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This morning we rose and discovered some one of nature's real beauties, the Grand Canyon. The first time we viewed this monstous crack in the earth, it was awe-inspiring. We viewed Mather Point first with many photo opportunities. It's located on the east side of the viewing rim near the Visitors Center. While there, we listened to a park ranger's discussion of wildlife in the park, at the Mather Point Amphitheater. Most of the talk was on Big Horn Sheep (not Mountain Goats as Sweetie originally thought!) and their ability to adapt to this rough terrain. We then viewed a 30 minute film on the history of the Grand Canyon, with narration by Peter Coyote. Truly amazing how this canyon has transformed over 2 billion years. We also learned about the history of eight (8) different ... read more
Thank you for Railings!
Pictures can't do it Justice
Railings, Schmailings - No Hands!

It's time to get the Traveling Traverse rolling again. We leave Las Vegas and head to the Grand Canyon, with a stop at the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is one of the world's largest dams that controls floods, generates electricity and provides water. It was built during the Great Depression at a cost of $49 million and completed in 1935. The size and vastness of it just reinforces the size and vastness of our travels in this part of the country. We continue on through the desert and some real ugly landscape. After we pass through Kingman, the terrain starts to green up and look better. We make our first stop on Route 66 in the small town of Seligman. It still has artifacts of a bygone era (Route 66), but you can tell it ... read more
Hoover Dam Reservoir
Bridge over Hoover Dam
Base of the Hoover Dam

Another big driving day for us as we travelled from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. After a last go at the The Orleans Breakfast Buffet, and another quick stop at the outlet mall (where Brett and I had a turn shopping) we headed off, stopping at The Hoover Dam on the way. A pretty amazing feat of engineering, though I think Brett as an ex-surveyor appreciated the finer details more than the female members of the Hjorth clan. We have decided that Americans do everything big - from dams, to valleys and national parks, meals and vehicles, and as we found out today, canyons. We have all seen pictures of the Grand Canyon before but absolutely nothing can prepare you for your first glimpse over the rim. Absolutely breath-taking, and words nor photos can do it ... read more
View from Mather Point with Condor
Hover Dam
View from Mather Point

We are off again on our last long drive of this amazing road trip we have been on, this time to The Grand Canyon. Not sure what to expect after all the amazing sites we have seen, can this stand up to the pressure or will it be a damp squib? Left Downtown Vegas, which I have an affectionate spot for, and headed off thought we should travel along some of the historic Route 66, as we could, and it would be nice not to be on interstates & highways all the time. It was once again a different side to America, lovely scenery & we passed some very quirky towns. It seems that since the interstate has been built people hardly ever visit now, which is a shame. Grand Canyon - we had booked in ... read more
Just a little slot machine
Seligman on Route 66

I hiked the Grand Canyon! "I MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM AND ALL THE WAY BACK UP!" I have to say it out loud in order to believe it! I did it and it's surreal. I was going to give myself a blogging break this summer because I felt I was only going to Arizona. Yea it's my 25th visited state, but I didn't think it was as worthy as a foreign country. Boy... was I wrong! I think sometimes Americans take for granted the magnificence of their own backyard. I know I did! Hiking the Grand Canyon is definitely up there with Antigua, Guatemala; bar hopping in Victoria; horseback riding to Tipon; the Salvadorian zip line; and the Manuel Antonio Rainforest. Therefore, worthy of a blog entry. Ha...I hiked the Grand Canyon! Can you say ... read more
First View of Canyon
Jason, Liz, and I
Me and the Canyon

Since we were too late getting to The Grand Canyon to see sunset we decided to further confuse our body clocks by getting up ridiculously early and watch sunrise. Our alarm went off at 4am, we quickly pulled up camp and then drove closer in to the Grand Canyon to where we could catch a shuttle bus to where we wanted to go. The morning was a bit cloudy and hazy but it was still pretty beautiful in the pre-dawn light and seeing the light come into the rocks as the sun rose was gorgeous. We wandered along the path between different vantage points, saying good morning to other early risers, and to an Elk that was wandering through the trees. Feeling tired, we caught the shuttle bus back to our car and dozed for a ... read more
Grand Canyon at dawn
Lonely photographer
Grand Canyon at dawn

Part III! Right now I'm in Montreal, working my way through the photos from my camping trip. These are all taken in Arizona/Utah. Enjoy! - Streets.... read more
The guys again.
Landscape at Lake Powell.

I've never doubted that the world is full of amazing places and we've been lucky enough to see quite a few already but over the last few days we managed to see another four examples of what nature can do. The results were spectacular. America covers a huge area so to get anywhere takes an age. We set off from Santa Barbara at 9am Monday morning and arrived at Flagstaff, the gateway to the Grand Canyon, 12 hour later at 9pm. We'd driven through hundreds of miles of dessert to get there and seen amazing sites along the way but were looking forward to the 'big one' the next day. After a very early start and another two hours of driving on Tuesday morning we arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There are ... read more
Route 66
Mile long trains snake their way across the dessertt

Where do you start on describing something that is essentially a big hole where millions of people have been and thousands of people have blogged about? After our first night staying in Flagstaff it was time to hit the road for the 90 minute drive to the South rim of the Grand Canyon. The drive towards the Canyon made us feel like we were already seeing so much from forests to farmland and then into the National Park area. Before entering we stopped at the village to pick up an annual parks pass, hoping this will be a money saver as we wind our way East across the country zigzagging through as many National Parks as possible. We then took in an IMAX movie on secrets of the Grand Canyon, this could have been missed but ... read more
Thirsty Little Fella?
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

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