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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá March 26th 2016

Päivällä oltiin hotellilla. Ostin pienen pullon paikallista punaviiniä. Klo 15 lähdettiin hankkiutumaan kohti Chichen Itzaa. Mentiin bussilla Pisten kylään asti ja käveltiin sieltä pari kilometriä. Valoshow alkoi klo 19 ja kesti vajaan tunnin. Se ei edes maksanut mitään kun olin osannut hankkia liput oikeaa kautta. Piti hakea lappunen oikeasta paikasta, rekisteroitya netissa ja tulostaa lippu. En tullut katsoneeksi olivatko ohjeet vain espanjaksi. Käveltiin takaisin Pisteen 25-vuotiaan saksalaisen Karolinan kanssa. Han osasi hyvin espanjaa ja oli matkustanut paljon Latinalaisessa Amerikassa. Osa matkasta oli pimeässä ja lamppu oli hyvä olla mukana. Päästiin takaisin colectivolla. Illalla käytiin syömässä. Tähtitaivas näkyi hienosti pitkin yötä: ensin Chichen Itzassa, sitten paluumatkalla colectivosta ja lopuksi viela hotellin kattoterassilla.... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá February 9th 2016

We entered through the barrier and almost immediately Mario stopped us in the shade of a large tree. We couldn't see anything noteworthy, certainly not the dramatic stone temples we were expecting. Mario, a 5'9"ish, dark skinned Mayan, was dressed in a heavy sweatshirt and trousers despite the sweltering heat of the day. As we were drinking litres of water and mopping our foreheads, he just took a few small swigs and dabbed gently at the side of his face. His English was phenomenally good, extending to botanical descriptions of different trees, archeological descriptions of stone carvings, stories about failed human sacrifices and even jokes which revealed a quick wit and an excellent grasp on the sometimes ridiculous nuances of life. This feat was even more impressive when you realise that English is Mario's third language ... read more
Wall of Skulls
Pyramid of Kukulkan - Restored Side
The Observatory

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá February 24th 2015

This day we headed to Chichen Itza. Woke up bright and early to catch the 0730hrs colectivo just north of the ADO station on Calle 46 in Valladolid. It was under an hour ride in a significantly reduced quality van than we rode along the Mayan Riviera. This one had spare wooden seats to fill in space beside the doors, and for much of the ride there was someone seated behind the back seat. This ride only cost us MXN30 each despite being a longer ride. We arrived at Chichen Itza before any large tour buses, but there were a couple 12 passenger vans already unloaded. It cost a staggering MXN216 for a ticket to enter the site. Another Dan (from Ottawa) mentioned that guides cost MXN500 for a tour, but since we were so early ... read more
Hostel cookup

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá January 4th 2015

The Mayans had an advanced civilization, and created scores of cities, settlements and artifacts throughout southern Mexico and Central America before the Spanish conquistadors set out to obliterate their culture. Their society was agricultural, with small but powerful noble and warrior classes and omnipotent priests who ruled everything and practised human sacrifice to appease their gods. They had a written language, an advanced knowledge of astronomy and engineering, an accurate calendar, and architecture which blended their knowledge with their religion. They built structures which are marvels even today, yet for reasons unknown they would often abandon a bustling city and build a new one at a different location. Unfortunately the Spaniards methodically destroyed their libraries, and today there are only bas-reliefs on walls and inscriptions on stone ... read more
Yucatan State is part of the overall peninsula.
El Castillo, the most famous construction
the crumbling stairs to the temple at the top

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá December 2nd 2014

We took the first class ADO bus from Playa del Carmen direct to Chichén Itzá. We arrived around mid day when the carpark was choc full of cars and coaches. The entrance hall was even busier so we left straight away and headed to our hotel about 4km down the road. We had a room overlooking the pool where we spent the afternoon swimming, reading and relaxing. We were up early the next morning to get to the ruins as close to the 8am opening as possible. Chichén Itzá was one of the largest cities built by the Mayan people and is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico (an estimated 1.2 million visitors each year). It was so good being there early as we were able to enjoy seeing the ruins without huge ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá November 22nd 2014

Hola amigos! Am letzten Dienstag war die Reise vom Nordwesten Mexikos nach Osten. Vivaaerobus sind nicht die pünktlichsten, sowohl der Flug von Torreón nach Mexico D.F. als auch der zweite von D.F. nach Cancún waren zu spät, dafür konnte ich am Flughafen von D.F. sehr gut zubereitete Tortillas mit scharfer Japalenos-Sauce essen. Ein Genuss! Überraschend war gleich mal das miese Wetter hier in Cancún (Die Tilde am Vokal geben übrigens an, wo die Betonung liegt.). Es hat geschüttet und auch die hiesigen Taxifahrer haben gefröstelt, obwohl´s sicher noch über 20° hatte. Aber ich bin am nächsten Morgen sowieso weg von Cancún westwärts in den Staat Yucatán. Es gibt hier mehrere Küstenabschnitte im Norden und Westen Yucatáns, wo man Flamingos sehen kann. Nach einer Nacht in Rio Lagartos habe ich am nächsten Morgen eine Bootstour mit Vogelbeobacht ... read more
Chichén Itza

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá June 10th 2014

Got to see Chichen Itza with Cara... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá May 10th 2014

10 to 13 May 2014 Saturday through Tuesday. Even by my standards, the ten day whirlwind through Peru and Bolivia was exceptionally fast paced. We were ready for a rest. As explained in my planning blog at , due to a lack of frequent flyer miles to fly directly from La Paz to Denver we were "forced" to take a break in Mexico, and where better than the beach and cultural location of Cancun, with the Mayan Yucatan within easy reach. As it was off season in Cancun, we booked four nights at the Marriott CasaMagna Resort at a very reasonable price...I've paid more for a two star motel. When we checked in the receptionist apologetically told us that the hotel was fully booked and that they had upgraded us from a garden view to a ... read more
El Castillo at Chichen Itza
Bob at the Observatory at Chichen Itza
Observatory at Chichen Itza

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá November 1st 2013

Chichen Itza is probably the most renown Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. I found luckily a spot to pitch my tent outside of a guest house in the little "Pueblo" of Piste, a quiet and very friendly place with beautiful and colourful houses. The idea of bringing with me a tent was just great to explore Chichen Itza staying in the Mayan communities that are spread around the surrounding region, and allowing me the opportunity to spend several days exploring the ruins with no rush and saving plenty of money. Chichen Itza is a huge Maya site and to be able to visit it properly I stayed for a few days in the little town of Piste which I recommend. There are dozens of buildings to explore around Chichen Itza. Some of which are: the ... read more
 Templo del hombre barbado
Ruins at Chichen Itza'
Mask details

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá July 7th 2013

I haven’t done a blog for day 8 but basically I spent the day by relaxing in Cancun, where I chilled by the hotel’s swimming pool and visited a nearby beach. In the evening I met my Chief Experience Officer (CEO) & fellow trekkers for the first time as I am now starting my 22 day G Adventures trip. Anyway, we had to get up early to get to Chichen Itza which was a 3 hour coach journey from Cancun and we used the ADO bus service. Their coaches are really comfortable, which made it easy to have a nap. The coaches do get quite cold with the aircon, so I’m glad I took my fleece jacket with me. When arrived at Chichen Itza, one of the most famous Mayan sites, we had an English speaker ... read more
Chichen Itza
Me with my Yard

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