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North America » United States » Alaska » Seward August 22nd 2014

SEWARD We just loved Seward and our hotel which was situated on the harbour had gorgeous views over the mountain tops. Settled at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula, Seward with a population of about 2500 is one of Alaska’s oldest and most scenic communities and we could not agree more. The historic downtown district was filled with quaint shops and art galleries, and of course the amazing boat harbour that is shared with humans and wildlife alike - so many bald eagles flying past us all the time. There was a free shuttle bus into town and the drivers were so happy and informative it was a pleasure to hop on board. Located at the terminus of both the Alaska Railroad and the Seward Highway as well as a Port for many ... read more
Downtown Seward with Mount Marathon
Halibut in the centre
Kenai Fjords Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward June 9th 2014

First full day at sea. No real issues other than a rather hot room - easily fixed by lowering the temperature control. I noticed that there was a stretch class at 0700 so do the right thing and get up for that. Arrive early so do some bike work, then on to the rower for a warm up - need to wear off all that crispy bacon..... Miss the start of the stretch class and now no room so continue with some gym junkie stuff..... After half hour have had enough so leave and wander the ship. Find all sorts of areas and the other food places. Interesting time and lack of people to do a reccie.... Back to the room and have a shower - good pressure but not much room, the cat is safe. ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward June 8th 2014

Up really early this morning - 0630 bag pull. We are heading south to Seward with an early stop at the Alaskan wildlife centre. They rehabilitate wild animals and where possible re-introduce them to the wild. At last, bears.. may not have been really in the wild but they were wild bears that would have still ripped you apart. Other animals like caribou, elk, musk ox, bison, fox, owl, lynx and porcupine. Still reckon what I aw in Denali wasn't a porcupine but never mind, I don't hold grudges....... Out of there and on to Seward where we are to join a 6 hour boat trip into the Kenai peninsula fiords. On our boat and out of the harbour - with our cruise ship in port as well - bloody big ship. Out we go and ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward September 6th 2013

On Wednesday, my wonderful hostess and niece, Ginny, delivered me to the train station at 5:45 am to catch the train to Seward where I'm hoping to go horseback riding, kayaking and see some bear, moose and glaciers! I have a message into the horseback riding tour and am hoping to hear back from them. Now, I'm not a morning person, but catching this train was worth it. There are some incredible views and the conductor provides commentary the entire trip, stopping the train to view beluga whales in the Turnagain Arm and a bald eaglet getting ready to leave the nest! Very cool! I learn how to remember the five types of salmon found in Alaska using only your hand: Thumb finger - Rhymes with "Chum" Index finger - you stick it out to sock ... read more
Bartlett Glacier
Seward Ferel Bunny
Raft of Otters

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward August 27th 2013

Early morning start to make the most of day exploring the area - Soldotna to Seward. We bought ourselves a thermos and now we can stop at the garages along the way and fill up the thermos with brewed coffee for under $2. Drove to Coopers Landing admiring the Kenai river along the way. Found a picnic area close by the river to have breakfast. The water is so blue it is hard to believe it is even real. It was just like looking at a postcard picture but we were there! Watched people fishing in small boats - salmon jumping everywhere. One of joys of independent travel is taking detours and discovering sights you never knew existed. Today was one of those days. We took a side road off the highway into Chugach national forest ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward August 16th 2013

Very early morning departure from Anchorage on the Alaska Railway. Sitting on the train, ready for the trip to Seward, sounds of reveille were heard in the early morning, carried in the crisp morning air from the local military base. We were in the "D" car, which is similar to first class in commercial airplanes with more comfortable seating, a bit more leg room and fewer assigned seats in the car. The prior day, we were in the "C" car which was comfortable and we had no complaints with either arrangement. The train depot has a white tent for luggage service, and our bags were checked through to the ship for drop-off at our cabin later in the afternoon. The train route was much more scenic than the prior day's trip. In this route we encountered ... read more
Alaska- Anchorage to Seward on Alaska Railway
Alaska- Anchorage to Seward scenery
More scenery between Anchorage and Seward

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward August 16th 2013

Aboard the ship and waiting to get underway, we visited the common areas and took care of minor business items regarding our arrangements for the week. The Radiance of the Seas is a well-appointed ship with a lot of quiet areas for relaxation. We toured the spa area, guided by one of the staff members. The photos include descriptions below.... read more
Radiance of the Seas
Radiance of the Seas
Radiance of the Seas

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward August 14th 2013

Day 28 Tuesday August 13 Homer to Seward 175 Miles We woke up to this glorious sunrise streaming into our front window, but there was a shroud of clouds covering the entire range of mountains. It was eerie to think that the mountains were hidden just behind them. Before we left, the veil was lowering and we could see the tops of the mountains for the last time on the spit. We retraced our path up to Kenai and headed east, then picked up Alaska Highway 9 at Tern Lake Junction. We pulled into the City of Seward Parks and Recreation Caravan Camping area around 2:15. We are right on the water at the Seward area of Cook Inlet. We had friends over for fresh halibut that they caught yesterday. Then took a walk down the ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward July 17th 2013

Geo: 60.1042, -149.442 We left our great little motel in Homer under cloudy skies and balmy temperatures for our third day on the Kenai Peninsula and retraced our route along the Sterling Highway 1. Along the way we had one quick moose sighting near Kenai Lake. Riding along Steward Highway 9 we made our way over Moose Pass as the cloud cover gave way to patches of blue skies and the temperature began to rise. Just outside of Seward we entered the Kenai Fjords National Park for a visit to the Exit Glacier. The approach to the ice field along Resurrection River under clear skies was stunning. We hiked to the base of the glacier where the runoff from melting ice created the river. After sharing our lunch with flies and mosquitoes, we headed into Seward(the ... read more
Along Hwy 9, approaching Seward
Exit Glacier
Resurrection River

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward July 16th 2013

A hike up to Exit glacier was what we did this afternoon. It was an easy hike to the lower level, but the ranger said if we wanted to get up close to the glacier it would be a much harder hike. Joyce and I decided we would let the guys and Carolyn do that hike. We figured we could look at the pictures they took. We were glad we stayed down below since they all said the hike was pretty rough towards the end. It was sad to see how much the glacier has rescinded over the years.... read more
Exit glacier up close
Fireweed with exit glacier in background
Glacier was down this far in 1926

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