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North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos January 23rd 2018

Heading Mex 3 along the coast we had a very nice drive for the first 200 kms, good road no traffic. Then 100 kms of dust storm pot holes , not a very good road. Was getting Dark have pulled into Bahia Kino for the night.... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos November 30th 2014

We spent a small part of our Thanksgiving afternoon strolling on Playa San Francisco watching a large group of dolphins frolicking in the waves about 30 yards off the beach. A formation of pelicans soared effortlessly just inches above the light surf. Tiny pastel pink conch shells littered the nearly deserted beach. The temperature was perfect and hardly a cloud shown in the sky. The sun would set in a couple of hours behind the beautiful mountain that rises dramatically out of the small natural harbor beneath it. We have been in San Carlos, Mexico for 3 weeks doing not much more than we are doing today. San Carlos is located about 5 hours south of the Arizona border in a dramatic location where the Sonoran Desert meets the Sea of Cortez. Sharp, cactus covered peaks ... read more
Joshua Tree Climbers
Sunset over Tetakawi
Joshua Tree Sunset

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos December 31st 2013

Geo: 27.9575, -111.044It's a beautiful little town and since Bob and Donna knew a bunch of the rv-ers, we had no trouble making new friends. We went hiking through a  canyon one day and out for New Year's Eve dinner another. Great fun.... read more
We found the sun!
New Year's Eve dinner with friends
Hiking Cañon de Nacapule

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos December 13th 2013

December 12, 2013 Well, to say the trip was a BUST is somewhat accurate - and then again... We never made it past San Carlos. We did enjoy our two week stay in a lovely home overlooking the Bay and we thoroughly explored the little town and the surrounding areas. We also relaxed, ate fantastic food and read books (I read 4, a record I think). Walter got in a Clive Cussler tome that he totally enjoyed. And after that, we spent a day with Diane, from Remax, looking at some amazing homes for sale. It was very tempting... it's a lovely place! We actually found a house that we fell in love with. Breathtaking view with spectacular sunsets. Two master suites and huge bathrooms, each with a private sitting room (or small living room). Huge ... read more
Cindy and Walter - San Carlos, Mexico - Dec. 2013
Cindy at Soggy Peso - Dec. 2013
Cindy at Soggy Peso with Teta's - Dec. 2013

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos November 28th 2013

DAY 1 - NOV. 25, 2013We planned on leaving Phoenix at 9 AM, but didn't get out of town until 12:30. Is this shades of what's to come? Nah, We're the Adventuresom's. We're gonna "go with the flow". We headed south of Tucson to the resort of El Splendor in Rico Pico. Just before arriving we saw a sign that said "Mission", so we decided to start our vacation with a bit of tourism. Mission San Xavier was beautiful! Built in 1692 by the Spanish (the opulence and grandeur in the middle of NO WHERE was amazing) and is one of the most visited missions in all the South West. We walked up the hill to the Grotto of the Mother of God, a tribute to the one in Lourdes, France. After, we wandered the grounds ... read more
Alter at San Xavier
Side view of San Xavier
Front of San Xavier

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos May 10th 2012

As the Sonora summer approaches the temperature is rising close to 100 F. Time to move on to other adventures in a cooler climate. A good trip from Guaymas / San Carlos, got an early start (10 AM). A brief stop at a Federal Police traffic stop just outside Hermesio, no hassle. City road construction coming along detours are shorter, stopped for lunch at the food court in a big shopping center, lots of choices, I had Chinese buffet - much like food court meal at home. Then off toward the border another 180 miles. Temperature up to about 90 degrees, long miles of the Sonora Desert - lots of space for solar power installations. No inspection at the Military Checkpoint near Benjamin Hill, just waved me through. Last time the van got a gamma ray ... read more
Top of the World
She's on the road
On the way...

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos May 3rd 2012

More about San Carlos and the Marina where we spend a lot of our time.... read more
Marina San Carlos
Tucked in on C dock
Blue Heron

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos May 2nd 2012

Some snaps around San Carlos.... read more
Gringo Pete's
Kite Surfer

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos April 9th 2012

Jueves, (Thursday) 22 Marzo, We left Mazatlan for a boring ten hour (approximately 500 mile) drive to San Carlos. This was our longest day’s drive during the entire 85 day trip. We shelled out 1134 pesos (approximately $90.00) in tolls for the convenience of driving the cuota (toll road) vs the libra (free road) that day. Libras are always a lot more interesting as they pass thru the villages but they take much more time. We could not have made it to San Carlos in one day on the libra and would have had to overnight in one of the abysmal RV parks just south of the border. Thank God for Sirius radio. I think I wrote in an earlier blog that we upgraded from XM to Sirius just prior to making this trip. Two years ... read more
Sandy, Sandi and Dixie from B.C. and Alberta.
Rosa's Cantina.
Souvenir sales people at the hawking merchandise to motorists waiting at the border crossing.

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos January 3rd 2012

We drove down the coast to the town of San Carlos. The roadds were really not too bad. The towns get a little hairy, but the GPS really helps and it is great being in a group. We are easy to spot. The campground is very nice. We walked to the marina (6 KM.) with Ray and Marsha. Of course we had to stop and have a couple of beers and tacos on the way. We can have 4 beers for $50 pesos less than $4. I love it. We went to dinner at a restaurant at a restaturant acroos the street from the campground from the park. It was upstairs, overlooking the bay. We had giant "fishbowl" margaritas and shrimp. Fantastico!... read more
San Carlos

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