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North America » United States » Delaware April 20th 2015

We just crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge! The weather is much better! ... read more

North America » United States » Delaware » Dover October 13th 2012

Leaving Poquoson We started early with pancakes and coffee. Once Tracy showed up, we packed up and headed on the road. The first leg of our journey lasted to 7 –eleven for coffee. Then there was a discussion about chicken buses. See the blog post here for an account. On a related note, I was flipping through my homebrew bible, The New Complete Joy of Hombrewing, by Charlie Papazian, and found a receipe for Cock Ale. Not kidding. If you can find it, please, please read it. The descripiton on the treatment of the rooster is quite amusing considering the wording. 16 Mile, Georgetown, Delaware The brewery is a fairly nondescript building, and I would not have known it was a brewery except for... read more
16 Mile
Fordham sign
Dogfish Head

North America » United States » Delaware » Wilmington October 12th 2012

back. well, it's been about two months since i left for costa rica. i'm back in delaware now content, and cold. time to chronicle the last part of my trip leading up to right now. I love surfing. I'm already researching boards, and if anyone reading this thing knows anything about surfboards, let me know. After two weeks, I was able to catch and ride 5-7 foot waves, steering and even doing a few 'tricks.' While out in the water, the leatherback sea turtles casually come up for air all around you in between sets. On the other terrifying side of the spectrum, I'm pretty sure I saw the trash compactor monster from Star Wars out there too. It was creepy, and not like the other (poisonous) sea snakes out there. My Spanish classes were so-so, ... read more
iguana rock sculpute
montezuma strip

North America » United States » Delaware » Wilmington August 15th 2012

Hola Everybody. I've caved to peer pressure and started my very own travel blog. Hopefully this is just as much fun for me as it is for you. The title of this blog is a bit of a double-entendre/pun. Ubiquitous with Costa Rica is the phrase 'Pura Vida.' It's a motto similar to Australia’s 'No Worries,' Jamaica’s 'Yeah Mon' and America's 'Do you want fries with that?' It's significance depicts the country's attitude and mindset. It was part of the allure that compelled me to go there. In my readings, it has been an apt description. So Neil Vida/Pura Vida play on words ha. I digress. I'm sitting on the eve of my departure with a nervous adrenaline. Somewhere in between Christmas Eve and Cliff Diving. My packing is relatively done and all that's left if ... read more

North America » United States » Delaware » Middletown May 30th 2011

I've been reminded of a few things that are important to keeping your sanity while traveling. The first is that if you are traveling for enjoyment, then nothing should really rattle you. If the experience that you are having, good or bad that is different from your day to day, then you should consider it a good one. Now, I totally get that losing your wallet, or getting kidnapped by rebels would not be that much fun, but I'm talking about the little things. Like slow wifi, five roommates that all have a different idea of what a comfortable temperature is, ATMs that don't work, and even those pesky blisters that will happen no matter how well broken in your shoes are! Even the limitations of blogging from the iPad won't dampen this trip. The rain ... read more

China as the second world's largest financial system is approaching to demographic turning position that would auger income rise, lower development and larger inflation is showed by the census benefits, a comment of the authorities economist that was printed final Thursday. State Council Improvement Homework Middle senior economist, Ba Shusong produced an assistance to the central government. He says that the census data of 2010 that was issued a week ago, along with other stats clutch, showed that the profuse low-cost labor provide of China will commence to shrink quickly. Via Economic Details Each day, Ba wrote that the information at present demonstrates China previously crossed Lewis watershed as properly the demographic window quickly would near. Arthur Lewis is the particular person whom Ba refers about, an economist who wins a Nobel-prize. His theory on developing ... read more

North America » United States » Delaware » Smyrna June 30th 2010

Smyrna, DE, 17 miles from Camden Wayside Inn 7:30am. A friendly greeting by Capt Wil Bordley with an early breakfast before we head on to New York. 260 miles/ 6 hours I am a day behind on the blog, because all the work I did last night would not save and was lost. Could have used those hours for sleep! Another technical difficulty to resolve... The best driving day anyone could ask for. The cold front has blown in, and it may feel like gale force winds, but the temperature is cool and we are very grateful for that. A little tough driving the New Jersey Turnpike and then the Garden State Parkway, but the only good thing about traffic is the amount of attention, thumbs up, and truckers' horns signaling their approval of the grand ... read more
Rotary Club of Smyrna Delaware
expensive gas
Catskill Mountains

North America » United States » Delaware September 27th 2009

I've wanted to tour the Dogfish Head (DFH) brewery since sampling their 120-minute IPA for the first time earlier this year. When I saw an advertisement for their annual 5k/10k Dogfish Dash, I jumped at the chance to register, not only because I knew I could finish well, but also to have some time to tour the brewery and bring home some of their brews I could not find north. After making the 3.5-hour drive to Rehoboth Beach on Saturday afternoon, I checked in my hotel and promptly headed over to the Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats on Rehoboth Ave. Over the course of two hours, with dinner (of course), I drank pints of their Punkin Ale, Chicory Stout, Black & Tan (Chicory Stout / 90-minute IPA), and Pangaea. Fast forward to Sunday morning, it was ... read more
Taking the tour

KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The Big Trip West…Notes From the road: WEEK EIGHT. Thursday, July 10 . All was quiet on the Eastern front until the plumbers started drilling and banging on the pipes at 7am installing the Fire Department Connections. But the sun was shining and a cool breeze made it a very pleasant morning. Dave and I had our breakfast then joined the kids at the town Bakery Shoppe for a morning treat. I had a ginger and apricot scone while Dave had a chocolate glazed donut. We needed to walk off those calories so Dave and I walked the route of the house tour I had taken yesterday which gave him the opportunity to see another side of Rehoboth. By 11am it was too hot for town so we packed up and ... read more
Sun sets on the beach
Nicolas wonderful Pizza
Movie night outdoors at the Rehoboth Pavilion

North America » United States » Delaware » Wilmington April 21st 2009

After I slept on the 30 of may.I again woke up and there was terrible sight . There were many stars in the sky and planets.There were aliens all around . Guess what ,they speak stylish alien accent.It was terrible to hear .I went near them and heard them speaking harshly into my ears.And then I felt like getting out of there.But where could I go? I knew nothing about how to go back .To my surprise some aliens knew English and they told me that they will get me a rocket to go back to earth .The next hour was a rocket next to me and I boarded it.They all wished me good luck.I went towards the Earth and at last saw it.Suddenly A huge dragon came and hit me. I want to tell you ... read more

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