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North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks August 16th 2019

Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs We arrived in Fairbanks after a short 128 miles from Denali. It seemed to be mostly downhill. The roads in Alaska are fairly good in most places, then the gravel roads of construction zones appear. With The permafrost issue, the repaired roads are like a roller coaster. You have to slow down or head bottom, and don’t mentIon the right to left roll that gets added in. Good thing I don’t really get car sick.... This Fairbanks feeling is like the ‘end of the road.’. I mean it really is. About 50 miles north from here is the Arctic Circle ⭕️ , Prudhoe Bay oil field and only a few dirt roads. The gals went to the Hilltop Truck Stop diner last night for dinner and pie. The road was built ... read more
Denali tops map
Bus used in “Into the Wild” movie
Button mushroom ?

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks August 22nd 2018

The drive from Healy AK to Fairbanks AK was only 110 miles, and we arrived at the Best Western Plus Pioneer Park Inn on Thursday, August 17, 2018 without incident. My primary reason for selecting this particular motel is its location about a quarter mile walk (or a one-mile drive) from, ta-da, Pioneer Park – home to a handful of interesting attractions, including Pioneer Hall which was designed to represent a 1900s-era building that houses two historical attractions, The Pioneer Museum and The Big Stampede Theater; Riverboat Nenana, a now inoperable sternwheeler nicknamed the “Queen of the Yukon,” that was built in 1933 in Seattle and then shipped to Nenana AK where she was constructed; The Harding Car, also known as the Denali Car, a passenger railroad car named after President Warren G. Harding; Mining Valley, ... read more
Just the Cinnamon Roll by Itself Would Make a Meal
A Bridge on the Footpath from the Motel to Pioneer Park Crossed the Chena River
Here’s Why They Came to Alaska (and to Yukon)!

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks August 12th 2018

The Tres Amigo’s, String, Dave and Al got away early to start their Continental Divide Ride down to the border with Mexico, while we got away at 9.15am after waiting ages for Gerardo, who thought we were leaving at 9.30 but everyone was keen to get away.! Radar, Nikki, Pete and Julie left the same time as us to head down into the USA. We followed the truck out of the hotel but after Paul took us into a weigh station we parted company and reprogrammed our gps with Whistler and made our way through down town Vancouver to meet up with the chase truck again in Squamish. We should have refueled at Squamish but took a punt. We made it to Lillooet on fumes only. We arrived 7.00pm and had dinner in the pub next ... read more
A rear group shot, only Wayne missing as he rode by..
smoko on the way at Cottonwood.
Bones n Linda

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks August 6th 2018

You've probably never wondered what sled dogs do during the summer but here it is. This kennel has 141 dogs and runs sled dog tours during the winter. During the summer, they give talks on sledding. Racing is all about how well the musher knows his dogs - he controls how fast they run, how long and when they rest. There have been instances where the dogs just quit running. Falling asleep at a rest stop is a major risk - no one will wake you while the competition moves on. The town is Dawson City. I like to think we drove 1300 miles for this? Very rustic. We honored the town by having a tire problem on the tow car and had to spend an extra day. The derelict stern wheeler is the result of ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks July 20th 2018

Before I get started on the limited details of departure day, let me just say that yesterday I should have bought a lottery ticket. Here are the highlights: -Showed up for my scheduled manicure; she had no record of it although she could fit me in so no worrie -Went to the vet to get Morgan’s heartworm and flea meds which I had called in on Tuesday; no record of it but was able to get it filled anyway -Got stuck behind the same older gentleman 3 times at Harris Teeter. Took 15 minutes to make a purchase for $7.08 -A car with a visitor was stuck at the Williamsburg West Gate (we live in a gated community) and when the driver at the gate couldn’t get her guest pass to work, she approached the car ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks July 9th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Nous avons eu un peu de temps hier en fin d'après midi. Le jour qui se prolonge jusqu'à 23h30, permet de faire le tour de Valdez. Je me souvenais très bien de Valdez, d'ailleurs comme partout où je suis déjà allé, comme d'une ville triste, sans âme, un avec un seul petit point positif le long du port domestique avec ses restaurants. Mais avec 27° et plein soleil, la ville, pour moi n'a toujours pas d'âme, mais parait beaucoup moins triste, de plus l'environnement est exceptionnel. Le Pacifique à ici une couleur d'un vert émeraude intense, des sommets sur 360°, font un écrin à cette ville. Sur le port nous sommes passés au moment ou un pêcheur rentrait avec des flétans. Je connaissais les filets, mais n'avais jamais vu le poisson. Je pensais ... read more
ma petite "louloutre" de mer
Mofit Glacier
Chalutiers d'Alaska

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks June 27th 2017

Day 4 - Alaska Around 8:45AM we boarded our bus to take us North to Fairbanks, the location where the Gold Rush started. It was a 3 hour drive, but we stopped at a place along the route, which was a museum of life in early Alaska, and the creativity of the locals to make and modify things to be able to live and work in the environment. The journey took 3 hours, and we got to Fairbanks, had lunch on our own, while I hitched a ride to the equivalent of a Wal Mart Supercenter, for syringes, to hold me until the pump arrived. After lunch, we went to Gold Dredge No. 8, heard how they mined gold, why they stopped, and why they started again. We got to try our hand at panning for ... read more
Roadside stop
His hanger.
Rear view of the hanger

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks June 12th 2017

We finally got a chance to sleep in after being on the go for the past several days. No worries, as it were. We got the buffet breakfast at the Westmark, and that included Eggs Benedict for me! Sharon wanted to go to church today to make up for missing mass on Sunday. I think she had an excuse though, there were no Catholic Churches in Dead Horse and the one near us in Fairbanks didn’t have an evening Sunday service. They did however have a daily service at 12:10PM today! And the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church was within walking distance, Sharon assured me. I just hadn’t bargained for the rain. The church was quite full, for a small parish church, and the first Catholic Church to open in Alaska’s interior in 1904. The priest was ... read more
Immaculate Conception Church
Immaculate Conception Church
Immaculate Conception Church

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks June 11th 2017

We assembled for breakfast, and already Mike was chowing down on his hot breakfast with eggs, sausage and hashed browns. We opted for the cold breakfast option (at a discounted price). We both had some cereal and some toast and I supplemented that with a Pepsi. Mike passed out the evaluation forms and envelope for us to rate him as a guide. He’d been kidding us during the trip that we could let him fill these out for him. Sharon scowled at me when I didn’t pick up on the fact that you were supposed to put both the evaluation form and the tip in the envelope. I finally picked up on what she was meaning; but, Mike had already stowed the envelopes. Sharon kept shooting me those, “Give it to him NOW” looks; but, I ... read more
Room in Deadhorse Camp
Room in Deadhorse Camp
Hallway in Deadhorse Camp

North America » United States » Alaska » Fairbanks June 8th 2017

After a night of little rest and even less sleep I awoke with Sharon declaring “Eureka”! I thought that she’d discovered the motherload in Fairbanks; but, perhaps just as good, she’d found the Pike’s Waterfront Lodge and they had a room for us tonight. Our tour at Gold Dredge Number 8 had been moved back to 10:30AM so we were in no rush this morning; still, we wasted no time going out to breakfast. We used GoogleMaps to find the nearest Denny’s, and as it turned out, it was just around the corner where we discovered that this was the northernmost Denny’s. It was not particularly busy on this Thursday morning, and we had a seat by the window. I chose my normal eggs over medium breakfast; but, with jalapeno bacon breakfast, and it did have ... read more
John in front of the pipeline
Earl the Singing Conductor on the Gold Dredge Train
Example of mining on the side of the train

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