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North America » United States » California » Sausalito July 18th 2020

Today, let's learn about some of our favorite adult beverages, kind of my version of a public service announcrment. India Pale Ales — better known as IPAs — were not brewed in India. In fact, back when this kind of beer was invented in the 1700s, brewers didn't have a good way to brew beer in such a hot climate. Beer had to be imported instead, and that meant that London brewers needed to come up with something that wouldn't spoil on the long trip around the horn of Africa to British India. Their solution was to make beer with lots of hops and a higher alcohol content, which helped preserve the beer on the voyage and ensure that it was in peak drinking shape upon its arrival. IPAs became popular not just ... read more
Orange Liqueurs
Some iced tea??

North America » United States » California » Sausalito September 10th 2019

Sometimes when you’re travelling there are days you will carry forever. Today was one of them. Let’s start by rewinding to the early 1980’s when my parents were holidaying on Dunk Island. I suspect it was their first proper holiday without us kids. In all the pictures Dad still had his sideburns and moustache and, maybe I’m imagining it, but Mum was rocking an extremely cute crocheted bikini! It was on that holiday they met an American couple Bill and Connie. Well today we spent the day with Connie and heard how they first met. Connie told us they had booked the trip to Dunk Island on a working holiday at the last minute. Unfortunately they’d missed out on the snorkelling bookings and were really disappointed. They couldn’t believe it when an Aussie couple they’d just ... read more
Waiting for the ferry
But first. Coffee (and hot chocolate)
Oakland Bridge

North America » United States » California » Sausalito October 25th 2017

After having spent a lovely spring and early summer in Florida enjoying our new home, we drove up to North Carolina to visit cruising friends near Asheville and attend a family reunion at Lake Norman with Mike and Susan LaGraff. We also visited Kingsland, GA where we eloped in 1973 and St Simons Island, where we first lived as newlyweds. Right after Labor Day we left Rotonda under the shadow of a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Irma. For two days Irma had Rotonda in her sights but fortunately with less than an hour to spare, she took a turn to the northeast and bypassed our home on the Cape Haze Peninsula. Our area survived virtually unscathed unlike much of the rest of Florida and the Caribbean. We flew to the west coast and settled onto ... read more

North America » United States » California » Sausalito February 5th 2015

Day 5: This day we will check out of Monterey and head north again towards San Francisco - great city! On the way I am extremely keen to check out Half Moon Bay. As I've mentioned before we always struggle to find somewhere that is reasonably priced and central and parking in SF. Last year we ventured across the bridge and into Sausalito for a few last hours of sun before our flight home and fell in love with it so have decided to stay there this year and see what we think. Famous for being the inspiration of where Otis Redding penned Sitting on the Dock of the Bay how can we go wrong?! We used AirBnB and rented a nice house (with a drive way for the car!) The drive from Monterey is just ... read more

North America » United States » California » Sausalito January 14th 2015

Here are a collection of photos from our point-and-shoot and GoPro cameras. Sorry they aren't included in the blogs they are intended for but the photos are the most time consuming bit.... read more
Getting used to driving on the other side
Typical Californian Road
Theresa doing the driving thing

North America » United States » California » Sausalito January 9th 2015

How is it that 2014 flew by in the blink of an eye? And now here it is 2015 and that means it’s time to go on a world cruise. We disembarked the Silver Whisper in Hong Kong last February and after a week’s stay in an apartment, we flew to California to drop off our cruise clothes and then on to Florida. We had left our van in Ft Myers in December 2014 and we were going back to pick it up and drive home. What had intended to be a one month trip turned into a seven month journey. Over that time period we rented houses in four places on the Florida west coast. Against everyone’s advice, we ended up spending the summer there and enjoyed it very much. Every house we rented had ... read more

North America » United States » California » Sausalito November 18th 2012

Up early to cath the MUNI and the hop on hop off bus, which is the cheapest way to get to Muir Woods. tours tend to be about $20 dearer. At the bus stop met Madeline who was from Hile and travelling on her own. First stop was Sausaliso which is a pretty little town the property here is very expensive, millions of dollars and lived in about three months of the year.nnsome nice little boutique shops, ventured in to one with Madeline, it had some really nice glass pieces if you have four thousand dollars to spend, how the other half live eh!!!! Even the house boats on the bay fetch around a million dollars. On to Muir Woods, home of the Redwoods, this land was given to the state around the turn of the ... read more
Redwoods reaching for heaven
Muir Woods
Base of tree where you can stand

North America » United States » California » Sausalito September 6th 2012

We retraced our route down the Georgiana Slough and headed east to Tower Park. This is a popular marina close to Lodi which has many nice facilities. You can fuel up your boat, rent bicycles, pump out your holding tank, use the free wi-fi, dine at their restaurant and best of all swim and hot tub at the KOA camp which is associated with the marina. So we decided to settle in for a few days and just soak up the Delta atmosphere. There are several noted people who wrote about the uniqueness of this region. Erle Stanley Gardner, the author who made Perry Mason famous, absolutely fell in love with house boating on the Delta. I know what it’s like when the boat bug bites. He waxed poetic about Grizzly Bay, Snodgrass Slough, Lost Isle ... read more

North America » United States » California » Sausalito August 29th 2012

Went for a little walk this morning in the stunning Muir Woods, well it was suposed to be a short jaunt of about a mile, which we thought would be a nice start to the day - how we end up getting lost and walking for about 3 1/2 miles I have no idea, but thats what happened Mr 'I am not to blame' says it's my fault because I said lets go that way, we will have to have words!! But it was worth it the trees were unbelievable - so tall it was hard to take it all in! The tallest tree in the woods is 258feet (79m) tall. Muir Woods was saved from destruction by loggers, after a couple purchased the land to save the Redwoods being destroyed in the early 1900's, it ... read more
Muir Woods
Giant Redwoods
View on the way to Muir Woods

North America » United States » California » Sausalito April 24th 2011

Well, here we are, living in California for a little over one week now. So far, things are going very well, especially after a new boiler was installed in our building and we don’t have to walk over to the next building to shower. So now the time is ripe to set out, have a look around and explore our surroundings. We took off without much of a plan except that we were in hopes of a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Much to our surprise our drive was only about 8 miles. We really didn’t realize we lived quite that close to the bridge. The morning was a bit cloudy so many of our photos are only so- so. In the afternoon the sun peaked it’s head out for about 45 minutes. ... read more
The Golden Gate Bridge
Lobster Benedict
Row, Row, Row

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