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North America » United States » Delaware » Dover July 10th 2017

Today is Jody's turn for the pilgrimage to the place of her childhood. Unlike my returns to Lowell, MA which have happened every few years, Jody has not been back to Dover, DE since she was 15. The changes in Lowell have happened gradually as I notice when I return each time. To Jody, the changes in Delaware are dramatic as it has been over 35 years since she has been back. Since Jody was excited about her visit and didn't sleep well last night, we were able to get an early start this morning , so we had breakfast and were on the road by 7:30. The first couple of hours of the ride were really beautiful. We were traveling through southeast Pennsylvania farm country and most of the farms looked either Amish or Mennonite. ... read more
Bethany Beach - Jody at the Beach
Bethany Beach - It Looks Crowded Today
Moore's Lake - Jody at the Sign

North America » United States » Delaware » Wilmington July 5th 2017

I am 25 years old girl. I was always scared of everything even to jump , I was brought up like that from my childhood . my first experience by flight was so thrilling and exciting experience. I had my flight by early morning from Chennai so I stood in queue early by 3 A.M and I had boarded the flight by 6'o clk. An old lady and men sat near to me. Since it was my first flight experience I was scared little while taking off and after few minutes I was relieved. I was not feeling sleepy even though it was night in area where flight is flying because my native time is morning ,and I saw all people sleeping but I was feeling only hungry. I had food in flight which was given ... read more

North America » United States » Delaware » Wilmington July 5th 2017

United states welcomed me with green trees and leaves. This is my first ride with my hubby by car in United States. It is so wonderful sight that we loved the highway which is full of farm lands . Our trip started with help of guidance by google map . we had fun in beach by standing in water and very high waves pushed me into water. At that moment I saw the end of world . suddenly my heart beat so fast that I pushed myself out of the water. I had more fun until rain starts . I saw number of crops planted in farm lands and watering was so different that they have farm irrigation sprinkler which would sprinkle the needed amount of water like rain so that water will not be wasted ... read more

27 juin Aujourd'hui, on prend la direction de la plage, à Bethany Beach, dans le Delaware. Ça peut sembler un choix étrange... Wildwood, Old Orchard, Virginia Beach et cie sont des choix beaucoup plus populaires chez nous au Québec... Mais bon, on ne voulait pas rouler trop loin ni trop longtemps vers le sud, et comme on voulait payer notre séjour à l'aide de points Marriott, ça a un peu, beaucoup dicté notre choix... qu'on ne regrettera nullement cela dit! Nous étions dans un superbe appart-hôtel en bord de mer, avec une belle plage de sable tout blanc, dans un endroit calme et hyper-familial... Alors toujours est-il que de bon matin on descend en famille déjeuner... On se rend vite compte qu'on est dans un hôtel ayant pour clientèle principale les gens d'affaires... En effet, il ... read more
À la découverte de la plage
Beach look
Beach look

North America » United States » Delaware » Bear May 26th 2017

As I stare out the window, I am enjoying the view of lovely red cliffs framed by lush green foliage as I am cuddled in, toasty warm on the boat. Thanks to our diesel heater. Which we have had to turn on a number of times the last week. Because it is COLD!!! Well ok, maybe not cold in terms of Port Dover temps, but in relation to our last year, it feels like it could snow any moment!! Ha ha. We have seen the temperature go down to 56F some nights. Which doesn’t seem so bad, until you consider we are sleeping in a steel boat. It gets chilly; especially in the mornings. It reminds me of my childhood, camping in the mountains; stuffing all your clothes in your bed to warm them up and ... read more
All Sorts of Wildlife
Pink Palace
Boats, boats, boats

North America » United States » Delaware April 22nd 2017

We are going over the Delaware Memorial Bridge!... read more

North America » United States » Delaware » Wilmington October 14th 2016

Geo: 39.7403, -75.5508We made it through the night in this haunted lighthouse. (What lighthouse worth its salt isn't haunted by at least a few ghosts.) After we were in for the night, the wind picked up and rattled the windows and kept the bell on one of the buoys ringing late into the night. I closed the curtains in the bedroom and bathroom, but they are thin and there are no curtains in the living area so the light came in early. I was awake by 6:30 before the sun dawned completely but ready to get up for the day. We had finished breakfast and had the apartment cleaned and everything packed by 9:00.Guests at the lighthouse are asked to clean up before they leave. We changed the sheets, collected them with the used towels, and ... read more
Rose Island Lighthouse
Entering Connecticut
Merritt Parkway in Connecticut

North America » United States » Delaware » Wilmington June 6th 2016

As a last minute addition to my itinerary, I visited the Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington, Delaware this morning and I am so glad I did! This zoo was not on my original list, but I added it when someone on my facebook page pointed out it was missing. I also didn't think I would have time to do a fifth zoo as today we are heading back home, but it all worked out time-wise and I am pleased to say I ended the first leg of my Red Panda Pilgrimage with such a special little place. The Brandywine Zoo is located in the heart of Brandywine Park in Wilmington. The zoo was established over a hundred years ago and has seen many changes over its long history, but much of the grounds are historical, therefore must ... read more
Talking with Sharon and Lynn

North America » United States » Delaware May 13th 2016

Today is Friday the 13th. I never saw the movies -- grateful. There's no need for mind bleach. The fear of this day/number match comes, if we're to believe Dan Brown's version in The Da Vinci Code,from when the Knights Templar were slaughtered by the Catholic Church for 1. being too big for their britches and 2. not telling them where the best toys were kept (namely, the Holy Grail). In an effort to thumb my nose at all things based in F.E.A.R., I am starting my new journey of a thousand miles today. My friend Nicole (Wild Dream Walks ) has agreed to text me daily and asked, "Did you go out today?" I will write back and say yes or no in the form of a haiku. I began this practice a couple of ... read more

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