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August 16th 2019
Published: August 17th 2019
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Fairbanks and Chena Hot Springs

We arrived in Fairbanks after a short 128 miles from Denali. It seemed to be mostly downhill. The roads in Alaska are fairly good in most places, then the gravel roads of construction zones appear. With The permafrost issue, the repaired roads are like a roller coaster. You have to slow down or head bottom, and don’t mentIon the right to left roll that gets added in. Good thing I don’t really get car sick....

This Fairbanks feeling is like the ‘end of the road.’. I mean it really is. About 50 miles north from here is the Arctic Circle ⭕️ , Prudhoe Bay oil field and only a few dirt roads. The gals went to the Hilltop Truck Stop diner last night for dinner and pie. The road was built in the 1960’s but is being redone now for a projected 30 year life. It will be a total of 14 inches of asphalt over the road base they ar3 laying now. By the way, they said it had the best sausage gravy and blueberry pie ever!

The Chena Hot Springs was found in 1905 by a gold prospector.

Denali tops map Denali tops map Denali tops map

Seen how extensive the range is
I’m sure the natives knew about it many eons before. It is a private area but did lead to the establishment of park lands around it along the Chena River. It is totally geothermal powered and has both outside and inside swim areas. And an ice museum where a husband and wife team carve ice. It was really cold. Glad that I did not go.

Today is rain and more rain. But the weather is suppose to be clear on Sat. So I get to stay dry and warm in the camper while Terrie gets her RV serviced. Mom and Chris are looking for more moose.

Wanted to not forget to tell all of you about the squirrels in Denali that pick mushrooms to dry in the tree tops then they store them in the nests to eat during the winter. Wonder what type they pick. The bus lady said it was really funny to be hiking and see these mushrooms tops up in the trees drying. There were lots of mushrooms growing everywhere. Mom has a special interest in them and takes lots of pictures. I don’t like to eat them, but some dogs do.

Bus used in “Into the Wild” movieBus used in “Into the Wild” movieBus used in “Into the Wild” movie

Bus used in the movie is parked at the brewery outside of Denali. A sober reality of the harshness of Alaska.. rip Chris Mc Candless

I said it didn’t rain hard in Alaska, well today it did. The Chena River is deep and wide where we are camped...but no flooding.

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Outside bathOutside bath
Outside bath

Water comes out at 156 degrees then cooled befor3 the bath area

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