Jason Lupei

Jason Lupei

Jason Lupei

I am a High School U.S. History teacher who loves to travel. Whether by myself or with friends and family, travel unlocks my understanding of the world and the people in it. I have also found it teaches me a whole lot about me.

I hope you enjoy reading about my travels to Vietnam in 2005,
Myanmar, Thailand, the UAR, and Europe in 2007,
Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea in 2010
And the southern/middle part of the United States in 2011.

Feel free to share your comments and ideas.

North America » United States » Colorado August 31st 2011

8/25/11 to 8/31/11 Highlands Ranch, Colorado Denver, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado What I love most about this cross-country journey is how it has allowed me to spend time with some friends who are scattered around the nation. I formed my route around these stopovers, with plans to spend the most time with the Hayes family: Dave, Kristy, Mackenzie (5), Josie (4) and Frankie (2). Kristy and I have known each other since we were 11-year-old seventh graders at Jordan Intermediate. We maintained a close friendship... even went to prom together... and continue to be, well, family. Her husband Dave is as easy to love and we all have always have a fun time just hanging out. Aspects of this part of my trip were the most relaxing, some, the most chaotic. I'm not use to being ... read more
The Hayes Family
Listening to a Chatty Blacksmith
At the Manitou Cliff Dwellings

North America » United States » Kansas August 24th 2011

8/22-11 to 8/24/11 Abilene, Kansas Colby, Kansas When I told my friends about my drive across the country, most of them thought it was a pretty cool idea. Some had mixed reviews about the meditation retreat, but generally, most everyone supported my desire to hangout with friends while visiting major cities and history spots across the nation. This enthusiasm waned a bit regarding my two major stopovers in Kansas (with the exception of Leslie, who is as much of a self-proclaimed history dork as I am). I almost considered making a third stop in Dodge City, to visit a Wild West and cattle-range town, but I was unable on this trip. Next time. We really are dorks, Leslie. lol The 158 mile drive from Independence to Abilene wasn't much to write home about, except that I ... read more
Inside the Eisenhower Home
me-n-the lookout soldier
Resting place of Dwight D. Eisenhower

North America » United States » Missouri August 22nd 2011

St. Louis, Missouri 8/21/11 to 8/22/11 Independence, Missouri 8/22/11 I was told the 323 mile drive from Nashville to St. Louis was pretty, and I have to concur. It was a different kind of pretty, though. There were a lot of what appeared to be small, rustic farms. When I was little, I use to do a lot of puzzles, and the scenery reminded me of those puzzles. There were rusty, tin sheds and weathered silos, alongside of dilapidated, wood-slatted barns and crooked weather vanes. I definitely felt like I was driving through the country. I arrived in St. Louis at 4:05, checked into my room, and was at the Anheuser-Busch beer tour by 4:30. I was pretty proud of this achievement, as I received two free beers at the end of the tour AND learned ... read more
The Anheiser-busch factory and grounds
View of the Arch
Me -n- Harry

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville August 21st 2011

8/19/11 to 8/21/11 Nashville, Tennessee You gotta love facebook. I think everybody has a story about how facebook reconnected them with a long-lost love, a childhood best friend or a distant relative. One of my reconnections was with Rob, a friend of mine since 6th grade. We used to work in the cafeteria together at Mitchell elementary school and were friends throughout our time at Jordan Intermediate and our first two years at Grove. Before his junior year, Rob moved away, eventually joined the Army, and later had a career in radio which brought him to Nashville. Rob was the one who inspired me to drive across country in the first place. Our facebook reconnection led to emails, led to phone calls, led to a 273 mile drive from Atlanta (via Alpharetta) to Nashville, Tennessee. One ... read more
Welcome to Tennessee
Izzy, Rob and I...
At the Hermitage

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta August 19th 2011

Atlanta, Georgia 8/16/11 to 8/19/11 Throughout the 257 mile drive from Savannah to Atlanta, I was super excited to be going to a city of my heroes. My first hero is Laura, a friend of mine from high school who allowed me to stay at her home in Atlanta. Laura is a free spirit who follows her convictions and intuitions. I admire and support that so much. She is a raw foods chef who is in the process of starting her own catering truck business. She believes in the healing power of raw food and the messages delivered through angel numbers. On a silly, personal level about my history with Laura, she is the first person I ever sang to. I was always very insecure about my singing voice, but loved to sing. I sat next ... read more
Billy, Laura and I
Martin Luther King, Jr and Coretta Scott King
Outside Ebenezer Church

