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North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock March 12th 2008

Today was the first of all the days off in Dallas I actually got up in time for breakfast. There’s nothing quite like waffles in the shape of Texas. Craig was at the bus shop, so Beth and I just hung out in our room; well, actually, I was checking me eyelids for holes, if you know what I mean. Craig came and got us and took us to the shop; Beth left us from there in the van, headed for Little Rock, I think. A bit later, as we were still waiting for the bus to get finished, Uncle Brother Doug came to bring Florence back to us. She’s been with him since Thursday when she got her wisdom teeth out. It was so nice to see them both! As I’ve been reflecting on things, ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock November 4th 2007

Hello from Hazen, AR. Two uneventful days for the most part. Arrived in Nashville mid afternoon and had some barbeque at Jack’s on Broadway. Actually the back door of Jack’s opens to the back stage entrance of the Ryman Auditorium. I saw some of the folks who performed Saturday night in Jack’s. The Grand Ole Opry was in the Ryman Auditorium and it was a great experience. Got to see Vince Gill (Amy Grant came with him but didn’t perform - they did dance with the Opry Square Dancers) as they came in for the show. Saw several other artists at the back entrance. Jim Ed Brown, Ralph Stanley, Patty Loveless, Sawyer Brown and many others were on the lineup. Thought I was going to get to take advantage of “gaining” two hours Saturday. I went ... read more
Ralph Stanley
Jim Ed Brown

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock October 15th 2007

Blog 6 October 2007 Still in Buenos Aires and no Iguazu Falls for us unfortunately. We arrived at the domestic airport, having stored most of our luggage at the hostel and were issued boarding passes. This is always a good thing when ‘staff’travelling. We were very excited. I had booked a hostel at Iguazu, it was going to be a quick trip but we would have had enough time to see the Devils Throat, the main big one. Our flight was delayed but we were not too worried at that stage. Then the flight status changed to ‘see agent’ and we found out the Lan staff had gone on strike. We waited for another 3 hours or so and gave up. Bugger. What a waste of a day. Having no accommodation for that night, we phoned ... read more
at Magic Kingdom
Girls at Disney
Girls flying in the Peter Pan ride

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock June 13th 2007

Taking Paul's uncle's advice, we stopped at the tourist info center when we got to Arkansas. We picked up a couple of brochures for crystal mining and continued on our way to Memphis. We hadn't planned any stops along the way, but found a place near enough to the highway that we decided to spend a day mining. Here's how it worked: it's a real, active crystal mine that dumps its leavings in a separate area. It's basically mud and dirt that doesn't have any giant crystals in it. They open this area up to the public. Of course you sign a waiver saying that any injuries or death aren't their fault, pay $15 for the right to take home whatever you find in a day's dig, and march out there with rice sacks and ... read more
The Piles
Bags o Rocks

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock April 17th 2007

YES! That was the salutation, top-center, upon opening my college acceptance letter 15 years ago. A pretty happy moment. In fact I was ecstatic. YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is more the way I am feeling as Erin, Cleetus (and Lola-Belle in spirit) and I close up shop in Little Rock. House sold, all goods in storage indefinitely except for a week’s worth of clothes, some good whiskey, and the $9 tin of Old Bay’s, we said good-bye to President Clinton Ave, our close friends, and ten years in the Air Force. Our destination? to wander for a bit, a “walk-about.” It almost felt like a trip to the store where you get a notion, no an urge, to keep driving West and after buying more sundry items than you initially planned, rushing to the car, pausing for a ... read more
That's Mr. Tate To You

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock January 29th 2007

Little Rock is well Little. Flew in on Northwest. Pretty uneventful but those little planes are no fun. Sure they are jets but these days that's nothin fancy. I thought I would be sitting close to the front when I saw my boarding card had me in seat 10D. Not so! 10D was only two from the back - close enough to smell the toilet and loud enough to hear the engines attached to the rear fuselage.... Luckily Marc was sitting next to me in 10C. Turns out that 10C is the 'fat seat'. The seat belt in 10C has a built in extension for those larger than life Americans. We stopped in Detroit and changed planes to another of the exact same type - yipee! On this flight I was up in 6B away from ... read more

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