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Published: July 2nd 2013
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The days leading up to our leaving were full of emotion; excitement, sadness, anticipation, happiness. First it was Pat's retirement luncheon at work on Tuesday. A small reception on Friday where all the kids came in. Saturday was spent loading the last of the supplies in the RV in 107 degree weather.

Sunday June 30, 2013 Fr. Don gave us a 40th anniversary blessing. Nicole and Jason and Renee' and Will were with us at this very special occasion. We had a quick breakfast, loaded the bikes on the car, did the last minute checks on the RV and left Lago about 11:30. Sunday was our longest day, we got in to Amarillo around 10 exhausted and ready for bed.

I have to say that each day brings adventures and challenges, constantly presenting opportunities to make adjustments to "the plan". Sunday early in the trip the cover to the steps stopped working and we have been climbing in and out with about a 4 foot drop ever since. Today we saw an ominous cloud and pulled over just in time for a rain storm including pea size hail. And as we pulled into Cheyenne Mountain State Park tonight we failed to follow our hard fast rule I "always" get out to spot pulling into a campsite and we hit a boulder.

Although we have had these slight challenges we see the steps as an opportunity to get some exercise and to congratulate ourselves on how flexible we are. A rest area came up just as the storm approached. The reminder for me to spot while pulling into a campsite came early in the trip. God is good He sent us a rainbow just as we pulled in tonight, the view is gorgeous and the weather is cool.

Additional photos below
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The sign reads: Congratulations! Now Then... ~Not all who wander are lost~ Enjoy every minute!

Now Then

Captain L3 II

First night Amarillo Ranch RV Park

Crop dusting

The hail storm

New Mexico

Raton Pass

The boulder

The dent

The View

2nd July 2013

To the Captain, Co-Captain and skipper of the Linger Longer Lodge I and II,
What a great beginning for what I know will be many more days with great beginnings. Happy 40th! Brenda, Buddy and Lucy
2nd July 2013

Ouch..Now that\'s a landmark. Love y\'all
2nd July 2013

Wishing you many happy moments on this trip!
thanks for posting your story! we look forward to following you on your journey! God Bless!!
2nd July 2013

So excited and yes a weeeeee bit jealous. Have a ball.
2nd July 2013

Send some that rain our way.
2nd July 2013

Did you get a picture with Robin Williams?
3rd July 2013

how are you doing
3rd July 2013

Doing fantastic!! Better than we could imagine!!
7th July 2013

So awesome!
What a great first entry and such great pics!! I'm so happy we have a way to follow you guys on your great adventure. Love you so much!!
8th July 2013

Thank you honey....glad you are with us! We love you

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