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August 20th 2017
Published: October 15th 2017
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Plan is simple, we are leaving Washington Dc early this morning and we need to be at our hotel in Newark, next to New York, not too late!

I'm not an engineer, but I love to see and experience amazing human construction. I would drive just to ride a fun bridge!

The drive from Washington DC to New York can be a very urban one, or a pure ride on highways and paying few tolls. Or has it to be? Today, we are taking the long way around....the countryside way!

Once out of Washington DC, the first important place is the Chesapeak bridge. I cannot stop around to take you get the best we could. The bridge is a double one, it's huge, it's actually beautiful. We paid the pretty reasonable one way toll. Few miles further, an in the middle of nowhere, we left Virginia to enter Delaware. No, I'm not here to open a bank account or an offshore trust. Delaware has the reputation of offering one of the most favorable tax treatment to corporations in the United States. A lot of big ones are therefore registered here, on the single base of tax benefits.

But once in Dover, the main city of the States is nothing else than a little gorgeous provincial city. Not high buildings around here.....and just outside of the city, it's all about agriculture!

We parked the car as many downtown streets were closed off to the circulation. Funny youngsters in costumes are walking all around...what is going on? Easy, it's the yearly Comicon local festival. I think I would never have known about it if Tiffany wasn't deep in all the manga stuffs. This thing is actually more young adults than teenagers....and yes, seeing from the outside, it does look a little weird or nerdy!

We spent a good two hours walking the streets of Dover. Cute city and truly fun atmosphere around. Even managed to buy a little souvenir to bring back with us to South Africa....from the famous local Comicon Festival.

As it happens a lot on this trip, we stopped by the local supermarket to gather nice food for our lunch picnic. There is still some drive ahead of us! We'd rather built a nice salad on the side of the road than to stop everyday for another fast food chain on the way. When it comes to food and long trips in the's all about diversity. My plan is not to arrive too late in Newark. Tonight we are staying in an Element hotel, meaning we have a little kitchen to play. Being around NY....I want Boston lobster tonight...and I want to cook it myself...therefore.....we are still on the clock!

I want to avoid any tool way today. So we driving some of the back doors. We drive few miles away from Philadelphia Downtown, but we are too late to stop by. The last 50 miles are on a pure suburbia way to see how people commuting to the Big Apple live after their working hours!

Tonight, it's Boston Lobster plus our preferred Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand....what an evening!

The Big are next!

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