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North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas October 1st 2018

Today we sleep in late - that’s the trouble with these rooms without a real window! I must have been tired as I completely slept through the sound of the cathedral bells though Ian reports a disturbed night. Our first task today is to take our washing to the laundry. The one nearest to us has only two reviews and one of them says the woman who runs it is rude and loses half your stuff! There is another one just up the road and it’s on the way to the teleferic (cable car) - it has no reviews but we decide to take our chances. We arrive at 9.30am to find its doors firmly bolted. It’s Monday, so is that closing day or are we just too early? Armed with google translate I enter the ... read more
Bronze statues
View from La Bufa
All set for mine visit

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas September 30th 2018

Today is a move on day. I sleep late after a disturbed night. I can only put this down to it being a Saturday night in the city! There seemed to be revellers driving past with blaring music and, what sounded like, wild dogs barking ferociously all night...and we are at the back of the building! I don’t think I fell asleep until around 3am! Anyway, there is no rush as breakfast is served later on Sundays and our bus does not leave until noon. We have a leisurely breakfast, make a couple of phone calls back home and buy a couple of bits for lunch as we will be travelling for six hours today and we are not sure what (if anything) will be provided by the bus company! We order our Uber, standing at ... read more
Travel to Leon
Cactus field
Rugged landscape

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas January 6th 2017

Heading from Sitillio early morning on the libre Highway MEX 54 the sun was shinning and the highway in good condition . First Military check (Area de revision) near saint Marcos where we were just waved through. Spotting miles of bare land covered with the Joshua trees, our drive today is to be 300 KMS and will take 6 hours with the speed can maintain on these roads of about 60 Kms. No toll highways were necessary, second military check 30 kms north of Zacatecas, again we were just waved through. Now settled for two nights at Hacienda Baruk, its a lovely hotel that has RV spots in the parking out front. The RV Parks are limited in this city as very little tourists your choices are slim. This park is central to town, the services ... read more
Military Check
Fields of Joshua trees
Cathedral of Zacatecas

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas June 14th 2015

Distance driven today: 254 miles / 409 km Cumulative distance driven: 5,065 miles / 8,151km (12,000 miles to go) Today’s trip: Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico to Zacatecos, Zacatecos, Mecixo Getting lost in the slums of Torreon in the morning: yes I must have spent, over the past 3 years, close to 150 hours with the Garmin mapping software, creating detailed waypoints on the digital maps I use for this trip. I have created thousands of waypoints (individual locations on the map) and then grouped multiple waypoints together into routes. I have also created a multitude of back-up routes for this PanAmerican trip. It is fair to say that I prepared my digital maps in advance of this trip so meticulously, that even professional mapping experts would be impressed! But I also know well that, plans serve primarily ... read more
Enter Zacatecas district
Warning - If you drive here your car will get an aura
Lunch stop on the road

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas February 24th 2015

Zacatecas higher in the mountains than Durango 7000 feet. Took a city tour of Zacatecas this is the coolest city temperature wise in all of Mexico. Founded in the 1500,s has a population of 500,000 mostly fair skinned of Spanish decent. Very wealthy one of the richest Mexican cities mostly from mining. The city is clean, prosperous all the business fronts must display their name in letters painted on the front of the building. The wires are under ground and the streets are cobble stone. Many old churches built by the Spanish laced with gold. February 6th tour of the Corona Factory. Built in 1925 by Diago Mexico city moved to Zacatecas in 1975. The largest brewery in the world producing over 30 million bottles of beer per year. Employees 4000 people and ships all over ... read more

