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North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock April 30th 2009

The clackety-clack-crash-boom-bang roads started just west of Oklahoma City and lasted all the way to the Arkansas line. There were a few smooth areas, just enough to think you were finally past the rough stuff, then when you got relaxed, rattle-de-clatter, there you go again. I guess Oklahoma thinks it's all just OK. It was great getting into Arkansas with its green hills and trees, gas under $2/gal and smooth roads. We've stopped for the night in North Little Rock at the KOA, a beautiful, shady park. Tomorrow home! I'm throwing in some pictures from the last few weeks. And, yes, Pat, we're washing our hands every opportunity we get.... read more
at El Morro
at Wupatki

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock April 9th 2009

I have taken dwelling to Little Rock, Arkansas; "Little Rock"...the name synonymous with "delay'd-rotating-bike-tires-for-the-fun-of-making-friends-money-and-becoming-ever-content-with-the fact-of-staying-in-one-place." All is well here with Keith. Very well. Thoughts of where my life's tires are turning stand impenetrably in the mists of my mind. I know who I am, who I am becoming, and where I want my life to end up, forever moving, kickstand removed. Valuable wisdom paints my vision with pastels and sincerity. New music brings all the hues of my inner self into saturation. Relaxed, patient, and digging the hard labor in the sun-rays shooting through the humid mid day air. Damn fine deck this pine lumber will create. Damn fine job which landed in my lap. And who thought reading a tape measure was easy. This Little Rock "thing" will turn me proficient in woodworking 101, advanced ... read more
WIld Grape Vine
Pinnacle Mtn Sunset

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock March 25th 2009

Hard work and persistence is far better than instant satisfactions and simplifiers: To escape the terrible simplifies one must recognize the actual danger of the condition which they obtain their ascendance over the frustrated majority: for the condition these characteristics profess to correct is in fact a serious one. Instead of closing out eyes to its existence we must turn art and reason to effect a benign simplification, which will give back authority to the human person. Life belongs to the free-living and mobile creatures, not to the encrusted ones; and to restore the initiative to life and participate in its renewal, we must counterbalance every fresh complexity, every mechanical refinement, every increase in quantitative goods or quantitative knowledge, every advance in manipulation technique, every threat of superabundance or surfeit, with stricter habits of evaluation, rej ... read more
Open fields

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock March 24th 2009

I would like to update you on what is taking place. Green open fields, bright-blue hazel sky, rice field’s rice field’s rice fields. Doctor visit for Russ, almost tore his knee muscle completely apart. We think it happened when he was riding on the left side of the highway (cheers to the English), pushing himself to get a mile in before an oncoming car came. We have slept under the most brilliant night skies where the Milky Way is shouting beauty into our eyes, managed some Arkansas winds, and have had some brief encounters with coyotes during the night. I feel closer to a ‘higher being’ when I am out here with nature. I never would have thought that flat plains would be so epic. There have been many who I have met on this trip ... read more
Celebrating the 1000 mile mark
1000 miles
Wood and I

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock January 22nd 2009

On a Greyhounhd bus in Little Rock, Arkansas. Been on buses for the last 20 hours, and will be on them for another 10 until I reach Austin. At which point I expect to see ecstasy and exhaustion set in. And hunger. I've said goodbye to my brothers, parents, and the few friends who showed an interest in my leaving. I haven't had a glimpse of snow in hours. Amazing. ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock January 10th 2009

After two days in Austin, we headed to Arkansas. The big event of the day, before arriving in Arkansas, was stopping at Roy T.'s Bakery. It was located off the highway in a quant little cottage full of many Texans. We met Roy T. himself, and were entertained by the Texans' excitement surrounding the availability of fresh pigs in a blanket. In addition to the Texans' excitement, Krystal was ecstatic that they carried, and emphasized the superiority of Mexican Coke, because she, too, has a strong love and admiration for the taste of Mexican Coke. After customer upon customer came in and ordered unique items, we began feeling slightly lame that we were eating simple, plain sandwiches, but that was all resolved upon further chatting with Roy T. Like a true Texan, he made us feel ... read more
Krystal With Her Mexican Coke
Random Spaceship Along the Way
More of the Spaceship

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock January 3rd 2009

We had to leave the house pretty early my first day in Little Rock to go and see Daters’ grandparents. We packed up all of the family Christmas presents and set off for Hot Springs. We stopped at a small gas station where I grabbed a drink and some lovely homemade cookies. We went the back route to their house which was great because I got to see more of the countryside of Arkansas, it was pretty obvious why it is called the Natural State. We got to see some of the marshes and forests between Little Rock and Hot Springs. Daters’ grandparents live in a retirement village near Hot Springs. For the British amongst you, a retirement village is like nothing we have in the UK. It was giant, for the Midlanders of you, it ... read more
View from Daters' grandparents' house
The amazing barn
Bad picture of Clinton's Oval Office

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock October 5th 2008

We finally got to Little Rock and had only lost half a day in Nashville. I am not a big city person, but found Little Rock was easy to get around and next morning on 9/23, we gathered ourselves to visit the William Jefferson Clinton Library and Museum. This was a required visit as one of Bets favorite prezs is little Willie Clinton. The building was ultra-modern and Bets remarked that it reminded her of a stainless steel sided double-wide. However I found the facility to be remarkable. The theme was a Bridge to the 21st Century and in this case the east wing had minimal support and extended over the Arkansas River. The interior was amazing as the east wing contained documents and photographs of the Clinton Presidency with a series of alcoves used to ... read more
Bridge over the Arkansas River
Second Floor Alcoves
Sample Alcove Contents

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock August 22nd 2008

8/20/08 Dad and Vern were in Pine Bluff, Arkansas last night, they figure they've travelled about 1500 miles so far. 8/21/08 Reporting in from Mena, Arkansas, the Magic Scooter team is at about 3000 ft above sea level. An armadillo walked by Dad as he was on the phone with me. He says they've hit alot of rain but only his hands are getting wet because of the great rain gear they have. This is a photo of the two of them from June so you have to imagine them with some saddlebags and a backpack for this trip. ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock August 3rd 2008

Had a fine flight to Little Rock, Arkansas, otherwise known as the DEVIL'S OVEN! It was over 100 degrees, and it sure wasn't a dry heat. We had about a 4 hour drive to our destination in Reeds Springs, MO. Drove by or close to colorful little areas like Pickles Gap and Toad Suck Park (home of the Toad Suck Catfish Inn). After looking for over an hour for a 'local' restaurant along the way (they were all closed - Sunday?), we stopped at a Pizza Hut. This was the scariest Pizza Hut ever - inhabited by several people of various ages that were all related and were all barefoot! The idea of paying with a credit card threw them for a loop, so we paid cash to avoid a scene. As we ate, different members ... read more
Little Rock airport

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