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Today’s goal was the North Rim Of the Grand Canyon. While we’d visited there 2 years ago, it was late in the afternoon and we had a limited amount of time. The drive from Kanab was beautiful. As usual we looked for any sign of wildlife but didn’t see any. To go to the National Parks cost about $35.00 a car. Several years ago when Terry and I were climbing the Currituck lighthouse, the attendant said to us, “If it wouldn’t hurt your feelings, I’d tell you that you look old enough to buy the seniors National Park pass for only $10.00.” (We’d already paid $10.00 to climb the lighthouse). We told her we were sure we were old enough and bought the passes. We certainly have made our money back multiple times. Karen and Ed ... read more

From National Day: National Hamburger Day is observed each year on May 28. This day celebrates a summer-time grilling favorite and National Hamburger Day is part of National Hamburger Month. Hamburger. Seasoned ground beef, grilled and placed between two slices of bread or a bun. Top with sautéed onions, peppers, pickles, sliced onions, or cheese. Add condiments such as ketchup, mustard or mayo. Any one of these combinations would create a modern American version a hamburger. It is most likely that the hamburger sandwich first appeared in the 19th or early 20th centuries, but there is much controversy over its origin. Over the years, the hamburger has become a culinary icon in the United States. The world’s largest hamburger was prepared on September 2, 2012, in Carlton, Minnesota by Black Bear Casino Resort and weighed in ... read more
Coltons Social House
I enjoy an In N Out Burger on the road

Despite the plethora of specialty cuisines, Kaiseki dinners, and tasting menus around the world, the American hamburger is still near the top of my food choices. Here are my five best. I would be curious to hear about yours. 5. The Kingsburger, Park Drive In, Kingsburg This is the place (only a distant memory) where we hung out after school, after football games, and many other times. It may not have been the best burger, but it was the only burger in our little town. 4. Burger Road, Pleasant Hill A typical greasy, and I emphasize greasy spoon, now replaced by a joint called Chef Burger. I am still not sure if the fries were greasier than the burger. But both were delicious, and my kids loved it when they were growing up. 3. Burger at ... read more
House of Juju
In N Out Burger
Chow in Lafayette

You have to see the Grand Canyon to believe it - pictures of it may be impressive, but nothing is as awe-inspiring as seeing the real thing. Lonely Planet has this to say about it: “No matter how much you read about the Grand Canyon or how many photographs you have seen, nothing really prepares you for the sight of it.” “The sheer immensity of the Grand Canyon is what grabs you at first - a two-billion-year-old rip across the landscape that reveals the earth’s geological secrets with commanding authority. But it’s Mother Nature’s artistic touches, from sun-dappled ridges and crimson buttes to lush oases and a ribbon-like river, that hold your attention and demand your return... simply grab a seat along the Rim Trail and watch the earth change colors before you.” “Arguably the USA’s ... read more
Grand Canyon - South Rim
Grand Canyon - South Rim
Grand Canyon - South Rim

It has been decades since we have tent camped but we decided to give it a try. We bought a new tent, large sleeps six and is so tall KD could stand up in it. We bought large cots, Mark’s is larger than a twin bed, that is why we need the large tent. We bought three inch pads that inflate by themselves and new sleeping bags. We check our camping list multiple times and pack the car. We are not fans of long drives so we plan our trip with stop every six hours. Our first stop is in Barstow, no camping yet we check into a hotel. We have decided to stay in hotels if we are stopping for one night or if it rains. Our car is a Honda Clarity which uses gas ... read more
Beautiful views
Views along the rim trail

Weather: 60s and beautiful States: Arizona Cities: Williams, Flagstaff Miles: 220 Hours: 3 hrs 30 min (driving there, through, and back) Sites: Grand Canyon Restaurant: Hotel/Home: Lovely Little Log Cabin in Williams VRBO #1083110 Movies: Audible: Resisting Happiness (get you thinking book- has a religious base- it is good) I am writing a day behind if you have not already figured that out. Once our days get busy and we aren’t driving, I lose writing time. Yesterday was our first full day in Williams at our cabin. It is really a lovely cabin. It has everything thing we need. I woke up before everyone, made my coffee and toast and sat out on the deck in the sun to write, have my coffee and enjoy the warm sun. Matthew is always my early riser so he ... read more

The expectation was building up more and more...... Yes, coming from Flagstaff on a cold but sunny December day, I was very excited to arrive at grand canyon. What builds up the expectation is that you don't see really see the canyon until you are in the park, on designed sites. When you see it the first time, you mind needs to adjust to grasp the huge dimension of it. Breath taking!! Did I say it was cold? We arrived at -5 Celsius with very strong wind, so bring your coat and layers in the winter! But the good side of this, is that there are far less people around, so you can really take your time at every station. I tried to take pictures from different angles and perspective to attempt to represent the greatness, ... read more
desert 's view

Hotel pickup was at 7.45am this morning, for our Grand Canyon Tour. Then a bus ride out to Boulder City, a town built to house the workers who came to work on the Hoover Dam. It is just south of Las Vegas, and gambling is prohibited within city limits. The airport had lots of helicopters coming and going, as well as light planes. Boarded a small (19 seater) aeroplane for the one hour flight to the Grand Canyon (complete with 12 year old co-pilot - well he looked about 12 years old). Saw the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, which are on the Colorado River, on the border of Nevada and Arizona, from the plane. Amazing and beautiful colour, blue one end, green the other. Plane landed at Grand Canyon Airport, near the south rim of ... read more
With the co-pilot
Hoover Dam
Colorado River

We visited the Grand Canyon and camped in the Kaibab National Forest.... read more

We arrived at the Grand Canyon around dinner time. We checked a couple lookouts then decided to make dinner and watch the sunset. It was a beautiful evening and we could have stared at the canyon for hours. ... read more

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