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February 24th 2015
Published: February 24th 2015
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Zacatecas higher in the mountains than Durango 7000 feet. Took a city tour of Zacatecas this is the coolest city temperature wise in all of Mexico. Founded in the 1500,s has a population of 500,000 mostly fair skinned of Spanish decent. Very wealthy one of the richest Mexican cities mostly from mining. The city is clean, prosperous all the business fronts must display their name in letters painted on the front of the building. The wires are under ground and the streets are cobble stone. Many old churches built by the Spanish laced with gold. February 6th tour of the Corona Factory. Built in 1925 by Diago Mexico city moved to Zacatecas in 1975. The largest brewery in the world producing over 30 million bottles of beer per year. Employees 4000 people and ships all over the world. Now the Marcon corp has control of pepsi, 7up, budweiser, and many other companies making it the 2nd largest company in the world next to Quaker oats. The facility covers over 30 acres and is self sufficient generating all their own power, water and sewer disposal. They have a hotel, housing for employees and a park. February 8th tour of the country side. Went to the ruins dated back to 1000 BC it is not known for sure if they are Mian Indians but they built a Kingdom with houses, chapels and sports arenas. They played a game similar to basketball with evidence that the winner was sacrificed. They built with a view of Zacatecas with plenty of water. The ruins De La Quemada. Had lunch in a private home in the town of Jenezl state og Guadaljara. It was sunday visited the town square and shops with the locals on a beautiful afternoon.

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25th February 2015

All your pics are so beautiful and I'm glad you put a blog together. So glad you guys are having such a fabulous trip! Love you two, Arlene & Martin

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