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The days leading up to our leaving were full of emotion; excitement, sadness, anticipation, happiness. First it was Pat's retirement luncheon at work on Tuesday. A small reception on Friday where all the kids came in. Saturday was spent loading the last of the supplies in the RV in 107 degree weather. Sunday June 30, 2013 Fr. Don gave us a 40th anniversary blessing. Nicole and Jason and Renee' and Will were with us at this very special occasion. We had a quick breakfast, loaded the bikes on the car, did the last minute checks on the RV and left Lago about 11:30. Sunday was our longest day, we got in to Amarillo around 10 exhausted and ready for bed. I have to say that each day brings adventures and challenges, constantly presenting opportunities to make ... read more

Today was New Year's Eve! It was actually a nice day, not much of a party at all but still fun. We headed off for Garden of the Gods park today, which is right near Colorado Springs, around 1 hour from Denver. It was spectacular, there was some amazing scenery and completely different from what I had seen so far. The rock formations were amazing and to top it off, Pike's Peak was in the background. Unfortunately e couldnt do any hikes as the wind was just so overowering we could barely walk straight. Once we arrived back home, we met up with Anna's sister Laura and went out for a nice Mexican dinner. Anna's dad had recommended I try a couple of dishes, so I did. One was a chili based dish and one was ... read more
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Pike's Peak

Greetings to you and welcome to my Colarado Road Trip. Aaron and I woke up Saturday morning and said to each other "Let's go". So we did 'cos we can. To get to anywhere and see the landscape look slightly different takes about 3 hours driving @ 70mph (120kmh). We essentially drove straight to Colorado Springs where we found the "Garden of the Gods", an impressive array of rocks. In the mid afternoon the colours were amazing set against the backdrop of a bright blue sky. In the shadows it was freezing but in the sunlight I could unwrap the layers. We stayed in a motel in a village outside the city so we wouldn't be tempted by the sin and debauchery that goes on after dark in big cities. Manitou Springs was cool and we ... read more
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

Smoke from the Arizona wildfires made Pike's Peak a little hazy from our campsite in Colorado Springs. So we took the cog railway up to the top! The train was new, built in Switzerland. We drank lots of water to fend off altitude sickness. The views were spectacular. They only let you stay "up top" 40 minutes; otherwise, people get goofy, throw-up, and it makes for a bad day. Back on the ground we found the train that Tom rode over 50 years ago as a little kid. Sadly, it was put in a place of honor and displayed as an antique! Enough said about that. We took the opportunity while here to tour the Airforce Academy. Now we've seen Airforce, Marines, Army and Navy. We'll have to go back East to visit the Coast Guard ... read more
Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak train circa 1950
Pikes Peak train circa 2011

Garden of the Gods is in Colorado Springs, which is about an hour's drive from our home. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, and it's completely free to go. You can drive through it, hike through it, or even get a permit to climb some of the stronger formations. I'm not a climber, but I go to Garden of the Gods every few years or so to hike through and enjoy the beauty. Andrew and I had a friend's wedding to attend yesterday, so we decided to take Oliver and make a weekend of the trip. First thing this morning, we packed our things and drove to the park. It opens at 5am, and we were there well before 8am. The sun was still low in the sky, and it cast beautiful ... read more
We Spotted a Doe
Oliver and I at the Start of the Hiking Trail
Oliver and I.  We're Ready to Hike!

Day 16 Colorado Springs, CO It was nice waking up and staying put. We decided that we had too much to see here before dashing off across the plains . . . plus the Marriott here is really nice!! We got up slowly and headed off for the road Don has been waiting for. One of the roads on his bucket list! The road up to the top of Pikes Peak. On our way to Pikes Peak we guessed it....Santa's Workshop at the North Pole! No time to stop (as tempting as it was) we had a get to the top of the peak...and hopefully down again! The lady at the gate gave us driving or should I say braking directions and a guide book to give me something to look at other than....DOWN.....yikes! ... read more
Did I malke a wrong turn?
Nope, I didn't
Sign at the toll booth

I am clearly rubbish as this travel blog lark. I have been having way too much fun and for the most part am never even near a computer which really doesn't help much. I am currently refusing to use internet cafes here as they cost five million squiddles an hour but I said I'd do it (Neil, I think this may be your fault) so I will but be warned, it will be when I grab a moment here or there and will mostly be a bish, bash, bosh rush job. Miss you all millions. Make sure you get your arses out here at the first opportunity. Peace. (hep, hep). ... read more

Hi- am actually writing this in San Francisco- it's been so long since we've had access to free internet!(sept 8th). Anyway - to continue on sat 23rd of Aug we did a 2 hour walk in GOG in the morning and escorted some seniors who didn't know where they wre going for some of the way- they were originally dutch and had come over about 50 years ago- you could still hear a slight accent and they could speak dutch! When we got back to the motel there was a thunderstom brewing so we waited until it passed over until we went in the pool - the motel owner told us it was dangerous to go in as lighting could hit the pool even though the storm was quite a few miles away in the mountains. ... read more

We woke up this morning after spending the night at a rest stop alongside a bunch of truckers. It was noisy with all the trucks running but we were tired. We picked Manitou Springs as a stop at the last minute on our way to Bryce Canyon and boy are we glad we did. We found a great little campground with a running stream behind us. We pulled in around 1pm, hung around camp for a while and then drove up to Garden of the Gods. Even though it was a little cloudy and rainy, it was a great hike and spectacular views into the park. Ben:" My favorite part of the day was when we went to Garden of the Gods and I liked to climb on the rocks." Drew:" I found a log on ... read more
Behind our Campsite
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

Well, I did it. Just went and bought my plane ticket to Delhi today. I can hardly believe it. The trip isn't until September 2008 but I can almost imagine myself there already. If you know me well then you know that a venture like this wasn't even a remote possibility a few years ago (hell, even a few months ago). I'd just like to say thanks to everybody who I love for sticking by me. I want you to know that you're going to be there with me every step of the way. ... read more

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