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North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock March 1st 2015

Can we talk about how ridiculous it is that I can't spell check with this program? Okay, whew glad that is off my chest. Now on to other things- We just skyped with our previous exchange student (Arndis) and her family to organize our time in Iceland. The plan is to arrive in Iceland around midnight and spend the next day in Reykavik exploring the city before venturing out to the countryside with Arndis. On the list of must do things is to explore the Northern area. Arndis worked at for a bit and we might get the opportunity to stay in the infamous hotel. Nearby, we will check out the puffins on the Latrabjarg Cliffs and also do a little glacial river rafting. I am also looking forward to whale watching in Iceland as ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock July 2nd 2014

Success! After being bunged up with endless waffles, pancakes and chips I woke up to my first poo in three days. There's a limited number of things that a diet completely lacking in fibre can do for you and producing regular bowel movements isn't one of them (as you may have noticed the first couple of paragraphs are for you mum... sorry G). Despite yearning for a side salad or, dare we dream, fruit there's nothing we can do. The optimistic but doubt-filled question of "do you have whole wheat?" has become almost a cliche for us when asked what sides we'd like. The huge consumption of fast food by the Yanks seems not to be by choice but instead through lack of choice. In England, service stations serve healthy salads and even sushi in addition ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock February 26th 2014

With the pecans behind me it was time to set off. But wait it was 21F without the wind chill. Having decided to leave the cosy hotel with the clerks best wishes - "you all watch out for deer and ice" I spent every fiber looking for ice and deer. Every suspicious bush was a deer and with a well worn route 82 it was easy to imagine that shiny blacktop was ice. But fear is inversely proportional to the square of the time that elapses when nothing bad happens, so in no time I was speeding along. Yes it was cold, very cold, but looking like a butterball with every item of clothing I have on it was bearable. The scene was a mixture of grey steel skies and brown-yellow earth that looks like life ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock July 6th 2013

The one about The Clinton Library There are lots of pictures included in today’s writings. Free wifi here with great signal, so I uploaded a bunch that needed to get posted. Last night was the first night I slept all night with the a/c running, except it didn’t run. I had it set for 78 degrees, which felt chilly. When the inside temperature reached the outside temperature, 78, it didn’t cycle. I did manage to sleep all night, and when I got up at 7:30 (yes, Winston let me sleep in!!) I opened the windows, turned my oscillating fan on and kept it that way until I left for my day’s activities It was kind of overcast with a breeze. By the time I showered and packed my backpack the campground had emptied out. There are ... read more
Arkansas roadway
Arkansas Roadway
Winston enjoying my bed

DAY TEN: MAY 1, 2013 Up in Missouri they call it Toad in a Hole. Over in Maryland it is called Brown Eyed Susan. It is a slice of sour dough bread with a hole cut out of the middle and an egg is lightly grilled inside the hole. In Arkansas it is called Eggs in a Basket. Look for it at the Crapper Barrel. Our family has been having it breakfast for about as long as I can remember, but this is the first time ever I saw it on a menu anywhere. Wound up this evening at a little place called Oakland, Tennessee after drive of 212.6 miles. Oakland is noted for its poor barbeque. If you are hungry find a place to eat in Memphis. This was a day that started ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock June 7th 2012

I've always been told that a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth about 3.19 a gallon!! Sally and I have been amazed at how the price of gasoline keeps going down the further east we go. We saw it today at 3.11 a gallon which is the cheapest we've found. It's great, especially since the motorhome has a 75 gallon fuel tank!! We stayed in Canut Oklahoma last night which is about 100 miles west of Oklahoma City. We've had rain every day since we left Phoenix. Mostly light showers with the exception of today. Just west of Oklahoma City we ran into a gully washer which resulted in us pulling off the highway. Visibility was down to about 100 yards at best and the rain was coming down in buckets. After ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock December 15th 2011

The joke on the way was that we have a high chance of getting fellatio if we go to Arkansas, the home of Bill Clinton (a different term used at the time). We wondered if that was just a past time in the area - since not only Bill and Monica Lewinsky - but now we had the 50 year old with that ‘irresistible’ tongue back in Clarksdale revealing so (read previous blog before drawing conclusions.) With the prospect of getting fellatio we realised we hadn’t done a Hooters yet and that was a requirement of our road trip - To go to not only as many fast food joints but sit down restaurants which exploit female assets. World famous Hooters I have to say is the worst of America’s offerings. On Mondays during the football ... read more
2 - Inside the Cabinet Room
3 - Little Rock Arkansas - view from Bill Clinton Library
4- Outside teh library of Bill Clinton

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock August 1st 2011

7-31-11 to 8/1/11 Little Rock, Arkansas I can’t express how exciting and refreshing it has been to drive across this beautiful country of mine. This 350 mile stretch took me from Oklahoma City to Little Rock, Arkansas. I think what was cool about driving through Oklahoma was passing through all the Native American lands: Shawnee, Creek, Cherokee and my favorite—Kickapoo (just to name a few). It would be fun to do a Native American themed drive across the nation to learn more about the various tribal histories. I think it would also be pretty cool to do a music-themed tour of the U.S. (I guess I’m a thematic person). Oklahoma boasts a few musical greats. I drove past Okemah, home of Woodie Guthrie and through Checotah, made famous by American Idol winner and country superstar, Carrie ... read more
Main Street in Checotah
Welcome to Arkansas
In Front of Central High School

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock July 8th 2011

I have had a week now to reflect on what I feel was the trip of a lifetime. It was a hard decision for me to decide to do this trip. It was a sacrifice of money, time away from family and pets, and a lot of vacation hours. In the end, I feel this is on the top 5 list of things that I have done. I discovered a great group of 10 friends. I hope that we stay in touch. Each brought something unique to the table. I learned how to converse with other people despite language barriers. I met 2 Haitians I feel I will always be linked to. I found out that they are not too unlike me. I learned that you do not need material wealth or objects. You need friends, ... read more
The Crew on the last Day Petionville
Kissmer and I

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock June 19th 2011

I dropped Shakes (my dog) off yesterday with the parents and rushed back to get to church. Today we were "Commissioned" before the congregation of the contemporary and main services..... Today we commissioned a mission team serving our brothers and sisters in Haiti (June 23-July 1). Please hold the team members in prayer: Linda Buchanan, Holly House, Rachel Syler, Mary Lewis Dassinger, Marie Kayler, Rhonda Syler, Katye Dunn, Ethan Lewis, Colin Hall, Lisa Lewis... read more

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