North America » United States » Georgia » Savannah August 16th 2011

Savannah, Georgia August 14-16, 2011 Ever since I saw Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I wanted to go to Savannah, Georgia. I thought it would be a great place to go and process after the meditation retreat. The 76 mile drive from Jesup to Savannah would take me to the eastern-most part of my travels and complete my west coast to east coast drive. The first two days, I was pretty lazy in Savannah. I really didn’t want to sight see. To be honest, I mostly wanted to eat, drink and socialize. Part of me worried I would be undoing some of what I worked on at the meditation retreat, but all things in moderation… I guess. My first stop was a prohibition pub that was not as cool as I hoped it ... read more
The Mercer House
Inside Fort Pulaski
A Confederate Soldier

North America » United States » Georgia » Jesup August 14th 2011

8/3/11-8/14/11 Southeast Vipassana Meditation Center http://www.patapa.dhamma.org/ I have written this blog a million times in my head. I didn't feel it was complete until I wrote it in my heart. For the last 11 days, I have been participating in a Vipassana meditation retreat in Jesup, Georgia. I first learned about Vipassana meditation four years ago when I was returning from my trip to Myanmar and Europe. My travels made me curious about mediation, and as fate would have it, I sat next to a woman on the airplane who had just completed a Vipassana meditation course. I jotted it down in my travel journal. The following week, I heard two more mentions about Vipassana meditation and knew I was supposed to complete the 10+ day course. All I knew about the course when I ... read more
Two of my roomies
The Men's Dining Hall
Where I slept

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis August 2nd 2011

8/2/11 Memphis, Tennessee I fell in love with Memphis, Tennessee the moment I started driving into it. The highlight of the 146 mile drive from Little Rock was driving on the bridge over the Mississippi River into the city that calls itself the home of the blues and the birthplace of Rock and Roll. I stopped by Memphis to learn more about two of my favorite Kings, Elvis Presley and MLK Jr., both of whom breathed their last breath here. The first stop in Memphis was Graceland, home of Elvis. I am glad I went to Graceland with the expectation that it would be cheesy, tacky and kitchy, because it definitely did not disappoint, although the house itself was smaller than I expected. The tour does not allow access into the upstairs area, but I was ... read more
The Lorraine Motel
Quote by MLK

North America » United States » Arkansas » Little Rock August 1st 2011

7-31-11 to 8/1/11 Little Rock, Arkansas I can’t express how exciting and refreshing it has been to drive across this beautiful country of mine. This 350 mile stretch took me from Oklahoma City to Little Rock, Arkansas. I think what was cool about driving through Oklahoma was passing through all the Native American lands: Shawnee, Creek, Cherokee and my favorite—Kickapoo (just to name a few). It would be fun to do a Native American themed drive across the nation to learn more about the various tribal histories. I think it would also be pretty cool to do a music-themed tour of the U.S. (I guess I’m a thematic person). Oklahoma boasts a few musical greats. I drove past Okemah, home of Woodie Guthrie and through Checotah, made famous by American Idol winner and country superstar, Carrie ... read more
Main Street in Checotah
Welcome to Arkansas
In Front of Central High School

7/27/11 to 7/31/11 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The drive from Roswell to Oklahoma City was a pretty flat and kind of dead 472 miles; lots of unwatered grass. Driving through the northern tip of Texas offered variety in the form of grazing horses and cows and the oh-so-unpleasant aromas that accompany them. I did get a little excited when I drove by a roadside marker noting the Chisholm Trail. “I teach about that!” I thought to myself. But there was nothing to show for it except a bent up sign and textbook details I couldn’t even remember. The highlight of this leg of my road trip was spending time with my cousin Shannon and her two amazing kids. Shannon and I last saw each other 25-30 years ago, but the initial bear hug when we first laid ... read more
My family
The Oklahoma Federal Building
John, Dave and I

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