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas September 5th 2013

Leider hatten wir übersehen, die Uhr eine Stunde zu verstellen, und so wachten wir um 8.00 auf, frisch und munter, jedenfalls relativ. Hektik, als wir beim Frühstück unseren Fehler bemerkten. Aber dadurch entging uns die Panik der anderen, die sich nur im Konvoi fahren trauten aus Angst vor ich weiss nicht was. Jedenfalls fuhr ich allein, wurde überhaupt nicht an- oder erschossen und alles war gut. Fast. Es war nämlich saukalt, mit 14 Grad war es kälter als in Alaska, da war ja Hitzewelle. Irgendwann gab ich klein bei und holte noch eine Lage Gwand aus dem Topcase, aber auch dann war es nur knapp erträglich, nicht richtig warm. In Zacatekas angekommen wurstelte ich mich durch die Kopfsteinpflaster Strassen, war fast da, nur noch links abbiegen, das ist die Strasse vom Hotel. Aber genau diese Strasse ... read more

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas March 17th 2012

Lunes, 5 March, we said goodbye to Ed and Michelle and struck off on our own to Zacatecas. Leaving San Miguel, the terrain appeared to be mostly ranch land. Then we crossed an arid Nevada looking stretch. Nearing Zacatecas most acreage appeared to be used for grain cultivation. We are camped on the site of Hotel Hacienda del Bosque and RV Park. Being adjacent to the highway, it is pretty noisy but truck noise has never kept us awake. The facilities here are excellent but expensive – 350 pesos per night. The only time we’ve paid more was for our luxury accommodations at Rincon de Guayabitos. Here, they have us over a barrel because the same company owns the only two campgrounds in town. The elevation in Zacatecas is over 8000 feet but the weather is ... read more
Hotel Hacienda Bosque pump operated aqueduct.
El Eden mine.
This little train took us down four levels about 900 feet.

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas July 22nd 2011

David here... We got up especially early (06:30am) as the bus from Guadalajara to Zacatecas takes 5 hours and we wanted to get there early enough so we could get into our chosen hostel. We got to the bus stop to the bus terminal and jumped onto a bus after both of us checking with the driver that he did in fact go to the bus station. After about 40 minutes we ended up on a random street in Beunos Aires, we think...nowhere near the bus terminal. We asked the driver again and he just said in Spanish that he did not understand. We were quite angry at this as we´d both specifically asked him, so angry in fact that I think he realised he had made a big boo-boo and gave us our money back, ... read more
Zacatecas Zip-line
Zacatecas Zip-line
Zacatecas Zip-line

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas November 24th 2010

The thing about travelling is that you have to travel. At the moment we're moving pretty quick – not more than two nights in any one place. We're well aware that this can't be maintained for the whole time, but we want to have a bit of a look at Mexico before we move on to Central America. It does tend to give the budget a bit of a hammering. Bus travel, while cheap here, still costs. On the other hand, there is something to be said for sitting on the bus, appropriate music playing through the headphones (so far, appropriate has been everything from Lightning Hopkins, Blind Melon and Chisel), cruising through the country. Catorce to Zacatecas was a long day though, no doubt. Catorce to the end of tunnel, change buses, then to Matahuala, ... read more
Hostel Balcony, Zacactecas
Zactecas back streets

North America » Mexico » Zacatecas » Zacatecas September 10th 2010

Bueno, estamos en la ciudada de Zacatecas, en el estado de Zacatecas. Esta es una parada pequeña. El viaje en bus duro 4 horas y llegamos al hostal Villa Colonial. No lo recomiendo, los baños sucios y nada esta en muy buen estado, sin embargo es conveniente y creca de todo. En zacatecas nos quedamos solo dos noches, ayer y hoy. Mañana para Guadalajara por 3 noches. Ayer fuimos a las fiestas, tipo zapote, pero nos divertimos tomando Corona familiar...hahaha!No sabia que eso existia. Medio borrachos bailamos y cantamos al ritmo de mariachis en vivo y caminamos por el pueblo. Hoy caminamos mas y nos fuimos al teleferico, que curza la ciudad por el aire en mas o menos 5 minutos. Es una ciudad, una parada pequeña pero que le sacamos jugo. Hoy en el hostal ... read more
The parade/el desfile

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