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Part III! Right now I'm in Montreal, working my way through the photos from my camping trip. These are all taken in Arizona/Utah. Enjoy! - Streets.... read more
The guys again.
Landscape at Lake Powell.

I've never doubted that the world is full of amazing places and we've been lucky enough to see quite a few already but over the last few days we managed to see another four examples of what nature can do. The results were spectacular. America covers a huge area so to get anywhere takes an age. We set off from Santa Barbara at 9am Monday morning and arrived at Flagstaff, the gateway to the Grand Canyon, 12 hour later at 9pm. We'd driven through hundreds of miles of dessert to get there and seen amazing sites along the way but were looking forward to the 'big one' the next day. After a very early start and another two hours of driving on Tuesday morning we arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are ... read more
Route 66
Mile long trains snake their way across the dessertt

Where do you start on describing something that is essentially a big hole where millions of people have been and thousands of people have blogged about? After our first night staying in Flagstaff it was time to hit the road for the 90 minute drive to the South rim of the Grand Canyon. The drive towards the Canyon made us feel like we were already seeing so much from forests to farmland and then into the National Park area. Before entering we stopped at the village to pick up an annual parks pass, hoping this will be a money saver as we wind our way East across the country zigzagging through as many National Parks as possible. We then took in an IMAX movie on secrets of the Grand Canyon, this could have been missed but ... read more
Thirsty Little Fella?
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Hoover Dam is first on the list today. We had signed up for the dam tour, but when we got there, the elevators were broken so no tours running. Bummer! We watched the movie and saw an extra powerpoint about the dam they were running instead of the tours, then walked the top. It was extra impressive because it had super views of the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge – an awesome structure in and of itself. It is hard to imagine the work that went into building either the dam or the bridge. We drove over the dam into Arizona, but had to turn back and go over it again because that road to the highway is closed now.Now off to the Grand Canyon about 4 hrs away. Arrived at the Grand Canyon close to ... read more
Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
Looking down from the top
From the top looking out

Of course we woke up at 5.30am local time, 6.30am Mountain time and couldn’t get back to sleep. It was pouring and it was cold. I couldn’t believe it. My big chance to take award winning photos in both Bryce and Grand Canyons thwarted by overcast and raining weather! After breakfast and a shower we headed to the reception/giftshop/restaurant to get a coffee and I asked an assistant in there wether this was unusual weather for this time of year. She said not really as it’s monsoon season. Who would’ve thought that one side of the canyon could be so different to the other in the space of a few miles! Anyway after sipping coffee and enjoying the gorgeous lobby decorated with leather chairs and stuffed wildlife heads on the wood walls and native American art, ... read more
Road to Grand Canyon
Dinner at Jacob Lake Inn
Road in Kaibab Forest near Grand Canyon

Save the best for last. Icing on the cake. The National Anthem can now play on the TV. We both agreed that this was the most magnificent way we could have put an end to our trip. To everyone: Try somehow, someway to see this natural work of art before you can't. It is almost unbelievable to see. Here you come 60 miles north of the major highway Interstate 40, the temperature drops a few degrees, pass by Grand Canyon Lodging, pay the national park entrance fee, park in a lot, and walk up a trail and Voila! there lies one of the many natural wonders of the world. Now, the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam can be found on someone's list of wonders(there are many..I googled), but they are under the manmade division. This ... read more
Photo 57
Photo 58
Photo 59

For weeks we layered up and bunkered down against the crisp, cool air, absorbing any window of sunshine in an attempt to give the bodies a snippet of respite from the bracing conditions. This week it's been shorts, t-shirts and the quest for shade from the sucking heat. Admittedly we drove in the right direction but the Wyoming/Utah border was like a barrier between winter and summer. I don't know what happened to Spring but it must be stuck somewhere around the 41st parallel. A few days in the south of Utah the mercury hit 42 degrees. The 2% humidity made it bareable but the extremes can reek havoc with the body thermometer. Prior to entering Utah, a smidgen of pre planning needed to be addressed. Trying to snavel a drink in this state can be ... read more
Bruce Canyon hoodoos
Long and winding road into Kolob Canyon.
Queens Garden, Bryce Canyon

It is 6 hours from Tucson to the grand canyon, a drive that takes you through different altitudes, temperature and weather conditions, all to go see what is essentially a very big hole. On the way up we stopped in Sedona better know as red rock country. There will be no prizes for guessing why it is called that. It was roughly 3-4 hours into our drive that we stopped there for lunch. I'm so glad we did, I understood it was called red rock country so I expected red, but honestly I expected a murky red-brown. What I got was vibrant beautiful mountains, their colour is from the clay in the area. (I'm sure our house was built on clay soil but it didn't look anything like this) the cafe was on top of a ... read more

My day started out at Petrified Forest National Park. The have a strict rule against taking any petrified wood so you are asked about it on the way in and on the way out. The park itself is a cool park. You start off at the edges of the Painted Desert and you really can see where it gets its name. There are many different hues of rock and dirt, from reds to browns to even greens and purples. Part of the park is located on the old Route 66 as is nearby Flagstaff. By far the most interesting part of the park is by the southern entrance. That is where the huge petrified logs are. You can hike through them and wonder if they have always been there or if they were placed on that ... read more
Painted Desert
Painted Desert 2
Abandoned Car on Route 66

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