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North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos August 9th 2010

I've given up on trying to get up early; didn't see the point of it and I slept in until 9:30. And it was noticably quiet. There wasn't a dozen Mexican kids yelling and screaming down by the pool. My room is on the top floor, the fourth, staggered back from the pool, but I can usually hear those kids before I've gotten out of bed. I looked out the balcony door, over the rail, and down at the pool and saw almost nothing going on. All of the loungers were laying flat, the table umbrellas were all closed. The only movement was a lady dressed in khaki pants, a polo shirt, black arm sun-protectors, and a pink baseball cap, and mopping the area around the pool. I quickly put on some shorts and a t-shirt, ... read more
Near the "beach"
Which is better?

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos August 8th 2010

I asked the lady at the front desk if walking on the rocks down the shoreline would get me to the beach at the mega-resort down the street. The way she hesitated and looked away when she answered told me that she was lying. I got a towel and headed out, out past the pool full of the Mexican kids and their noise, past the restaurant I have yet to see anybody eating in. past the outdoor grills and down the steps to the rocks. To the right, toward the mega-resort, I saw rocks for about 75yards and then a rock wal leading to the water's edge, which I could not see over from where I was at. To my left was more rocks and the rest of the cove lined with beach houses and, from ... read more
Rocks the the right
My beach access
I found a spot!

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos August 7th 2010

Trying to get relaxed and refreshed on this trip but I keep feeling that I should be a little active on my first full day in San Carlos. I planned on being active tomorrow. Today I decided to go into San Carlos. Had to take a taxi there since, though San Carlos has a little bus service, no bus comes out to where this "resort" is at. I had the front deck call me a taxi and after just a few minutes it appeared. After geting in I could tell that I was in somewhat of a tourist town. This taxi had tinted windows that were rolled up since the ac was blowing nice cold air (all of the taxis I had used so far on this trip had all of the windows down, with dusty ... read more
more boats
No Fishing

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos January 14th 2010

We have finally made it into Mexico... It was quite easy, nobody stopped us that's for sure! After getting our tourista cards and vehicle permit, we drove all day and thankfully reached a beach... San Carlos. San Carlos seems to be an ex-pat/retirement town, that is muy caro (really expensive). The beach is a nice site to see tho. We all walked and got some beers in San Carlos, and decided to go down to the beach. Trooper really enjoyed himself, and so did Jordan until he fell into some barbed wire on the way back up from the beach.... he's glad he got his tetnus before coming. We went and ate some expensive, but tasty late lunch and got free margarita's.... good way to start off Mexico. Now we are chilling out in the Totonaka ... read more

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos October 20th 2009

10/12/2009 11:33 AM Well, "soon" (last phrase of my post of 10/4) turned out not to be so soon after all! Even that last post was photo-less; I just put some on there, so you might want to check it out one last time... At least all the major stuff involved in settling into my new digs is out of the way. I have even been approached twice, unsolicited mind you, about doing carpentry work. If there's one thing that this trip is teaching me, it's that anxiety over things like money, shelter, and food are a kind of masochistic insanity. I suppose that if I found myself in a strange land, knew nothing of the language, had no friends, and the locals were antagonistic to strangers, I might have a legitimate reason for being worried. ... read more
Arroyo NNE View
Arroyo Closeup
Warning Sign "No Dumping"

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos October 6th 2009

10/04/2009 09:40 PM The last several days have been devoted to finding a place to stay and helping Ruben and Julia with projects at their house. We're making progress on both fronts. So far, as far as accommodations go, I've seen everything from an 800 square foot apartment that is newly remodeled and clean to a 400 square foot house that suffered water damage in the storm and hasn't been ventilated since. I'll leave the odor I encountered on entering the latter to your imagination. Prices have ranged from $500 per month to $80 per month. The nicest unit I saw was $350 per month, so I'll talk to the owner and see if I can trade some work for rent. I'm shooting for $100 per month. The $65 per month trailer I was told about ... read more
San Carlos and Guaymas
All the Cool Places
Post-storm Water Utility

North America » Mexico » Sonora » San Carlos October 3rd 2009

Here I go, out from under the clutches of the PAW and on to my first new vista... -------------------------------------------- 10/02/2009 08:35 AM The trip from Ontario by bus to Guaymas (they don't pronounce the "G" here: "whymas") was interesting but not too eventful. The bus was clean and only half full for most of the trip. I couldn't make much sense out of why and when new drivers would come aboard. Some came and rode as passengers, two kept taking turns driving for 15 - 30 minutes each, and one jumped off the bus at a roadside taco stand in the middle of nowhere about 100 miles south of the border. The driver who remained with us from the border to Guaymas was very fidgety, had some facial ticks, and drove very fast. I'll ask my ... read more
Ruben & Julia, My Gracious Friends and Hosts
Moshe, My Little Buddy
Moshe and His Big Bro Arman

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