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North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá June 25th 2009

Here we are getting into the first lag of the big adventure. We became addicted to the beach insantly. First day I develpoe blisters from walking and over did the wonderfull sun. We look like losbters now. Everyone says" oh i,s your first day here"!!!! Any way here are a few pics of the first few days... read more
Royal Grand lagoon hotel
RIU Hotel

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá June 23rd 2009

Chichen Itza Getting there We paid for a transportation package thinking that the entrance fee was also included to Chichen Itza, but upon arrival, we discovered that it was not.... lesson: always read the fine print! At the entrance, there were many vendors selling hats and we soon learnt why, because the heat at the grounds was exceptionally hot to the point of unbearable for some. We joined an American group for an English tour and an elderly lady in their group had to sit down under a tree and miss the tour due to the searing sun. Due to the Swine Flu, the number of tourists travelling to Mexico has dropped dramatically and we were told that normally there would be about 4000 people at the site normally at this time of year, but at ... read more
Snake staircase
Dan and a jaguar
Many snakes around

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá May 7th 2009

7th MAY 2009 - CHICHEN ITZA RUINS!! NOW I KNOW WHERE QUIDDITCH COMES FROM!! I woke up at around 7am and went straight to the net for an hour whilst it was free. Nat must have got up at the crack of dawn as she was already on when I got there. We searched for details of a hostel in Cancun for when we arrived later that day. Trying to be prepared and not get caught short like in recent days. At around 8ish we had some breakfast, packed up our bags and checked out. The walk to the 1st class bus station was not a good one…so damn hot even at 8.30am and when we got there we were absolutely dripping in sweat that we need not have bothered to shower! The sweatiest part of ... read more
So Big!!!
Love it!!!
Enjoying our day!!

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá May 7th 2009

7/5/09 = The Chichen Itza Had to get up early today…and by early, I mean 7am. Really begrudge it these days; it’s such a chore, even though we are getting up to do something amazing. Dread to think what it will be like when go home and have to get up for work! Even ended up awake at 6:30, so put an hour in at work before had breakfast (work = blog). Restrained self to just 2 slices of toast at breakfast + fruit, then packed up and set off to bus station at 8:15. Only a 20min walk, but 20mins with 20kg bag = not fun! Taxi only 30peso, but is amazing what will do to save £1.50 these days…we walked. Thought it would be cool before 9am; how wrong can you be! Merida is ... read more
The first thing you see
The steps of death
Me and the pyramid

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá April 4th 2009

Mexico, a beautiful, affordable getaway for anyone with cheap deals of all-inclusive and taste of nice beach and weather... most esp for North Americans... I was getting a little too stressed from work since I am a nurse and I work in the Emergency Department it gets a little, over too much stressful... So of course, why not visit Mexico, it's close and the deals around this time are not too bad... it can be cheaper but given that the weather in Mexico is amazing around this time of the month... why not right? I'm a lover of history... most especially the ancient civilizations.... so, so far going to Mexico was really a long time anticipated travel for me... So we booked... stayed at Mayan Riviera by the Riu Playacar.... the resort was great and the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá February 5th 2009

Can you imagine traveling to a new place as did the explorers to the New World..? expecting maybe a tribe of natives and stumbling upon a city of 100k people with agriculture, aquaculture and architecture to rival ones own civilization? I mean really... stop and think about how world altering this must have been. How humbling and frightening really. How many more of these foreigners were there after all? This day and age we feel unbelievably intrepid when we have ventured far enough to encounter "primitive societies", be they bands of desert nomads keeping alive ancient traditions in the Sahara, jungle tribes without electricity, etc. Shoot, anyone without an Ipod seems double-blink worthy. These cultures are viewed as industrially, technologically, and sometimes even theologically antiquated. As if time and god has forgotten these people, we surmise ... read more
The Observatory
Snake Guardian and Street Hawker
Over The Wall

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá February 4th 2009

The new port for me while on the Fantasy is Progreso, Mexico. And the thing to see while in this port is the Mayan site of Chichen Itza. It was my one travel/sightseeing goal for this port of call during my time here on the Fantasy. And it worked out perfectly because this week a crew tour was offered to go there! Erica too signed up for the tour; she’d been before but it was when she was really young on a family vacation. The night before was formal night, which means disco night. And normally, I wouldn’t go out late when I’ve got such an early tour the next morning. But, it’s my last cruise here, so last disco, so I couldn’t not go . . . Which meant though that I turned off my ... read more
The Main Pyramid
The Main Pyramid

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá January 23rd 2009

Tim Version: * Visited the Chichen Itza ruins and found them well worth a visit and really different! The version thats really thinking about those cheese and ham pastries... mmm: After a good breakfast courtesy of a girl who left very early and left me some food (coconut yoghurt, its the best!) I headed off to Chichen Itza on my way to Merida, as it sits between Tulum and Merida. *sigh* 1st class buses again as it is all that is available! I met a couple of Aussie blokes on the bus from Victoria and had a good chat to them, finding one of them to be a mining engineer. Scary to find out just how much cash he is making compared to myself and other normal paying city jobs! Wicked blokes but partiers for sure, ... read more
Awww it just wants some food!
Likean evil, dead historic version of Pacman heads
Catching some sun

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá January 9th 2009

Dec 2008 trip to Cancun, Mexico Trip: Cancun, Mexico Dec 22-31, 2008 Top ten travel notes from Weerapperuma family We visited Cancun, Mexico from December 22- Dec 31, 2008. Here is some useful info if you plan on taking the same trip. 1. If you are a US citizen, you don’t need an entry visa to visit Mexico. It is easiest just to travel with a valid passport. Cancun airport is easy to navigate, make sure you fill every required box in the immigration form before you go to the officer. Otherwise you will have to stay back and fill it out yourself even if it is just the date or flight number you forgot to write in. They will not let you do it in front of the officer. Also, bags are checked randomly. You ... read more
Rock Carving of a man
Observatory at Chichen Itza

North America » Mexico » Yucatán » Chichén Itzá January 7th 2009

We arrived at Merida at a rather unimpressive hostel, but we're only here to visit Chichen Itza anyway. It turned out to be a bit of a let-down, after the massive temples of Teotihaucan, the jungle ruins of Palenque and lofty Monte Alban, Chichen Itza, which is a 'wonder of the world' had smaller temples, less impressive backdrop and a very 1980s light show at night, which we bothered to stick around for. Perhaps it's because a lot of the others had to be restored, but I expected Chichen Itza to be the best of all the archaeological sites we visited. I guess it was pretty good, but had been overshadowed by our previous ruin explorations. Another thing which occurs to me from our ruin exploration is the differing opinions of the tour guides. We've overheard ... read more

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