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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá March 26th 2010

Valladolid, Yucatàn, a 5 de octubre del 2009. Ahì les van unas fotos de Chichèn Itzà para que recuerden cuando anduvieron por estos rumbos (y si me equivoquè y alguien no anduvo, pues ya andarà). Saludos. Omar VM ******************************************* Loreto, B.C.S., a 26 de marzo del 2010. Saludos a los visitantes del blog. Poco puedo decir acerca de Chichén Itzá, dado lo famoso del lugar. Lo que sí puedo comentar, para que lo agreguen a su bagaje cultural, es que su estilo arquitectónico es "maya-tolteca", dado que surge de la fusión con el estilo de la ciudad de Tula. Cabe recordar que ambas civilizaciones tuvieron una convergencia importantísima justamente en esta ciudad, sin que aún los arqueólogos e historiadores se pongan de acuerdo sobre la manera en que ésta se dio. Un ejemplo muy citado es ... read more
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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá January 18th 2010

Ola, De Maya's zijn straffe gasten. Vroeg vertrokken om de grote drukte en warmte voor te zijn. Onze eerste kennismaking met de Maya en Tolteken-cultuur is redelijk overweldigend. Hier willen we allebei meer van weten. Op een van de foto's zie El castillo, 321 m hoog en zo gebouwd dat deze tempel fungeert als kalender en waarmee ze nog een heleboel astronomische metingen mee konden doen: Redelijk straf. Om 12.00 zijn we alweer vertrokken richting hostel oa om Luka kennis te laten meken met het zwembad. Iedereen geniet.... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá January 17th 2010

Ola a todos, Auto oppikken en lets hit the road. Luka is heel blij met haar nieuwe kinderstoel: Ze vindt het, in tegenstelling met de maxi-cosi, bijzonder grappig om naar voor te kunnen kijken en bijgevolg ons te zien zitten. De lokale wegen zijn meestal OK, muv de honderden 'topes' die her en der verspreid liggen en welke als verkeersremmers dienen te functioneren. En dat is wat ze doen. Niemand wenst dergelijke bouwerken (tot 50 cm hoog) te passeren boven de 20 km/u. Eerste stop is Valladolid, een rustig maar zeer mooi koloniaal stadje. Luka geniet van de aandacht van de Mexicanen die trouwens compleet gek zijn van kinderen. 's Avonds parkeren we onze auto in de buurt van Chitchen Itza, een van de meeste bekendste en mooiste maya-steden in centraal Amerika. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá December 18th 2009

Dec 18, 2009 The bus ride to Cancun was rather uneventful. We stopped at Playa del Carmen before arriving to Cancun. We both agreed it looked like a great place to stay away from the chaos of which is Cancun. The bus station at Cancun was our first indication that this wasn’t your typical Mexican town. The mix of vacationers, Spanish, English, fast food, heavy traffic, shopping, skyscraper hotels, could have easily been a Floridian beach town. No difference except Cancun may be more English friendly! We got tickets to a town near Chichen Itza, called Piste. It was leaving shortly, so we decided to get some lunch at a local fast food burrito place across the street from the bus station. The bus ride to Piste was not as comfortable; for the majority of the ... read more
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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá December 1st 2009

Howdy, We pick up our story in San Cristobal de Las Casas..... We went to visit the nearby highland village (chicken sacrificing village), which was an eye opener! The church is quite amazing, they have no pews and the floor is covered in pine needles and there is candles everywhere (the villagers go in there to pray for all sorts of things) its a fire hazzard waiting to happen. Unfortunately for us, there was a family who were sacrificing a chicken, not a pleasant experience, we must say. We went shopping around the local markets and tried to communicate with the locals, which was a task within itself a very exhausting time, although we did manage to make some purchases (of course). We took a mini van to Palenque, along the way we stopped at Agua ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá October 15th 2009

After 3 years in Canada, we decided to kick off our travelling plans and headed to Mexico. Although the better half and I had our small share of travelling in Asia and growing up in the Philippines; a country colonized by the spanish for 3 centuries. Mexico for us was a way of not just seeing the beauty of Chichen Itza but learn how pre-historic civilizations existed and also compare some similarities of our culture from theirs (having been in spanish rule for a period of time). Among suggestions from friends; we stayed in an All-Inclusive place in the Akumal area (around 30 mins away from Playa del Carmen). With its prestine beaches and allure. We understood why the Altantic part draws in big crowds. Day 3 of our stay was our long commute to Chichen ... read more
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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá July 19th 2009

To get started I'd like to add a few photos from Linda's and my trip to the Yucatan several years ago. I loved it there. The Myan ruins are some of the most impressive that I've seen anywhere, including Italy and Greece. Chichen Itza is a must see. There'll be guys hanging around that you can pay to be your personal guide. This is worth doing. They'll be your buddy for a few hours, and they are generally knowledgeable about the ruins, and Myan history. I was also impressed with the ruins at Uzmal. I love Mexico. The people are friendly, and I love Mexican food. The sea around Cozumel is great for snorkeling. ...If you go exploring by car, watch out for the speed bumps on the highways. They'll appear seemingly out of nowhere ... read more
In Mexico
In Mexico
In Mexico

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá July 2nd 2009

bonnes et belles aventures a tulum. ... read more

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