassen. Auch für den kleinen Hunger ist gesorgt, es gibt unzählige Fast Food Restaurants in den Hallen. Wir verbrachten zwei mal zwei kurzweilige Stunden auf dem Markt. Wer gerne Flohmärkte mag sollte einen Besuch dort einplanen...., OK liegt nicht jedem direkt am Weg.... read more
Alles was das Herz begehrt, oder auch nicht?
Kinderwägen für die lieben Vierbeiner.
Nein, keine Kinderkleider, die sind auch für Mommy's Vierbeiner

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers December 28th 2016

Edison and Ford this is from last year. We have not sent out a Blog for awhile... we are going to start using it again We are going to use this TravelBlog in stead of Facebook. People can leave comments, we can add maps , people can look at our blog from all over the world. We use it to learn about places that people have travel to. We hope you will try this TravelBlog Website We have one problem we have to be on the Internet, about half the campgrounds have service. We think it is better look it over and let us know. If you have any questions please ask..... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers March 15th 2016

We are back at our friends house, tied to their dock, in Fort Myers. It was an enjoyable trip with good weather but exceptionally high winds. That is always a concern but even more so in a house boat. The sailors we met said that the Keys don't usually get this weather, 30 knot winds are usually further south. It must be elnino. There are worst places than Islamorada to be waiting out the weather. We went to happy hour every evening and listened to the live entertainment. We ran across the Canadian sailors we had danced with in LaBelle and had a good visit with them. She had interesting sailing yarns to relate from her single handing days. She has written three books about her adventures and mistakes she calls it. Boating is all about ... read more
Goodland, the inside passage
Spray nest on the navigation markers
Fort Myers at Lovers Key bridge

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers February 11th 2014

Hi everyone, Most of what we have been doing is repetitive as we have ‘settled’ in our Fort Myers, Fl life. Monday a.m. meeting, followed by water aerobics for me, line dancing Monday evening, Flea Market early a.m. Wed., Bingo Wed. evening, yard sales early a.m. Thursday, Friday & Saturday followed by Flea Markets on Fri. Sat. & Sunday. We also have an ice cream social every Sunday evening (all you can eat ice cream for $1.50). We went to an RV show in Tampa and ‘ran into’ some of our friends whom we will see when get to Clermont, Fl. in March. We went to a large antique show in West Palm Beach, Fl. and saw some dealers whom we set up next to in Brimfield! (Small world for sure). In addition on Jan. 31 ... read more
getting ready for water aerobics
Jim + I - RV show Tampa   1-17-14

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers January 10th 2014

So…..we left Biloxi, MS on Jan. 2. Our intention was to spend the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot about halfway to Fort Myers. The day was cloudy and drizzly, there was an accident in the tunnel we had to pass through in Alabama – so we waited in traffic for quite a while (long enough to turn the ignition off and just sit). We hit the Florida state line about 3 hours later. It was still cloudy and drizzly and since we had to switch back to EST, it was now an hour later. It was starting to get dark, so we found a small campground right off of I-10 and we pulled off the road about 3 pm. Good thing we did, as it was really cold that night and since we stopped at ... read more
More water - 1 pm   1-2-14
Florida  1-2-14
Sunrise 1-3-14

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers December 31st 2013

Weather has been holding out, mostly cloudy but very pleasant and warm. Generally, we've just been heading out in the morning with no particular plan, sometimes spending the day with Miranda, Ben and the kids, other days just checking stuff out on our own. The other day, we found a Peruvian restaurant & bakery called El Patio. We can eat hamburgers and sandwiches anytime so wanted to try Peruvian food. We didn't know what to order so just asked the waiter, we found it similar to a marinated stir fry with herbs, served with rice, very flavourful. Ian liked the Peruvian beer called Cusquana. We drove out to Fort Myers beach one day, it was super busy, I mean crazy. We were stuck in at least an hour of traffic just getting there. Ian says it's ... read more
Thomas Edison
Foot Detox

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Myers December 28th 2013

I am reminded why we don't generally travel during the holidays like we did on Christmas Eve. We work up at 4:45 am to over 20 people waiting for a shuttle to Spokane airport that holds only six, luckily a taxi got us to there on time. In spite of experiencing the busiest airports I have ever seen, our flights were on time, our luggage was there, our car rental worked perfect, what more could we ask for? I forgot our GPS at home so we winged it and got lost trying to find our hotel but eventually we figured it out with some help from Miranda who called my cell looking for us. The first two rooms they tried to put us in - the room keys didn't work, then the TV remote didn't work, ... read more
Grandma & Kale
Norman Love Chocolates

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